If you were headwriter…BnB

While I don’t watch the show, any more, there is a fascinating question about what fans would/could do with the BnB if given a chance.  That post can be found at the House of BRidge (you’ll have to register to read).  What would I find interesting?  What would bring me back to the show?  Nothing that will ever happen, so it doesn’t hurt to post a wish list, does it?  Here goes:

1. Nick and Taylor run off together. They’re killed in a boating accident (and are really and most sincerely dead this time – sorry if you’re a fan of either, but it’s on my wish list).  The affair that leads to their dramatic end starts when Nick feels bad for Taylor as  she finally realizes that her life with Ridge was only ever about him not being able to be with Brooke.  He ‘comforts’ her in the only way he knows how.  They continue their affair for a series of months while Bridget is working like a fiend to make JackieM’s a success.  By the time run off, Bridget is only aware of their affair because of a letter Nick leaves behind.  She’s reading it as Nick and Taylor hit an unexpected violent storm.  While Bridget is reading the words, ‘we realize that our love is the love of a lifetime’, we flash on a scene of Nick and Taylor, face-to-face, holding on to one another as the ship sinks.

2. In her grief, Jackie leaves Owen. He ends up with Bridget – someone he’d been growing close to all along.  Owen finds out about Nick’s affair shortly after it starts and is unable to tell Bridget without hurting her, so he keeps his secret and continues befriend her, growing close to her to be there when she does learn the truth.  Now that she is raising HER child, alone  (it turns out Jack is not Brooke’s son with Nick) they end up together and BrOwen is fabulously happy dating and getting to know each other. Jackie is able to accept BrOwen because she realizes her love for Owen was really just about loneliness. They continue to keep JackieM’s going, with Whip’s help.

3. Stephanie, grieving over Taylor, can’t sleep as she keeps remembering the affair they had that they told no one about. Being unable to recover from the loss of Taylor, Stephanie throws herself into the same part of the ocean where Nick and Taylor died.  She’s also really and most sincerely dead. Good riddance.  Sadly, while I think Susan Flannery rocks the daytime world with her passionate portrayal of Stephanie Forrester, Stephanie has become the biggest waste of daytime air imaginable. It’s finally time for Stephanie to take her one note and hit the open trails… or sinking ship…  I’m not picky, as long as she’s gone for good.

4. Eric consoles Jackie (without having sex with her) and they end up together as a couple. Eric realizes that for the first time in his life, he’s truly happy.

5. Thorne turns into a ‘JR Ewing’ type of character. Felicia is his trouble-making twin. They want control of FC but Brooke and Ridge are standing in their way.   It doesn’t stop them from twisting and torturing the truth to make it say what they want it to… they’ll lie, steal, and betray anyone they have to in order to ‘win’… including one another, more on that later.

6. BRidge (Brooke and Ridge) runs FC with Thorne and Felicia and puts up a united front against them, while taking on the new Jackie M. Since Eric has retired, he sits out the fight between his wife and his children.  They spend their days trying to keep the company afloat while fending off constant attacks from Thorne and Felicia… they don’t know who else to trust, but they know they can always trust one another.

7. Whip and Felicia end up as a couple. They have a passionate affair and she turns on Thorne to help Whip and JackieM. There will be blood, folks!  Thorne knows were Felicia has buried the bodies, so to speak.  She knows where he’s buried his bodies… they are keeping a huge secret and an uneasy peace that could sink the both of them.  They take their focus off of attacking BRidge to save their own asses from one another.

8. Katie, Bill, Steffy, Thomas, Rick, and Donna are all gone – whether they leave together, or all in different directions makes no difference to me.

9. RJ and Hope are mischievous teens (not psychotic wankers like Steffy and Thomas). They are occasionally working at FC, with Allie and Dominic (Dino). Allie is completely unlike Thorne. She’s more a cross between Darla and her brilliant and kind stepmom (to be cast). She gives her father hell for what he and aunt Felicia keep doing to the family by trying to constantly take over FC.  Dominic is a chip off the old block.  He and cousin RJ have an unprecendented rivalry.    They are the future of FC, or so they think.  They are so busy in their senseless war that they don’t see Allie and Hope taking over in their places.

