Ratings Comments June 8 -12

Looking at the current ratings, my only thought was that I’ve been shocked that the ratings haven’t been LOWER, for all soaps (ok, maybe except the YnR).  I’m finding most of daytime either boring or unwatchable and wondered how many others have as well.  I’ve been filing my time with reruns of prime time shows, or gardening, more of the latter, less of the former.  The full ratings report is posted at SON but here are my thoughts:

1. Y&R 3.4/11 (-.1/-.1) <—- ties low (Last time: November 10-14, 2008)

It’s a dark show, but still watchable, and as long as it doesn’t get too much darker, I can’t see any sudden huge drops for the YnR.  I bet someone a while ago that ‘Mary Jane’ was indeed Patti Williams.  How bad does Victor SUCK?  I love him, hate him, love to hate him. The man who is so protective of his family (as long as they haven’t pissed him off) is using Paul’s psychologically troubled sister to go after Jack Abbott?

Victor is such an asshat!

2. B&B 2.2/7 (-.2/-.4) <—– new low (Previous low: 2.4/8 for June 1-5, 2009)

Stephanie/Ridge/Taylor are TOXIC!  Ridge’s pill addiction, Steph leaving him alone while he’s drugged, and now the pill-bang between Ridge and Taylor – one that leaves Ridge with unbearable guilt.  This storyline just leaves me with an unbearable desire to watch something else…

I’ll celebrate the wedding between Bridget and Nick (it’s GREAT to have Ashley Jones back on screen again.  CONGRATS on the success of True Blood AJ – the season opening ratings were higher THIS season than for last!)

The Jackie and Owen relationship?  It may as well be dead.  It started off well enough, until Jackie blackmailed Owen into staying with her and now it seems that Owen is manipulating her to get to her money.  Owen was never a well defined character.  He started out sleazy, became an instant hero, and is back to potentially being a sleaze again.  No thanks.

3. DAYS 2.1/7 (+.1/+.2)

Arianne Zucker still drives this show for me, but I can’t see that happening too much longer.  No matter what “Nicole” does to prove her love, EJ will find a way to return back to his normal state – a stooge for Sami.  I still can’t stomach the idea that Sami has children with the man who sexually assaulted her and that they have ‘feelings’ for each other.

I was thinking of watching DAYS for a while. I just remembered why watching prime time reruns would be less aggravating.

4. GH 1.9/6 (same/-.3)

Scrubs shower scene?  VERY Funny and VERY SEXY.  If only GH writers wrote more of that.  If that scene has any impact on next week’s ratings, GH is in good shape.  The problem is that you’ll have to FF past Remily/Ethan/Rick/Sonny/Sonny threatening Claudia/Jason Threatening Claudia/FrankenMichael/FrankenMichael screaming at Carly/Pot-smoking Christina (who appears to be more of a girlfriend than sister to Michael… it’s skeeving me out).  While FFing, stop long enough to catch Maxie and Spinelli scenes.  They just keep getting CUTER!  Love them.  OH…and Tracy is getting her brain back, even if temporarily.  She’s figured out that there’s bad news a-comin’ in the form of Remily and Ethan and she’s not letting up off of them.

5. AMC 1.8/6 (same/-.2) <—- ties low (Last time: June 1-5, 2009)

Is that show still on air?

5. OLTL 1.8/6 (-.1/-.3) <—- ties low (Last time: May 25-29, 2009)

I want to be able to watch long enough to cheer on Sean and Rachel… but I’d have to watch the rest of OLTL.  … and I can’t go for that, noooo, no can do!  – Just a little Hall and Oates for you.  Psssst… don’t tell anyone, but I did secretly like the positive pregnancy test for Marcy.  Anything that ends obsessive Babymania for daytime women rocks in MY book.

