WHY GL soapgods, WHY? (Spoiler included)


According to the Nelson Branco’s Suds Report, it’s highly likely that Jeffrey O’Neill is Edmund Winslow’s killer.   If that’s the case, WHY is Jeffrey willing to let Reva serve a single day in jail rather than turn himself in?  Are we to believe he’s so angry at Reva for protecting Josh and Shayne that he’d willingly heave her there, separated from Colin –  the son she’s barely spent time with since his traumatic birth and her cancer treatments?

If so, the writers have managed to do the impossible.  They’ve lowered my opinion of Jeffrey.  I once thought of him as a much better man than Josh… I  KNOW!  Crazy, huh?  All I can say is that I was experiencing ‘Cassie Winslow Rage’.  The thought that Josh would prefer Cassie to Reva left me a little soapfan loopy, but I’m better now.  Hey, thanks for asking!

While I no longer believe that Jeffrey and Reva belong together, or that they could come close to ever replacing ‘Bud’ and ‘Sister’, the writers have at least continued to try to sell Jeffrey as loving Reva above all others.  If Jeffrey is the killer, that’s all out the window.  He officially loves himself MORE and would only do what he had to to save Reva as long as it costs him nothing.

OH, and for those of you who aren’t GL fans ‘Bud’ is Reva’s loving nickname for Josh.  ‘Sister’ was Hawk Shayne’s nickname for his daughter, Reva.  If you thought Bud was dating his ‘sister’, you just might be a BnB fan!


“James Spaulding” is such a great character, and the actor (Zack Conroy) is PERFECT. He looks and sounds like a young Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander).  If you told he me was related to Grant Aleksander, I’d believe it without batting an eyelash.  Conroy, if this show had more time, would have been able to turn the character into a real heartthrob! In fact, I have no doubt that he still can.

So… WHY have the writers decided to turn James into a ‘Grady clone’ just for Daisy’s sake!??! In the time that’s left, I’m not interested in a half-wit Bonnie and Clyde storyline for these two characters. When Daisy smarted off to Phillip today, she made me long for the highly unstable  Phillip Spaulding who existed several year ago. HE would have known how to deal with her in a way that might not have been exactly legal or moral, but who’s complaining?  Sorry folks, I know this is harsh, but if only Daisy was holding Grady’s hand when he went off that cliff… <sigh> Problem solved!

Natalia/Frank/Olivia (and Rafe)

Did the judge actually tell Natalia that because there was no male role model at home, Rafe couldn’t go home with her? I feel like I’m hallucinating.  What freakin’ calendar year is this!??!  Frank had to agree to be Rafe’s substitute papa just to help get the kid out of jail?  Of all the contrived plots GL has managed to weave into one continuous joke of a show (at times) this was the WORST.

So what’s next?  A triangle with Frank/Natalia/Olivia before Otalia even gets off the ground?  Rafe leaves home and goes to live with Frank out of disgust that his mother is in love with Olivia?  Frank has to being Rafe and Natalia back together?

If you believe in Otalia, you’re going to have to help me out, fellow soapers.  After the judge’s idiotically sexist and outdated comments, I’m losing faith in the writers.  Shame on you, GL writers.  This one stretches the bounds of credibility and is offensive.  Rafe is LEGALLY an adult.  There’s no reason for him to need a ‘male role model’ in the home to be released.


The Boudreau Clan

Wish we could have had MORE of the Boudreau clan.  I love the closeness of this family and they remind me so much of the core families of the past <SOB!>  (They remind me of the Bauers, most especially).  While I’m enjoying papa Boudreau, I know that not all of you are!

From the official GL board:

I loved Montel as Clayton. He brought an immediate and desperately needed intensity and emotionalism to the Boudreaus and clicked with all the other actors playing the family right away. He made Clayton a compelling presence again, something that hasn’t been the case since Richard Biggs last appeared.Montel’s Clayton wouldn’t be going through all this hand-wringing over the ponzi-scheme, he’d track down the truly responsible party, PunkLoserJames, and teach him a lesson no matter how determined Phillip might be to get that snot-nosed punk out of trouble.    RoseVioletDaisy
And there’s this:
I think with Montel, we finally had a “strong,” father figure on the show, the first since Ross (spaztastic Buzz doesnt count, Josh is too hung up stalking Reva and they wont let Billy be anything then a kind of joke character.) You could believe that Montel’s Clayton would say something and people would stop and listen. He was large and in charge…which is nice to see from a middle aged guy on this show, but also a middle aged African-American guy.

