Daytime Traditions I Miss

Guiding Light:  The Bauer 4th of July celebrations.   There was always some secret on the verge of being told to the Bauer and friends crowd – which was typically all of Springfield.  There were always two characters trying to avoid making eye contact so that no ohine would know they’d been together. Someone hiding behind the covered trellises hiding from or spying on someone in the crowd.  There was the salacious part of the 4th celebrations, but even MORE than that, there were the Bauers and the people who loved them.  Springfield seemed peaceful, and lovingly ‘normal’, despite the secrets, if only for a day.  Fans still miss Maureen, but to have Papa “Doc” Ed, Michelle, Rick, and their respective spouses and children back for this one last July 4th celebration would be wonderful.

As The World Turns:  The Memorial Day picnics.  See ‘Bauer 4th of July’ celebration and read Lynn Liccardo’s treatment of the topic by clicking HERE

The Bold and the Beautiful:  I miss the rival fashion shows.  Forrester had a show and Spectra countered. Spectra held a show and Forrester countered.  Now?  There’s JackieM’s (whose success is in large part due to stolen designs from Forrester) and ????….NOTHING.  Rather than a lot of scandalous pseudo-incestuous lovin’ and some great fun thanks to fashion showdowns, we’re stuck with just a lot of pseudo incestuous lovin’.

General Hospital:  The Nurses Ball.  Given the way the ball started -with Stone’s death and Robin revealing her HIV status, what a wonderful tribute it would be to those who are living with AIDS/HIV to have Robin come back as MC as a symbol of someone with the disease living an enriched life.  Hope is NOT lost!  Robin was a teen when she contracted the disease.  Today, she’s a physician, a loving mother and wife, and a pillar of her community. 

     I also loved that in the past, the cast came together and the actors we loved were allowed to step out of the comfort zone of the characters they played to give us just a bit of themselves, as well.  (Shallow alert:  WHAT could top the Lucy Coe costume changes as entertainment? Terrific.)

Days of Our Lives:  Sean and Caroline, Marlena and John.  I don’t care what the holiday/event is, something seems to be ‘missing’ with DOOL.   As long as Sean and Caroline/Marlena and John are gone, it’s not the real DAYS.

2 thoughts on “Daytime Traditions I Miss

  1. My main show, Y&R, didn’t really do too many traditions. The key ones continue: Christmas Eve shows (with a miracle) and New Years Eve shows (which usually foreshadow something about the next year).

    Periodically, they used to do a Memorial Day episode that was flashback heavy…e.g., a clip show stepping through ‘great moments in the Jill-Kay feud” and such not. But that is seldom done, and I miss it.

    I also miss Gina breaking into song at her restaurant, and Mary Williams meddling in her son Paul’s life. But that’s not quite the same…

  2. I agree with missing the Nurse’s Ball…the bets on when Lucy would end up in her underware? hillarious! Intentional comedy on GH! Who could have thought of such a thing!

    I also dearly miss the Hosptial Christmas parties. No Steve or Alan reading the Christmas story? No teenage female complaining up a storm about having to be seen as an elf in front of the boy/inappropriate male in her life? The jury is stil out on NuKristina having a crush on Jason but her having to be an elf in front of him? Hysterical. Instead I have to watch Ghost Alan being seen through “Santa’s glasses” and Luke having fun in heart attack land? Ugh!

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