10. Marcus’ father turns out to be a missing Baker son, Charlie’s brother. Marcus’ presence brings on a whole new core family. Marcus sticks around, lives with Aunt Brooke and Uncle Ridge to help his grandmother and grandfather when he’s not working at FC. His new family, the Bakers, end up in a ‘war’ of sorts with the Forrester-Logan family to ‘win’ over Marcus. Did I mention that Marcus’ father is FILTHY RICH!?!?! Cast him well, and Donna could stick around to be with him… theirs would be a love-hate relationship after what she did to him.

11. Marcus finds love with someone new.  He also doesn’t know how to feel about his Uncle Charlie being interested in his cousin BRidget. She’s recovered from Nick’s desertion and death, she’s happy with Owen… and along comes hottie Charlie! WOOHOO Budge!  Marcus wants to support his uncle, and support and protect his cousin…  It’s supporting his uncle that causes conflict with Owen.

The new class of  BnB  ‘villains’?:

Whip (who is part con man, part hard nosed business man).

Felicia – who is a barracuda

Thorne – again, barracuda

Ive long grown  sick of the bed-hopping that replaces romance.  Let couples be happy and face other challenges instead.  How would YOU change the BnB?  Can it be saved?

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5 thoughts on “If you were headwriter…BnB

  1. BnB_Changes



    Unbenanntes Dokument

    Hi Norrth,
    I love it! I am always up to a challenge and believe me… I better be on my toes with this one! LOL… Great Blog! Thanks for writing about BnB.. even though I was outraged, LMBO… I have sooooooooo missed it.
    Maybe we can appell upon your kindness and squeeze a OLTL Blog out of you? I know it won’t be pretty, but it is better than absolutely nothing! Sending sunrays your way…
    FC… New-Old
    Let us for a moment consider the fact that Taylor and Nick do land out on the waves, and they drift towards an Island, being spotted by some fishing boats and then rescued. ((I am not against this because Bridget deserves what she gets for going back to him. Brad may one day get bored with them and may have read this blog… who knows..))
    Upon arriving on a very desolate island, Nick and Taylor are taken care of by the villagers, who show them how to start a new life. I would love some scenes of them getting wood, building the hut together, having tropical storms destroy them soon thereafter. Having made rope out of wines and roots, Taylor helps Nick reinforce the hut. Sounds great!
    Jackie hasn’t had a moments rest since Nick has disappeared. She only had the letter he left her, telling her that he can’t handle the stress of her lovelife and that he and Taylor are leaving LA for a while. She is distraught by the fact that her husband is still fawning over Bridget and turns to Whip for comfort. Now that Whip has been actually the only one working with Bill to keep both FC and JackieM going, while secretly trying to out-buy the other, Jackie becomes the object of Bill’s next attack… the story goes on…
    Meanwhile: Felicia gets news from Thorne that their brother is doing another showing in Milan and that Brooke won’t be able to come with him. Being that Brooke is still going after her man while playing devoted mistress to her brother, Felicia devises a plan to have Brooke kidnapped, using Bill as the bait. Brooke being strawn, tries to play all these roles, while the children are being neglected. Hope runs away from home and refuses to return because she can’t handle the gossip and mobbing at school due to Brooke’s unpublic private life. Stephanie convinces her to return, Hope does only on the condition that she and her brother are removed from their mother’s custody.
    Stephanie continues to have friendly times with the WIMP aka Eric, she feels compelled to continually save him from himself, yet her main objects in life are running her company from home and raising her grandchildren. Being that Taylor was the one and only real friend she ever had, she leads off a search with a team of 25 CIA guys… tracking her down to the island.
    Now facing what they thought was impossible, Taylor tells Stephanie that she and Nick became lovers. After explaining that her husband continually betrayed her with Brooke and that Bridget wanted to become a Fashion Mogul more than being Nick’s wife, the circumstances brought them together. She apologizes for hurting her son and for not being honest with her. At the end of the day, Stephanie understands and forgives her friend. After a brief vacation with her friends, Stephanie returns home, gives her company to her grand children, takes Hope and RJ and moves to Europe where she expands her business further.
    Seeing the WIMP destraught, Owen comforts Eric, they admit to their attraction and it was a match made in heaven.
    No one has heard from Donna, Katie, Steffi and Rick in a long time… last I heard; Donna was last seen selling underwear in Bloomingdales, Katie ran into her college sweatheart and they are now raising a family — no one knows where. Rick and Steffi.. .no idea!