It is too bad, with Ed and Ross gone, that Mel and Rick couldnt have reunited and have her family take on some of the aspects of the Bauers,with Clayton being the Mike Bauer no nonsense paterfamilias, and instead of giving Christina of all people a grandmother, make her Mel’s grandma…and we could use the Bauer kitchen again.  Mitch

I can’t say that I disagree with any of the points above. I just wish the writers were consistent in making Clayton a strong and proactive character no matter who’s playing in the role.  I also love the idea of reuniting the Boudreau and Bauer clans. They’re so both touchstone core families.  I wish.

4 thoughts on “WHY GL soapgods, WHY? (Spoiler included)

  1. Hi Norrth! Thought you may enjoy some of the comments we have gotten to this blog:

    Great piece Northpier :bravo: ITA with all points! Thanks for posting Denise! Loved the comment about Bud and sister…. I’m a B&B fan and I was confused for a minute

    IMO Montel did an OK job….. but this guy is doing ok! I’m willing to give him a chance… every man when duped like he was would act the same way… Ashamed to tell his wife he screwed up!

    I’m loving GL and am sad it is going… so many possiblities… I don’t think it was Jeffrey who killed Edmund… I’m still not buying that the man is dead. The prince of darkness still lives.

    That judge pissed me off like u said what calendar year were they looking at….. please.. it’s 2009!

    As for Otalia.. Let them be….. quit putting that nimwit Frank in the middle… I really the writers pull their head out of their ass….and soon!


    I do so agree. I don’t believe a word of it that Jeffrey killed Edmund, at least the corpse that looks like Edmund, and I am not buying it either, that my Eddy-Boy is dead. That would suck roots, man!

    Still all in all, he wanted out and now he has it. I wish that they would have found another way, but to label him as a murderer is a big slap in the face to his fans…

    Which I am one! I love Jeffrey and want his name clean!


    That was great. I don’t think Jeffrey did it, I agree with Jen, I think he’s alive. I truly belive he’s biding his time and waiting to strike. What better way to get back at Reva? Kill someone close to her, Jeffrey. The comment that judge made was so out in left field, I was personally offended. The BnB comment was priceless too.

    They really need to leave Otalia alone and get Deputy DumDum out of the mix.


    I don’t understand the need to keep Otalia on hold. Why? The show only has 3 months left, what do they have to loose? Let them get together out right and if need be, go off to get married somewhere, taking the little one with them. This is just rediculous, right now we have time to enjoy watching them come out and I am not going to be overjoyed if they finally tell everyone they are together on Sept. 18th.

    Come on people, start wrapping up a few stories… time is ticking!

  2. The corpse that looks like Edmund? I like the way you think! Wouldn’t it be something for Eddie to come back to take Henry? This is all too neat and too tidy. We haven’t seen Josh’s security/bodyguard friend around… hmmmmmm!

  3. Haha sadly you predicted right as Rafe went to live with the father figure he’s known for all of 10 minutes in disgust.

    while also whining about getting the same type of job his mother worked two of to keep him in appeals and nice orange jumpsuits. But i thought you just wanted her to be happy Rafe hmm?

    1. GL writers as SO predictable. I’m sure this is supposed to be some huge boomerang on Nat because she taught him that same sex love as a sin, but PUH LEEZE! At this point? That kid’s eyes should have been opened. Sleeping with a married man is a sin and Rafe didn’t turn on her for that. He didn’t move out and try to find a ‘new mother’. Rafe tried to KILL a man. His mother loved him, defended him, stood by him and gave him everything she could and THEN some… that she loves Olivia is a problem for him? I’d have respected the writers having the courage to have Rafe angry that it’s OLIVIA, not that his mother loves a woman. He could have schemed to have it look as if Liv and Doris were fooling around.. which in response to your second comment? That would have been a better way, IMO, to cover JL’s maternity leave. She would have been devastated and left to get her head together, and then come back only to find out that Rafe interfered in her love life.

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