7. ATWT 1.6/5 (-.1/-.3) <—- new low (Previous low: 1.7/6 for June 1-5, 2009)


8. GL 1.3/4 (-.1/-.3) <—— new low (Previous low: 1.4/4 for June 1-5, 2009)

makes.zero.sense. Why are the writers determined to annoy me? Where’s the Liv who doesn’t care WHAT people think of her or her love life? Couldn’t the writers have come up with some other way to cover JL’s  (Natalia) maternity leave? Otalia has decided that they need to spend some time apart to prove to others they really are in love, that their relationship isn’t about having both loved Gus and missing him since his death.

They have to “break up” and stay apart to prove it’s not desperation and sadness pulling them together?  W.T.F?  Where is the tough as nails Olivia who didn’t give a damn what others thought?  So if they come back together in a couple of months, what’s changed?  This storyline was so brilliantly told as it moved along.  Now?  Somewhere, a high school ‘creative writing’ class is getting a hell of a lot of practice writing a network soap… at least it feels that way.

The writers should have been working on the break up plan for Jeffeva, instead! I have to wonder if ‘hero hubby’ returns and sees Josh and Reva getting close and ends up taking off again. The Hero Hubby plan has been laughable from the beginning.  Josh left his OWN footprints (and trace evidence from his pants, hands, etc) in the same field where he planted Jefferies footprints… the plan went downhill from there!

Remy and his father. The Diamonds.  The 35K  (34+) repayment for a loan that ‘saved’ the family home.  This is a family that is supposed to be wealthy.  Is that the best the writers could do?  Not $350,000.00?  Not $1.350,000.00?  <sigh>

BethAnn Bonner who is a wonderful actress in a cartoon role linked to Cyrus – and just WHY was it necessary for Cyrus to return?

I think that the 1.3 is a generous rating, given the storylines and the scenery.  Has CBS cheaped out on GL?  The indoor scenery is getting uglier.  They’ve already killed the show, can’t CBS loosen up the purse strings and send this show out in style?

Respect it’s history!

9 thoughts on “Ratings Comments June 8 -12

  1. GH has particularly frustrating for me this week. The same day that featured the Scrubs shower scene was also mob free. We had an umbrella storyline going on that as of yet doesn’t involve the mob. We had use of vetren characters for things other than to be sacrificed instead of Sonny or Jaysus. The writer was able to have Elizabeth learn about Tracy’s suspicions of Remily/Teethan in a way that was organic and made sense. (She went to see Lucky at the family meeting to talk to him about Nik.) It wasn’t a great episode like the show is capable of but it was miles better than it normally is.

    and then the next day we were back to the trials of FrankenMichael. Not to mention the suspense of “Will Claudia succeed and kill Jason?” SPOIILER – she doesn’t. (Really who the heck darn thinks that Jason will ever be killed in ANY of the direct and indirect attempts that occur on his life each year? Blind people in Peru who have never SEEN GH could tell you he’ll survive.)

    Apparently one decent episode a week is all we are allowed.

    I so agree with you about Kristina coming off more as girlfriend than little sister. It’s skeevy to me too.

    Also made of epic win for me this week….Lucky’s absolute annoyance at having to deal with the Luke/Teethan situation. And the fact that LL2, can tease each other about having different opinions and not have it escalate into a full on screaming death match. His “Right out in the open? Like they have nothing to hide?” cracked me up! Plus by the look on his face after she pointed out Nik could be hurt if she’s right….he’ll end up caving and helping her.

  2. ARGH!!!! That whole MESS about Claudia arranging Jaysus’ ‘death’… BULL! Do the writers SERIOUSLY think that we believe that Jaysus will bite the big one!??! It only made me begin to dislike Claudia for both getting my hopes up and for roping Johnny back into that hellish mess she’s in and asking him to go with Jason to ‘let him die’. That seemed so pathological and out of step with anything in daytime. Let him die? I want Jason gone, but sheesh.

    Excuse me, but given what’s happened with FrankenMichael, shouldn’t she be a bit more worried about what could happen with her brother? Why does she keep dragging Johnny back in? I want Claudia to be strong on her own and take down Jaysus and Sonny. I’d hoped she would be allowed to take over Sonny’s operation and help him ‘go legit’… HA! That will never happen.

