The Guiding Light and Prozac

With two months left:

  • Phillip is terminally ill.
  • Remy and Christina have to get each other drunk to want to admit to remarrying.
  • Natalia is on the run leaving Liv heartbroken
  • Reva is caterwauling about Jeffrey’s death with poor Josh right there.
  • Marina is a new mom and potentially a murderer.
  • GL’s ‘young adults’ make me want to chew glass.
  • Mindy is mostly M.I.A.
  • and
  • Peapack is as depressing in the summer as it is in the fall, winter, and spring.  (No offense Peapack residents.  I have no doubt that the show chooses the least attractive places to film because of costs.  I’ve heard that Peapack is far more beautiful than is shown on GL).

TPTB are determined to make sure we don’t miss the show when it goes.  Well played! Two months to go and most of what they offer us is gloom and doom.   So little time left, so much to do to turn this show around to let it live up to its great legacy.