  2. Just thought you would like to see a couple of the responses I got to your thread… this blog!

    G. says: WOW, this is kinda harsh!!!!

    B&B would be nothing without Stephanie and if Nick and Taylor were lost at sea, wouldn’t the show be right back where it started….the bed hopping scenes between Brooke and Ridge? So, nothing would change there, they’d never be happy, too much damage has been done to their relationship, so those comments were quite confusing.

    How could Lt. Baker be filfthy rich on a cop’s salary?

    Eric and Jackie make more sense than her and Owen.

    I would not miss pRick, Steffy, Thomas, Katie or Dumma.

    Bill Jr needs a more interesting, up front s/l as does Whip.

    I could care less about Hope and RJ, they will be spoiled brats, seeking attention just like big brother pRick. They bring on these new characters, why not give them decent s/l’s, while at the same time put those we see day in and day out on a back burner for awhile?

    I think we can all agree we’re tired of seeing the snot filled, teary eyed faced Logans!!!

    Pathetic Taylor trying desperately to convince herself that her and Ridge are going back to being June and Ward Cleaver with the Beav and who ever else they can get to believe this farce!!!!

    I’m just happy we’re not seeing much of pRick these days.

    GSG says: Let me lend a pen and paper to B&B! I’m sure I can be more creative and diplomatic especially without killing off the 2 characters people keep voting for as their favorites.

    Eric has retired to give FC a fighting chance to survive. While he is fulfilled licking honey, Donna begins looking elsewhere for excitement. Bill seduces her. Bill has always hated Eric since he found out that Eric paid his mother to fake his paternity. Eric had slept with Bill Spencer’s wife and fathered her child. Bill only pretending to love Donna hatches a plan for them to murder Eric for his money. But he really intends to frame Donna. Katie finds out but too late, Eric is dead. The autopsy and forensics point to Donna. Donna goes to prison. Katie goes after Bill to get him to tell the truth, even slipping in the sheets with him for Donna’s sake. Or her own.

    Ridge has taken over Forrester. But as a designer, is panned two seasons in a row for his fashion lines. He is stuck in a rut. Ridge is living with Taylor and the kids. She refuses to marry him until she can be sure he really loves her. Brooke had always been his muse and he is under pressure to save Forrester. Taylor urges him to take a season off from designing, leaving it to Thomas. She gets him to remember his youth in art school and the love he had for being an artist before he was detoured by his parents into designing. Ridge’s sketches and paintings are recognized by an LA art critic who insists Ridge could have a new career. With Taylor by his side he begins doing art shows.

    At one of Ridge’s art shows a dark mysterious young man is noticed by Taylor looking at a painting of Taylor as a young woman. The man is comparing it to a photograph he has in his hand. Before she can ask him any questions he is whisked away by several guards and an older veiled woman in Middle Eastern hajab. Taylor is left with an uneasy feeling. She begins having dreams of waking up from her coma in terrible pain as doctors and nurses urge her to push. Taylor’s feeling lead her to the consulate where she begins to ask questions of Omar. She is barred but Yasmin who had seen her that night at the gallery meets her in the gardens of a mosque nearby. Yasmin asked why Taylor left Morocco and her son behind. Stunned that she has a son who has been hidden from her all this time, she wants to see him. But the teenage boy who had been in LA for a school adventure has flown back to Morocco. Yasmin who has told Taylor the truth is killed. Ridge vows to help Taylor get her son from Omar. Dante who helped get Taylor out of the country before gets them into the palace as tutors for the young Prince. While it is immediately recognizable that the boy is Taylor’s son from his blue eyes, they soon discover he has Ridge’s art talent. They begin to wonder if this boy is their son. Could Taylor have been pregnant before she was shot by Sheila? After recovering their son, they are secretly married on Dante’s family estate in Italy.