    Teethan and Remily? Make the pain stop! NOW! I do hope it’s LL2 who busts them, but I have no hope that it will happen that way. I’m so bored by GH I’ve stopped checking the spoilers. The writers need to wean themselves from the mob storylines. Fans have.

  3. I’m with you…..Damn you Claudia for getting my hopes up. And for serious….everyone else was suddenly concerned for like five minutes about how the mob would end up hurting the ones they loved when FrakenMichael was blissfully silent…but what is her thought process on dragging her brother back in? He’s over 18 so it’s alright now?

    Oh I have no doubt it won’t be LL2 who busts them at all. I’m putting my money on Lulu the selfish bint of a sister doing that…..and somehow Lucky getting the blame for suspecting Teethan of something and not doing anything…..because that’s just the way Guza rolls. When I had very little interest in the pairing of Nik/Remily since I couldn’t see how falling for your STALKER was romantic or any way to start a good relationship…..I am really curious who’s brain trust came up with the idea to stick the other sinking stone character in there. Except I suspect it’s Guza’s ham-handed, uber clumsy way of bringing back a Spencer (UGGHHHHHHH)-Cassadine feud…this time with Remily at the center. He’s tried it a few times in the past with Nik and Lucky (Sarah, Liz when Lucky returned from his kidnapping, Emily) but it never really worked since the girl was either WAY too boring (Sarah) or so clearly in love with one of the brothers it wasn’t even close to a triangle.

  4. I hate GH now, isn’t there ever any consequences for the characters of GH who do reprehensible things?? The writters have lost their brain evident from how all the characters are so brainless….ever since sonny took those manic depressive pills he lost his touch with his inner mob-self… since when does sonny put up with a wife who has been unfaithful to him over and over under his own roof?? send the BITCH packing!!… claudia has bagged enough crimes on her shoulder to burn her in hell for eternity… WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE WRITTERS?? michael thinks CLAUDIA IS COOL while he cant stand to be in the same room with his MOTHER, the one person who has always looked out for him, I AM NO FAN OF CARLY, but even she doesnt deserve this.. If it wasnt for her, michael would still be in that coma… all the psychopaths of port charles don’t ever get what they deserve…. RICK gets away with kidnapping carly while she was pregnant… jerry holds everyone hostage at metrocourt and kills ppl, and he still walks around port charles without a scratch on him while the mobs do WHAT?? and the latest psychopath CLAUDIA, it isnt what she did that bothers me… its the way she carries herself, making everyone else feel bad for what happens to michael all the while she is the one that put him there…. i will be back to watch GH when CLAUDIA GETS WHAT SHE DESERVE!! CHOKE ON THAT BITCH

  5. GH is a mess and getting worse. Scrubs are so much better now then in the last 7 months. Have to disagree with Spin/Max . To me they are part of what is wrong with the show. Maxie needs to be away from Spinllie, they are so annoying and weird. They are not exciting to watch anymore. As long that they are a couple on the show it will never get better. Spinelli is not a lead romantic hero.Maxie needs to remember who she is and it is not a 14 year old. They are FF scene’s .

  6. I completely agree with your article. GH is a hot mess except for those characters mentioned, who don’t seem to be a repeat of everything else on the show. I’m so sick of the influx of broody males on GH and redoing the same stories over and over again.

    Y&R is a decent soap, and I enjoy it but it is about the only one that I do enjoy right now.

  7. GH stinks! I only like the Mayor storyline with Scrubs and Matt. I agree that Spixie sucks! I want Matt and Maxie. I did enjoy reading your views.

  8. I agree totally that the show is not worth watching unless Robin & Patrick are on. In fact, I DVR it daily but fast forward through all scenes except Scrubs. HATE hate hate the mob stuff, Michael story, anything to do with Claudia, Jason and now hating the Rebecca/Nic story. Just no real likeable characters anymore except the Qs, Scrubs of course, Matt, Maxie, Liz/Lucky.

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