Shut up! Stuff I like about daytime!

One Life To Live

So much to dislike, but here’s where I’m lovin’ these days:

1.  That Matthew and Destiny are REAL TEENS… no pretense of ‘adulthood’  and then shoving them down the audience’s throat as with Starr and Cole.  I’m really enjoying them, especially Matthew.  I love that he so easily channels his inner Asa (soapgod love the kid)!   His Asa imitation?  Priceless.  Blackmailing his parents (or attempting to) so that they’d sign the documents allowing his surgery?  Pure-Asa-priceless.

It’s been so good to ‘see’ Asa again as Phil Carey’s pictures are prominently displayed on set.  A bittersweet reminder of our Phil Carey and Clint Ritchie, both lost in such a brief period of time.

2.  Stacy!  She’s a grade-A jackass, but anything is better than watching Gigi accept responsibility for Rex having sex with Stacy!   Sorry, but when Rex wankered on about his broken heart and how it lead him to sleep with Stacy, I waited for Gigi to say to him that he couldn’t have been too broken-hearted to have had sex with Stacy.  Of course, that didn’t happen.  Gigi ate her misery, took responsibility, and forgave Rex… even for the lie about not sleeping with Stacy.  What crap.  If he could understand his own fear of losing Gigi then he could understand her fear in losing Shane because of Stacy’s actions. “I slept with your sister, but it was YOUR fault“… the ultimate insult.  The only enjoyment I got out of Rex and Gigi scenes was watching Stacy plot against them.  Maybe the writers should have them pay better attention to Stacy’s comments about the lack of trust and commitment in their relationship.

Stacy is a deluded jerk, but she’s becoming a pretty funny deluded jerk.  Now that she’s not hanging an innocent child’s life in the balance to get what she wants?  I say BRING IT ON!  Were you, too, surprised that the writers didn’t have Stacy tumble down the iron staircase/firescape?  Loose floppy hospital gown?  CHECK!  High heels?  CHECK!  Grabbing-shoving sessions with angry partners?  CHECK!  All the ‘stupidity’ factors were there.  No tumble causing a miscarriage – unless I missed it in the brief time I took to take my carrot cake out of the oven.

So, is it the writers commitment to telling a different type of storyline?  A commitment to staying away from the predictable – other than the unsurprising pregnancy itself?  If so? Fabulous.  I hope the child IS Rex’s and that she carries to term.  There’s still one other ‘been-there-done-that’ option if the baby is his and survives… Stacy dies and then Gigi and Rex raise her kid… hope not.  Stacy is quickly becoming a character worth keeping.

3.  The room full of sunflowers at the Buchanan cabin.  Sunflowers are my  signature flower, so I loved seeing them.  What can I say?

The Guiding Light

Shayne and Dinah. Lizzie and Bill – for as little as we see of them now.  Lillian and Buzz.  Phillip. Done.

Days of Our Lives

1.  It wasn’t meant  to be played for big camp (or at least, I don’t think) but Rafe and Sami’s scenes have been side-splitting hilarious!  The look on Rafe’s face as Sami recalled the details of her relatively short adult  life were crazy funny.  When I was on death row…. I caught them having an affair…. Then I shot him where no man wants to be shot… Honestly, what man wouldn’t have run for the hills after that?

Not so funny – as Sami recounted her earlier rape, her later references to her various interactions with EJ made me cringe.  How does she not see herself as having been raped a second time, this time by EJ?  Shame on you, writers.

2.  Kate and Victor.  I want to feel sorry for Chloe and Daniel, I DO.  Kate and Victor just make it so much easier to not feel a thing for them, especially with Chloe.  Without a doubt, Chloe is Kate’s victim, as is Daniel.  The idea that Kate has the right to poison Chloe and frame Daniel because they rejected her, and her son is ludicrous – and a tad bit embarrassing that it’s what Kate’s reduced herself to. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, and successful woman.  Is she really that desperate for ONE man that she’d poison his ‘great love’ instead of moving on?

