BnB’s ‘Little Stevie: Her father’s daughter”

I don’t know if I respect any actor, in any genre, as much as I respect The Bold and The Beautiful’s Susan Flannery.  It’s not just because she’s an immensely talented, untouchable, actor.  It’s not just because she’s made Stephanie such an iconic character.  It’s in large part because I can’t remember a daytime actor who continued to land each and every performance no matter how repetitive the plot has been for the character she plays.  Flannery NEVER phones in her performances when so many other actors (again, across genres) have.  How she avoids phoning it in makes her worthy of teaching master classes.  Day after day, year after year, Stephanie Forrester utters the harshest and ugliest anti-Logan language possible – at least the harshest language possible without the FCC leveling a big ass fine at CBS.   Referring to Logan women as ‘bitches in heat’ was just par for the course for Stephanie Forrester.  How unfortunate.

Stephanie could potentially be a vibrant and incredible woman.  Why won’t the writers let her be truly happy for once in her life?  The closest she’s ever come to happiness was when she’d lost her memory (after attending Eric and Brooke’s wedding ceremony) and ended up wandering the streets.  For several weeks, Stephanie lived as a homelsess woman with a group of others who’d lived on the streets for months and years before her.  Without the Forrester name, money, or lifestyle she felt true peace.  She met a man named ‘Adam’ , who, for all intents and purposes became a love interest for her.  Adam cared for Stephanie and she legitimately cared for him.  Since that time, she’s had relationships with Jack Hamilton and James Warrick… and something approximately a relationship with Bill Spencer and Massimo Marone.  All of them were short-lived and all of them ended so that Stephanie could continue to pursue a relationship with Eric.

Stephanie and Eric’s relationships always end the way their ‘love’ began, with Eric loving and wanting someone else!  (Long term viewers may remember that Eric was engaged to Elizabeth “Liz” Logan when Steph met Eric.  She didn’t know him, but decided to take advantage of the fact that Beth Logan was away from the Christmas Holiday and slept with Eric while he was drunk at a college Christmas party)  Rather than accepting the fact that Eric is a weak man who’ll never be worthy of the love she wants to force on him, she becomes wildly violent and aggressive with any woman Eric has the most remote of interest in.  Woe to that same woman when Eric feels that he’s fallen deeply in love with her.  Stephanie’s ‘psycho’ nature hits some exponential factor not previously seen in the natural world.   She makes it her mission to destroy that woman and anything or anyone she loves.

CLEARLY, ‘Stevie’ learned well from her abusive father. He taught her how to be physically abusive, psychologically abusive, and verbally abusive. WHAT can Grandma ‘Stevie’ say to Hope and RJ? What can she tell them about the way she attacks their mother, while claiming to love them? Will Hope, or RJ, come home and cry to Grandma ‘Stevie’ because the kids are making fun of them because of the things ‘grandma’ says in her Eye On Fashion Vlogs that are being discussed in the homes of the other children?

Will they know that she’s trying to take their father from them, but thought that her OTHER grandchildren deserved to have a father living in the home?

Does little Stevie even care about her grandchildren?

Has she EVER cared for them?

Can she TRULY love anyone who loves her as family as long as they also share Brooke’s DNA – even if they share her DNA, too (as in RJ’s case)?

Would a confrontation with her crying, pained, grandchildren FINALLY cause ‘LIttle Stevie’ to take stock in how much like her father she’s become?

Why didn’t Pam point that out instead of whining about there ‘not being enough FORRESTERS’… given the fact that she’s a DOUGLAS!?!?!? Why didn’t Pam point out how much Stevie’s vicious anger and cruel words remind her of their father? Why doesn’t PAM realize that their parents destroyed BOTH of them and help ‘Stevie’ figure that out, too?

There is so much more to Steph’s abuse storyline. Too bad she’ll never wake up and realize how those who are self-motivated and self-centered RELY on Steph reverting back to the abuse she learned FIRST HAND from her own father. The writers won’t let her.   If she had any REAL friends, or someone who TRULY cared for her as James Warrick once did, she might have someone in her corner who could tell her that indulging the ugly dark side of her soul is not in her best interest. The writers won’t give Stephanie a ‘reel’ friend to pull her back from the edge.  She’s surrounded by those who keep shoving her out just a little bit further, because being out there helps their cause too.

It’s a true sickness and I want to pity Steph, it’s just hard to pity someone who is so destructive and has caused so much pain (physical, emotional, psychological).  

The truth is that I want STEPHANIE back.  I want the real Stephanie, the woman who was complex, and interesting, and yes – at times a little angry.  I didn’t need her to love the characters I loved to enjoy her.  I liked watching a conflicted Stephanie try to decide between accepting Brooke Logan into her family and despising her.  I liked watching Stephanie painfully taking on Caroline Spencer, someone she loved like a daughter,  because the thought that Caroline hurting Thorne was too big a price for him to pay for loving Caroline. Her mother’s heart couldn’t bear Thorne’s pain.  As she became more psychotic, she contributed to Thorne’s pain to get what she wanted.  

