The sign of a doomed relationship

In the real world, the fact that ‘he’ is your uncle would be enough for anyone to realize that dating him is a really REALLY bad idea… for those who DON’T think of it as a bad idea? There are one of two explanations

1 – You’re waiting for a call from the ‘Springer’ show. Good luck as a headlining guest and remember: when the bell rings, you don’t HAVE to fight your sister just because she’s stolen your uncle boyfriend. Break the chain!

2 – You’re a soap character and as long as you can rule out a blood link with your hottie uncle, it’s all good!

If a familial relationship isn’t enough to end a relationship in the reel world, the fact that Mr. Wrong repeatedly brags to your father (his brother) about how hot the sex with you is, and how he’s using you to make your daddy angry, should be. The Bold and The Beautiful’s Steffy Forrester has GREAT hair… but it would be nice if there was something in her head besides hair follicles! What is the point of her becoming involved with Rick again, other than to prove that she’s crazy – and not good can’t-wait-to-see-what-she’ll-do-next crazy, either?

How do you know that the man you’re in love with, uncle or not, is WRONG for you? That’s EASY! When HE says:

Rick: (Sneers)

Ridge: All right… (Sighs) I’m all yours. What’s on your mind, Ricky boy?

Rick: Oh, nothing much, really. I just came here to give you these designs and to make you squirm a little bit more. It’s kind of becoming my favorite pastime.

Ridge: You got something to say, say it. I’m all ears.

Rick: I kind of feel bad for you. I mean, I’ve got your little girl wrapped around my finger, and it’s eating you alive. There’s just nothing you can do, kind of like there was nothing I could do when I was a kid growing up and you were hurting my mom over and over again, making her life a living hell. It’s payback time, Ridge. It’s time that you know how it feels, how I felt, watching someone I loved get tortured endlessly by a man who had no idea who in hell who he wanted to be with. Do you think your daughter would like a little torture, a little “naughty” torture in the bedroom, hmm? What do you think? I think it would drive her wild. Do you, too?

Ridge: Still that angry little boy, huh?

Rick: Oh, Ridge, this has nothing to do with anger. This is way beyond anger. I hate you. I hate you, and I have never hated anybody in my entire life.

Ridge: And you want to get back at me?

Rick: No, I want to put you in a psychological trap, like the one I was in when I was a kid and the one you’re in right now.

Ridge: Steffy’s gonna see right through you.

Rick: Oh, no, she won’t. Steffy is not your little girl anymore. I own her. Do you hear what I’m saying to you, Ridge? I own her. And there’s not a damn thing you can do to change that.

Ridge: Keep talking, Rick.

Rick: Oh, I will. You ain’t heard nothing yet.

And he continues with:

Ridge: You got more you want to lay on me, Ricky boy?

Rick: More? Hell, Ridge, I’m just gettin’ started. See, you need to understand that this is the changing of the guard. You’ve been the big man around here since you hit puberty– women falling at your feet, women swooning. “Ridge Almighty.” But not anymore, because your beautiful, sophisticated, smart little girl Steffy has fallen for me. (Laughs) How delicious is that? She worships me, Ridge. She would do anything for me, anything I ask. I may not have your rugged cheekbones, your award-winning smile, but I got it where it counts, and Steffy knows it.

Rick: (Chuckles) Ridge, can you believe this? The irony in this situation that–that Steffy has fallen madly in love with me of all people? And you hate me more than anybody else in this entire world. And I have Steffy eating out of my hands. And if you keep fighting us, if you make us miserable, I will take her the hell away from here, and you will never see her again.

Ridge: Oh, please, keep talking.

Rick: See, my marriage to Steffy– it’s not about two people in love. It’s about revenge. It’s about revenge for the years of pain that you have inflicted upon my mother and me. So when I’m saying my vows in your little destiny-westiny spot on the beach, I’m not even gonna be looking at my bride. I’m gonna be looking at you, poncho, and the pain etched in your face as you say “bye-bye” to another daughter.