    Thomas takes over the Phoebe fashion line. And he finds love with a smart new reporter from Eye on Fashion. She matches him in every way and they begin to date. Unbeknownst to Thomas, Bill has hired her to seduce the young Forrester and get him into a compromising position. Feeling guilty as her feelings for Thomas grow she backs off but Bill has Thomas arrested for bogus possession charge that he plasters on the front page the night before Thomas’ new line hits the runway. Luckily the notoriety helps to sell the line quicker to the public. As community service Thomas does an anti-drug PSA.

    Thorne and Felicia are invited to Miami to work with Antonio and Felicia. They all decide to start FC Latin division to open markets in Central and South America. While in Venezuela, Thorne is shot and Felicia is kidnapped by a cartel for ransom. Nick volunteers to go after her with Dante who has come for his son. Together they recover Felicia who is traumatized by events. She leans on both for support and is confused by her feelings. All this time Thorne is being cared for by an old friend, Claudia. Claudia is married to a charismatic political figure but not in love with him. She is drawn again to Thorne. When he leaves for the States, she goes with him divorce papers in hand.

    Whip fascinated with Jackie, wines and dines her away from Owen. Owen digs up Whip’s past with Brooke and more recent past in Europe bedding matrons as he helped himself to their pensions. Owen tries to warn Nick but no one believes him. So Owen vows to take down Whip himself as Jackie gets in deeper with Whip.

    Bridget is home alone as Nick goes to Felicia’s aid. She believes Owen and for Jackie’s sake wants to help expose Whip. Both Owen and Bridget being neglected spouses end up sleeping together. Bridget finds out she’s pregnant but is unsure who the father is. She tells Nick hoping he’s the father. Owen, who has saved Jackie and her money, is longing for Bridget and the baby he thinks might be his. They both keep quiet for different reasons but can’t stay away from one another.

    Feeling shoved to the side at FC, Rick begins thrill seeking in his time off. Frequenting strip joints and the like Rick becomes involved with a young Russian woman, Anya who is being prostituted by her traffickers. Rick beats the traffickers at their own game and frees her and her family. He pulls strings to keep her in LA and with him. Rick and Anya discover love. Anya begins career as a model for Phoebe line.

    With Ridge away and Eric not running Forrester, Brooke steps in to run things her way. She begins by adding onto Thomas line with her lingerie. She takes the advertising too far when she hires underage models to do suggestive poses. Stephanie takes to the webcasts again to rally against FC’s new campaign. Brooke begins to get heat from buyers, stores etc and stocks plummet. She takes business advice from Rick that she goes public with some stock to get cash flowing again. Without consulting anyone on FC Board she does this. Steffy stumbles on a meeting between the lawyers and Brooke gives her grandmother the heads up after eavesdropping. Stephanie and Steffy begin watching the price and decide that while FC is down and out to buy shares to give back to their family. It is a dizzying Wall Street ride with Rick & Brooke vs. Stephanie and Steffy.

    I said: After realizing that Eric will never be able to convince Stephanie to join him in his company and his bed, Eric hands over the company to the Logan’s & Ridge.

