HELP SUPPORT RAINN!!!!!!!!!! (Daytime spoiler content)

You don’t know what RAINN is?  Click the logo to the right to find out.  As soap fans, we’ve just watched  OLTL badly handle a decade long rape storyline – in which a victim was again assaulted by her rapist – but due to memory loss she was convinced that the second sexual encounter was ‘love’.   Even more, she was humiliated in court for the assault.

DAYS toys with the ‘love’ story of Sami and EJ, though their initial sexual enounter took place because of coercion and his threats against her loved ones OH,  and the  use of  a weapon.  Sami is now the mother of two of his children and she and EJ are on the ‘on again – off again’ merry-go-round and the initial coercion is treated as if it never took place.  She is even supported by the former love of her life – the man whose life was threatened if she didn’t sleep with EJ.

Now?  Rumors/spumors/spoilers suggest that the YnR has penned a ‘coercion’ involving Deacon and Amber.  In order to ‘save’ Daniel, Amber will “have to” sleep with Deacon.  This comes on the heels of sister soap The Bold and Beautiful using Bill Spencer to blackmail Donna into sleeping with him in order to save her husband, Eric, from losing his company (and thank goodness it didn’t happen).  It comes on the heels of sister show, The BnB, having Taylor sleep with Ridge, while claiming not to know that he’d taken pills on top of being drunk.

For survivors, and those who work diligently to support them, these type of storylines are NOT ‘entertainment’.  At worse, they show a complete and utter disregard for the real life horror of rape and sexual abuse.  They make ‘sport’ of the sort of behavior that hardworking individuals are trying to eradicate and seem to ask fans to ‘lighten up’, accept that ‘it’s not real’, or ask  ‘what’s the problem?’.  The problem is that outside of the dying, anachronistic, and sometimes backwards soap genre,  rape and sexual abuse are very real problems.  They’re no more ‘funny’ or ‘entertaining’ than racism, or physical assault, or any other social ill.

Soap fans, check out the message left by Chelsea in the “OLTL – Rape is not just  a word” blog:

Hi norrthpier!

My name is Chelsea and I am on the Development team at RAINN. I came across your blog because you’ve mentioned RAINN in some of your writing. I wanted to contact you to thank you for your support and commitment to ending sexual assault.

I wanted to share with you an exciting opportunity to help victims of sexual assault. I’m not sure if you’re familiar, but on July 25, there will be a National Day of Blogs. Participants will agree to blog for up to 24 hours to benefit their favorite charity. The objective of the event is to raise both funds and awareness for a cause that is important to you.

If you’re interested, please visit for more information or feel free to email me with questions. If you chose to participate, I will be available to help you secure sponsors.

Thank you so much, norrthpier, for your support! I look forward to hearing back from you soon.



I hope you can help support RAINN.  Help spread the word on soap message boards.  Seek help from other soap fans who are tired of soaps clinging to the ‘rape-as-love’ storylines that should have long died out.