Rick: Ugh, that arrogant look of yours– it just makes me sick.

Ridge: I’m arrogant?

Rick: You know, Ridge, I want to talk to you about something. See, I’m not– I’m not really happy with the way you treat the president of this company. Like, when I walk into a room, I don’t want you to say, “Oh, hey, little Ricky boy. How are you?” No, I want you to act like the president just walked into the room, ’cause you’re gonna treat me with respect. When I’m married to Steffy, I’m gonna be able to make her something that you’ve never been able to– a real Forrester, something that you have been pretending to be your entire life. Isn’t that right, “Marone”?

Ridge: Oh, don’t stop.

Rick: Oh, believe me, I’m not–

Ridge: Come on, you’re just getting wound up here.

Rick: Yeah, exactly.

Ridge: Keep going.

Rick: I’m not gonna stop. You ain’t ever gonna get me to shut up, Ridge. I’m gonna throw this in your face for the rest of your life. You’re gonna hear about us all the time. You’re gonna have a front row seat on holidays and–and–and birthdays and my favorite– my favorite– Valentine’s Day. I had an idea. You know what we should do? We should double date. You and my mom and Steffy and I, we could head up the coast. We can get two cabins right next to each other. I got to– I got to warn you, though. If my cabin’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’, ’cause you know what we’re gonna be doing? We’re gonna be making little Ridgies. I can see the steam comin’ out of your ears.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Rick: And the veins bulging in your neck. You want to punch me, don’t you? Go ahead. Hit me. Hit me! What’s wrong? You chicken? (Clucking) Come on, Ridge! What’s the matter with you? What, are you getting a little green in the gills? You comin’ down with something? You better not be. You need all the strength that you can get, ’cause you got to be able to walk your little daughter down the aisle on our wedding day. We’re gonna be one, big, happy family. And I can’t wait to put that ring on Steffy’s finger, ’cause then we can go off to the honeymoon, and that night is gonna be the greatest night of Steffy’s life… Dad.


2 thoughts on “The sign of a doomed relationship

  1. I agree…here is part of what I posted on the Bridge Fan Site

    I am appalled at how the family ties are treated as no-existing. Can someone please tell me how, in-the-hell anyone, especially Brooke Ridge and Eric, could accept any relationship between Rick and Pheobe/Steffy. It matters, to me, that her grandpa is his dad. Were they to marry, her grandpa would also be her father-in-law. Brooke, her would be step-mother/mother-in-law, raised her. No one can convince me that 16 years passed without Rick ever coming home for Christmas, thanksgiving, or even a casual visit. No matter how much the writers try to write around this connection, I can never get past it and it’s one of the reasons I stopped watching.

    I’d like to add one more point to why I will never stomach watching Rick and Steffy/Pheobe profess their love for one another. Rick and Steffy share two brothers in common. RJ and Jack. Yes, Jack. Taylor bore Jack but Brooke turned out to be his mother. By no stretch of the imagination can anyone pretend that Rick and Steffy/Pheobe were strangers that happened to find out they were related after their attraction for one another developed. Brooke and Taylor have always been connected through family since before all of the children were born. This family has ongoing, continuous, daily, and even hourly contact with one another. **Causion Big word comming** It’s Unfathomable how the powers-that-be would think I, and most long time viewers, could ever accept a relationship between Rick and Steff/Pheob … Unfathomable!

    Granted, it’s not as bad as when they thought we would enjoy seeing Bridget and Ridge lusting after one another, but it’s very very very nearly the same. UNACCEPTABLE, NOT-WATCHABLE, and down right SICK!

    When will they ever learn that its not blood the determines who’s family and who’s not. It may not matter as much to the REEL people, but it matters to us, the viewers, the REAL people. Shouldn’t that be what counts? Writers, are you listening??? Geeeezz, get a clue!