I want to remember that woman who was vulnerable and nearly gave in to a passion that could have destroyed her relationship with her daughter since they both lusted for the same man.  I just want Stephanie to have some dignity, to put herself FIRST, and to be able to live without waiting for a worthless man to come back to her.  Psychogranny, Meanie ‘Little Stevie’, just isn’t my cup of tea.  

The writers have given us a backstory that explains Stephanie’s hateful actions.  They just haven’t taken her to the next stage.  Let her wake up to it and leave her father’s legacy of abuse behind.  It’s time for a new Stephanie Douglas – one who doesn’t care to use the name Forrester and then sheds the name and the baggage that comes along with it.

2 thoughts on “BnB’s ‘Little Stevie: Her father’s daughter”

  1. Here some comments to this blog:

    I say, who cares! Stephanie is who she is and I don’t want her differently.

    What man did she go after that was with her daughter??? HELLO!?!

    Jake, Stephanie tested him with propositioning him to be her lover… TO SEE IF HE WAS A GOLDDIGGER! Then she wanted to know his secret, and went after her answers.

    The way that is written, it sounds as if she was trying to compete for a dude.

    Clarke? GMAB! When he married her daughter she was avid… no one liked Clarke so I don’t know what that comment was about.

    Adam and she shared a kiss. Bill kissed her, tried thousand times to seduce her… NEVER EVEN GOT CLOSE, she was flattered but flat out told him, to go on his way with that. Friends and only friends.

    And how tainted the truth! Big Bad Stephanie took advantage of widdle Ewik. Boo hoo. GMAB! College and he was drunk… he whipped it out, he stuck it in, he wasn’t raped, so don’t give me that!

    Beth Logan was away and Stephanie did sleep with Erwimp, but not just to take him away from that trash… because she fell in love with him. Why not? This is the first time that I heard that those two were engaged, but even so, who knows exactly what the true history is. How do we know that in his drunken libido, he didn#t just spread his joy and that Stephanie was so into him, she did the deed?

    I do not care how much anyone dislikes my girl…. one thing for sure is that she should have let that ho have the man, he is a seedy creep who would have cheated on her just as he did Stephanie. He always was a cheat and always will be, which is probably why, he and Stephanie met in the first place.

    But it is nice to read comments from those who choose to flip the script in order to lay mark on Stephanie. Volatile, Aggressive and as hard core as she is, she is Stephanie how we fans know and love her and we DO NOT WANT HER TO WIMP OUT NOW!


    Stephanie IS NOT and i repeat IS NOT psychotic and those hoes deserve every punch, slap, and strangulation attempt they got coming to them.


    I can’t believe why anyone would see Stephanie in a bad light. IMO Eric lucked out marrying Stephanie. He has a huge fashion house and money he had never seen before getting with Stephanie. She made the fool. If he had married Beth he would have been Stephen and what the hell does Stephen got…..NOTHING! That’s why he’s so jealous of Eric. Not only did he have his wife but his kids too why? Because of Stephanie Eric had what those hoes wanted what Stephen could never provide. Stephanie is and was only protecting her investment. She wanted to make sure that all of Eric’s mistakes and bad taste in women let her children lose their legacy. She’s done it many times before and she is doing it now. Stephanie is the prize not Eric! Massimo had the cash and the family name to match. Why would she put the child on someone who has nothing versus someone who had the means! Also no woman I mean no woman will let any bitch come into her home, her company, her family and take over. No woman would sit back while the bitch is sleeping with every male in her family, no woman will sit back and the let bitch take over her company, no woman wil let the bitch bring in her family of bitches for reinenforcement. No woman will sit back and let the spawn of that bitch take over the company she helped create for her kids. No woman will let the bitch little sister have a ex husband kick her out of her baby because she’s old and washed up without a fight. If she does then she is not a WOMAN. I commend Stephanie for being a WOMAN, and not laying back without a fight! The only negative thing about Stephanie which is also a positive thing is that she has a soft heart when it comes to her kids who have betrayed her some many times for trash and their father. But she never gave up fighting for them. I am definitely a fan of Stephanie Douglas Forrester


  2. Hi Outland!

    Stephanie fooled around with Clarke Garrison before he became involved with her daughter, Kristen. Steph ‘hired’ Clarke to seduce Kristen to make sure she wasn’t ‘frigid’. Stephanie was upset that Eric was so warm toward Kristen but so cold with her. She also noticed that Kristen was ‘too much’ (in her eyes) of a daddy’s girl and didn’t seem to date. So she hired Clarke – a man she was involved with, herself. The deal was that she would talk Eric into hiring Clarke.

    Kristen suspected Clarke was involved with another woman but didn’t know who that woman was. Steph broke things off with Clarke for good after that, and threatened him that he’d better not tell anyone.

    I was once a HUGE Stephanie fan – even if Stephanie hated Brooke who was once my fave, as well. I want Steph to break out of the mode of hating others and working to bring them down.

    The Stephanie I could root for owns her own company and uses her smarts to take Eric’s company down. Susan Flannery is wasted, IMO, when she’s stuck playing a woman angry at the world. Stephanie, as a character, has FAR more to offer and it would be nice if the writers allowed her to do it.

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