GH: Daytime’s first same sex fathers!

Fans have joked for a VERY long time about the unspoken bromance between Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan.  Now, it seems, the writers have seen fit to give their unofficial bromancers a CHILD!  Michael Corinthos Jr. has the fiery temper and psychotic attitude of his father, Sonny (Michael Sr.) and the same vacant stare as his father, Jason.  That Michael now has ‘brain damage’ and Jason’s blue eyes is more than a sheer coincidence, I’m sure.

While I’m sure it’s wrong, horribly wrong, for Carly to walk away from that monster of a child, nothing would give me greater pleasure.  Michael is no longer a fresh faced 10 year old, playing 12 years old.  He’s aged roughly five years in this past year.  15? 16?  Whatever his age is, he comes across as vicious and aggressive and I’m already hoping the kid has a relapse (yes, yes, wrong I know).

For the sake of Carly’s family, let Sonny and Jason fix the mess they’ve made of the kid.  Let him go home with either of his fathers and recoup – or both.  Carly, Jax, Morgan, and new baby should be able to be happy together, but that won’t happen. This is daytime, and specifically GH.  Carly will throw herself to her knees to beg the forgiveness of the coma child.  She will eventually have to get him to forgive her for daring to maintain a life while making sure his fathers and others didn’t stick him in a hospital closet and walk away.

In his eyes, Carly will be the bitch in heat who is replacing him.  He, being the son of the great Sonny and the great Jason, will eventually survive, as Carly loses the sacrifice child she’s carrying.

I will be gathering my new GH descriptors in the meanwhile:  BULLOX!  BULL!  SCREW THAT!  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM!?!?!  MUTHA’ BEEPERS…. sorry, I’m practicing… I suggest you do the same.


One thought on “GH: Daytime’s first same sex fathers!

  1. If wishing Michael was back in that coma is wrong…I don’t want to be right.

    First off FrankenMichael still creeps me the freak out.

    Secondly…I think we all knew at some point The Evil Muppet child was going to wake up. The big hint was whe good old Bob was talking about the ripple effect his shooting was supposed to have for a year or so. That’s generally Bob speak for “Recast as soon as I can get the star to sign off on it”. So I think a great majority of the fans were hoping that WHEN this happened….we would get to see the full reverse Jason Morgan. Michael rejecting not only Carly, but Sonny and Jason and embracising his Q roots. i also admit a small fantasy that he changed his name to Alan Quatermaine III.

    But instead we got him rejecting Carly yet accepting Sonny and Jason…AFTER Sonny admits his being in a coma was becuase of a botched hit on HIM. WTF?

    And finally can we talk about the total lack of suspense for this storyline? I mean the brain surgery took roughly 90 million years off my life…ate up at least four shows….seemed to take longer than an ACTUAL brain surgery….was complete with a totally bizarre phone call into the surgery and a heart flatlining…and i wasn’t concerned for a minute. Why? Well not only my long time dislike Michael….but the fact the genius promo department was showing him WAKING UP.

    Way to kill the suspense there PR department.

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