    Eric is not aware of the fact that Bill Jr thinks that he is his father; however, before going into the forever… Bill Sr; in a moment of easing his conscience, explained to his son that he was Eric’s and that the only reason he kept him was to continue the war between him and the Forrester’s. He also made it clear that he needed a heir to the Spencer. Knowing at long last why his father sent him off to learn business, to hide his feelings and to think only with his head, Bill is determined to get what he feels is his. Bill started to dig into his past and finds a misleading love-note from Eric to his mother. After reading “I do so hope that
    the child is mine…” in Eric’s handwriting, Bill believes that Eric not only is
    aware of him, but has never fought for him. Giving what rightfully is in part
    his to the Logan’s and Ridge. A man who is not even his blood son!

    At home Eric has been ravishing his woman without consideration of her wills and desires. She is burdened to subject her body to him day for day, where ever and how ever he likes it. Donna soon learns that sex is the only way to gather strength in order to face the crawling hands and wondering parts of her one and only source of status and wealth Donna breaks free! Yes, she engages in many Charity events and other social club gatherings. While arranging private accommodations for her meetings with Owen and occasionally Bill!

    After the reunion with Stephanie, Nick decides to relocate Marone Shipping over to an island not far from theirs, which he eventually buys. Building a new community for their business and their workers, Nick and Taylor start missing their Families. There were factors making their final decision difficult, namely facing those who they have disappointed, if they even need to go there. Having finally decided against having their new-life cluttered with chaos, Nick and Taylor do indeed fly back to LA… to cut the ties permanently.

    While flying around the States and Europe, re-establishing business contacts, Nick leaves Taylor behind as she requests. Her first order of business is to go to her husband and to get a divorce. Upon seeing her, Ridge is elated, until she informs him of her plans. She rehashes the pain she felt, knowing that although he was committed to her, his addiction to Brooke’s bed was unbearable. She tells him of her meetings with Nick, that they actually hadn’t slept with each other until the night before deciding to flee their misery. Ridge is conflicted. He knows that Taylor had her reasons for her actions, yet he doesn’t want a divorce. He wants her to give him another chance. Taylor hands him the divorce papers and tells him that they may be one day friends, but just being in LA is too hurtful. Ridge begs he to meet him the next evening, after which, should she still feel the same way, he would grant her the divorce. Taylor agrees.

    Nick speaks with Taylor, she tells him what is going on. He tells her that she should come to Paris, they can meet old friends at the FC fashion-show and also shake LA off together. Taylor tells him that she still has to see
    her children and tie the ends up before she can consider turning away from LA forever. He reluctantly tells her that he understands. The next evening, Ridge meets up with Taylor and after a long romantic evening, he hands her the first wedding and engagement ring which he didn’t bury with her when she died the first time. He tells her that he would wait for her to return to him, he kisses her and allows her to live her life with his brother. He flies to Paris.

    Taylor ties up her ends, making sure that her kids know that they are welcome anytime and also headed to Paris.

    While taking in Paris; with Nick, she sees a painting that Ridge had done on display in an Art Conference.
    On the bottom of the frame is a brass plate: Taylor

    Holding the two rings on her necklace, Taylor remembers the night in LA with Ridge. She tells Nick that they should stay a while in Paris, he agrees.

    At one of Ridge’s art shows, a dark mysterious…………………

    Great Blog! THANK YOU!

  3. You are the best! Taylor & Nick going down on the ship is the best thing that could happen to this show, but Bridget has got to end up with someone better then that nasty Owen.

    Oscar played bycome Brian Gaskill needs to come back!

    Please tell me you watched “THE TRIDGE WEDDING”! It was a train wreck from start to finish! LOL.

    I can’t spoil it, but the priest has a line that will forever describe TRIDGE! I’m putting it on a t-shirt ASAP.

  4. You are the best! Taylor & Nick going down on the ship is the best thing that could happen to this show, but Bridget has got to end up with someone better then that nasty Owen.

    Oscar played by Brian Gaskill needs to come back!

    Please tell me you watched “THE TRIDGE WEDDING”! It was a train wreck from start to finish! LOL.

    I can’t spoil it, but the priest has a line that will forever describe TRIDGE! I’m putting it on a t-shirt ASAP.

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