Moral outrage aside? Kate is my guilty pleasure.  I’m just afraid that she’s been painted into a corner.  She and Victor tend to display their sociopathic tendencies where Chloe is concerned and the fact that neither is sorry that she’s in a coma and are in fact keeping a hopeful “death watch” is boatloads of creepy.   Where can the writers go from here with the character?  How can she NOT do jail time?  My guess is that Chloe will wake up, realize what happened, collect the evidence, and blackmail Kate into being whatever sort of meat puppet she wants her to be… Chloe’s torment will be, the writers will want us to believe, worse than Kate serving jail time.

3. Phillip’s “Tears for Fears’ haircut… Enough said…

General Hospital

1.  As much as Edward drove me crazy in the past trying to control his children, their offspring, and the offspring of the offspring, I have to admit I love watching him repeatedly open a can of whoop ass all over Sonny and throw him out of the Q manse!  So few people have been permitted to stand up to Sonny that it’s been nice watching Edward take him on, and not cower or cry after.

2.  Mac and Maxelli/Spinmax/whatever name you give them… I got just a tiny bit tickled by Maxie being so caught up by the shiny ring that she forgot what she wanted to say mid conversation. Typical Maxie.  More than that I love the writers for allowing Maxi to realize how important is it for her to have Mac’s blessing.   I love that the writers allowed Maxi to think about the tragedy that had been her parents’ marriage – remembering the pledges of love that her mother and biological father made, but couldn’t or wouldn’t keep.

She, like Robin before her, is able to trust and love another person, and commit herself to another person because of Mac – his guidance, his love, his stability.  Mac is the best dad GH has to offer – which then makes it hard to understand why there’s so much focus on Sonny, GH’s worst father! Does anyone else wonder if this show wouldn’t be more accurately named: “Battle of Sonny’s Babies’ Mommas”?

  • Carly
  • Olivia
  • Claudia
  • Alexis

What’s left, other than to bring Brenda back with her own bundle of Sonny’s joy?

Back to Maxelli… are we taking odds on whether there’s an actual marriage?  How long will it last?  Will there be baby Maxelli’s?  Will Mac lure Spinelli away from the mob boys and have him use his talents for good?  Let’s hope!

As The World Turns

Lily and Damian Part 2?  Noelle Beck long ago won me over as ‘Lily’, so to have her version of Lily and Damian reunite would be welcome news to my sore eyes!  I know that Holden and Lily are the ATWT signature couple, but I wouldn’t mind taking a break from them for the next five or six years — assuming ATWT has that long, we can hope!  There was always something magical about Lily and Damian, something neither character was able to share with any other person.

I wonder if a reunion between the two would be enough to bring the real Meg back… the plotting, scheming, and angry Meg we once knew.  I think Marie Wilson would have a blast taking “Meggie” Snyder back to her roots!

4 thoughts on “Shut up! Stuff I like about daytime!

  1. We still have have to agree to disagree about Maxie/Spinelli. while I apprecaite all Mac love…because he and Lucky are the greatest dads on GH. (Come know my Lucky love!) this entire storyline annoys me. How about I buy into this notion that Spinelli is an actual human when he MOVES OUT OF JASON’S PENTHOUSE. Sorry…Spinelli brings out the all caps rage.

    If you count up all the children Sonny has….living and dead…it equals 8. I remained convinced he’s bucking for a TLC show.

    Since GH is content to screw with my LL2 loving heart…I have……not a heck of a lot i’m enjoying. Got to be honest. the car accident is unmoving. the mayoral murder mystery has been damped by a ridiculous amount of holes. I hate all things mob. Yeah…my three seconds of Lucky/Liz is about it.

  2. Sami not refered to Ej blackmail-rape … maybe it is because the writers screwed up royally with this storyline..they wanted Lumi endgame and Ej the trouble maker but at this time they underestimated the Ejami popularity now they deal with it..badly..ironic..
    Kate can go to jail it would good if for once she paid for one of her numerous evil deeds but the Chloe blackmail could be juicy..and we could always see her in a storyline.

  3. It is hard to find the words on how much I loathe Spixie. That pairing is making me dislike Maxie one of my favs all I can hope for is for Maxie to wake up and realize she cannot pretend to live in a fantasy world playing Maximista, it is not who she is.

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