BnB: Don Diamont… sorry dude, you deserve better

Don Diamont is as hot as SIN!  In case you haven’t seen him since leaving the role of Brad Carlton on The Young and The Restless, he’s sporting a new look so sexy that makes me think very bad thoughts… and feeling absolutely no shame for it!   The man is just gorgeous.  Obviously his incredibly hot super-hotness carries over to the character he’s currently playing on The Bold and The Beautiful:  Bill Spencer Jr.  As we’ve been reminded several times through BSJ’s dialogue, his friends refer to him as “Dollar Bill”.

Dollar Bill would remain ‘hot’ if it weren’t for the fact that my television speakers work just fine.  Without sound?  Dollar Bill is  the object of my lust.  With Sound?  I just want to see someone, ANYONE, slap him silly.  He’s beginning to make my skin crawl.  Think part adolescent male, part sexual predator;  the maturity of the former, the EFFIN’ ICK of the latter.

I’m not impressed with men who treat women as the ‘marrying’ kind vs the ‘banging’ kind.  I’m not impressed with men who think that it’s ok to refer to women as ‘whores’ or ‘sluts’ and to offer them money to sleep with you – even if the ‘slut’ you’re talking to doesn’t sleep around (or has at the very LEAST she’s slept around far less than you have).  Most of us know that that sort of language comes from weak, controlling, and insecure men.  So why create a character who thrives on demeaning, sexualizing, and trivializing women!?!?!

Dollar Bill is at risk of becoming a caricature of a man.  He’s a man trapped in a time warp, three and a half decades too late for the kind of behavior he exhibits.  He’s one open shirt/hairy chest/excessive gold chain display from being a very VERY bad joke.  The only thing halfway saving him is DD’s ability to pull the character from the edge as much as possible.  The Young and Restless’ loss is potentially The Bold and The Beautiful’s gain –  it’s just a matter of how much longer the writers are going to make Dollar Bill unlikable.  At this point, I don’t hate the guy, but I do flash back to Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd as the ‘Czech Brothers’ when he’s on screen.

For as long as SNL lets this clip stay posted:

At some point, daytime writers are going to have to look around and realize that the male characters they’re writing just aren’t appealing to most women any more.   They’re not ‘cute’ when they flirt with every woman in your family.  They’re not ‘sexy’ when they blackmail you into sleeping with them.  They’re not ‘toe-curling’ when they admit they’ve only been using you for sex and to drive your family crazy.

It’s even WORSE when women are dumbed-down to defend their actions and to fight the world while protecting these guys.    I’d love to see Dollar Bill turned around and to have a strong woman come along and raise the standards for this guy – someone who wouldn’t  tolerate his bullcrap.   It would make me feel like less of a hypocrite to be disgusted by men like Bill in my real life, and to watch him demean women in HIS reel life.  Daytime is causing a lot of cognitive dissonance for me and viewers like me.  More of us are tuning out the ‘Dollar Bills’ and weak women of daytime.


3 thoughts on “BnB: Don Diamont… sorry dude, you deserve better

  1. Some comments on this blog:

    Didn’t like him Y&R and a toss up in BnB. For BnB, I want him to humiliate Dumma.

    I have to agree how the male actors are portrayed. I liked Rick the original Rick when he was younger and now they have trashed him with the character that is now plaaying him now.

    DD, I wait and see on him; if he can bring those Logan bytch’s down, I will be his number 509,698th fan.

    [quote] If he can bring those bytches down… I’ll be his 509,699th fan! If not…..[/quote]

    I liked for awhile one Y&R but began to hate him for the way they portrayed his character. I’m not liking that he’s taking on Steph… Let the games begin… Our Queen will win!


    I Love it! Good one!!!! I know one thing for sure, I like him. Even though he thinks he has my Stephanie in a bound, he will be a good contender for her. Finally a man who may be a match for her… but just a small one!

    The way I see it is; Stephanie got the set; he got the Match so far but in the end MY GIRL will win the Game. You can’t fight a lioness who is protecting her cubs… come on JR, you have to know that!


    I agree without sound, he’s much better

  2. His (Diamont’s) character should have been paired with Lesli Kay (Felicia). They would have great chemistry together & her character is alot like Stephanie – take no bull. This pairing could’ve created a great s/l – to have them battle one another for Forrester while they fall for one another. Why does all the new men entering B&B have to go for the Logan sisters? Why?

    1. I keep asking myself the same question. The fact that he is going nuts over Donna smells like revenge. I actually feel that he will turn out to be Eric’s son with Margo and that Bill Sr. knew, but raised him as his son in order to have a male heir to the publishing throne. I guess that he is just going to take Forrester down because of some sick reasoning that his true father never acknowledged him and is throwing Jr’s meant.. inheritance to the wolves.

      But… having said that, I am still like Bill alot. Hope they don’t wimp him out as the do all the characters, it would be really aggravating.

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