  2. Some comments to this blog, Norrth!

    Love it! Northpier is a great writer. Thanks for sharing with us.


    Ughhh! Rick is nasty vile little person. He will never be a Ridge fan. I just can see him changing for the love of Steffy.


    Wow! After reading that! I can’t believe the writers want to put them together again. That just stupid and their making Steffy character very stupid. I mean the dude just said that your dad is about to lose another daughter then he try to win your affections with a tape reminding Ridge of the daughter he lost. That’s just plain sick, and for Brooke to support it is even sicker. The writers need to re-read that script, find a way to end it, then trash it like that sick relationship. End it already! Any woman who goes back to a man after he says that about her is sick and in need of psychiatric attention!


    It is so abnormal! It isn’t campy; it isn’t cute; it is just disgusting. How ridiculous can this guy make women out to be? Stuffed came on like a breath of fresh air. She was independant and tolerant. Later she admits to just agreeing to Tick because she didn’t want to hurt her mother. She slapped her parents countlessly in the face, pushed her Grandmother in front of that prick and helped in that way to push her brother somewhat over the edge.

    So now she is sorry, now she is not! Reminds me of a zebra crossing… now you see me, now you don’t!?!

    This is one sorry bitch. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry… but definitely in need of a very hardcore awakening. I am so hoping now that she has chosen to disgrace herself and her family without end… that he beats the crap out of her when his dinner is not salty enough, that he sells her to Bill Jr for commodities, that he cheats on her in front of her face, on video in internet and that he makes her believe that she is at fault.

    I want her to spin out of control and stab the bastard at least 20 times, only to have him survive and have her committed.

    She wants him, I want that! NO LOVE LOST HERE!!!!!


    IN Response to the above: You really want Stephanie to hurt Eric don’t you. There could be no pain that I want to see him in other than to have a major stroke and struck down! I don’t want Stephanie doing anything like that, but if she does. Jump on a boat and sail off with a picture of Margarita’s laughing in the sunset.


    The ultimate payback for Stephanie would to be, to shoot him in the nuts and let him sing like a canary for the rest of his sorry life. She may take the rap for it, but if not… she needs to let him know that for as long as he lives and she does too, he needs to shake in fear at the mere thought of her!

    I want him shot! I want Stephanie to be the one to take him down!


    Ummm, someone needs to stop the madness.

    I know you want Eric shot and hurt really, really bad. I don’t want Stephanie to be identified as the shooter. Maybe she’ll put on a full black Ninja outfit and carryout her mission. I want him to have a full fledged STROKE!!! I want him in the wheelchair covered with a blanket and drool hanging out his mouth. Dumma getting pissed because he looks a mess. That’s my dream.


    IN Response to the above: maybe we can both get our dreams.

    Stephanie shoots him, he is just injured but through the stress he had before she finally shoots him between the legs, he has a stroke! But just before shooting him, she warns him never to cross her again, otherwise she will hire a profi who will shoot every limb on his body, just after the other one heals…



    Now, she will say he broke into the house and because it was dark, she couldn’t identify him and the idiot will be so wiped out, that he can’t speak and tell the truth.


    Better yet, push him in the pool!


    No that wont’ work!…His eyebrows will just keep him afloat!


    u two that’s not nice! Shooting is too messy unless he’s standing on plastic…Blood is a mother trying to get that stain out….don’t yall watch CSI? We’ll have to be more creative….give me a minute to think


    i see your really fixed on shoot. Don’t like the idea…too loud, too messy…would have to find the bullets and shells….No too much work.

    Maybe she could switch those blue pills with laxative..he could shyt his self to death…or perhaps switch honey w/some kind a dwick eating…fleash burning something….then she cover his mouth w/duck tape, tie him up, naked, and hang him out of Forrester’s front window…while she tapping another Logan chronical? She would have an alibi! That ‘s one idea I came up with while mopping my kitchen floor.

    That’s it so far.

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