The BnB’s Death Squad!

This is just one more thing that makes soaps look silly from the outside. Soap writers continue to conflate ‘drama’ with ‘pathology’. The more pathological a character, the more we’re supposed to love them. In some cases, it works. Most of the time? It doesn’t. At some point, watching soaps is akin to watching a 48 hour slasher marathon. You can’t keep your food down, the gore sickens you, and watching one more ax-wielding-chainsaw-shaking psychopath just deadens you inside.


What’s happened in daytime? Isn’t the murder or even the attempted murder of another person STILL the worst thing you could do to someone else? Stephanie, Ridge, Thomas, and Taylor have ALL taken lives – or tried to. In two cases it was accidental, but BOTH parties covered up the crime and made the cover up worse than the accidental death. Thomas was so sick that he didn’t care that his actions could have killed Rick or an innocent bystander. Now the death squad has decided that Thomas should come back to Forrester, and work at the SAME company as his intended victim? Thomas’ presence at FC would be as awful as Steph or Eric hiring Andy to work there (had he lived) after he raped Brooke!!!!!

Are they really too stupid to see the difference in Rick’s actions and Thomas’? WHY would anyone sane equate Rick sleeping with Steffy – a willing even if addle-brained partner, to Thomas taking actions that nearly cost Rick his life? It’s just WRONG. Should Rick have to wait for Thomas to finish flipping out and finally become successful? Is living every day in fear supposed to ‘teach Rick a lesson’ about sleeping with women who were IN LOVE with him and WANTED to be with him? Am I supposed to applaud this?

At what point does someone say that enough is enough? The plan to reinstate Thomas at FC makes the death squad look small, mean, and soapdamned pathetic. They’re giving some credence to Brooke’s stance in protecting her son against the hateful actions of those ‘out to destroy him’ – though I still think that her strict adherence to his innocence makes her look like a bit of a dolt.

Rick doesn’t have to be INNOCENT, but in this case, he appears to be right about the small minds and the small hearts of the death squad.

Thomas at FC is NOT ok and this comes from someone who can’t stand Rick. Rick doesn’t win my sympathy. The show wins my apathy when supposedly moral characters continue to behave like mindless idiots. I’m sick of characters excusing their wrong actions and those of people they love while pointing fingers at those who’ve done far less – even my beloved Ridge is wrong this time.

I want drama, not crazy. This show has filled up on its crazy quotient and adding more psychotic behaviors to the show is just overkill – if you’ll pardon the expression.


3 thoughts on “The BnB’s Death Squad!

  1. So much WORD to this, Norrth.

    Kind of like how everyone acted like Donna was being unreasonable and overreacting in not wanting Pam at FC…I just can’t imagine why a woman would not want to see the nutjob who tried to kill her, her husband, her mother, and her son every day at work .

    This show’s continued acceptance of both casual and planned acts of violence is just crazy and wrong, and finally made me stop watching after many years.

  2. Are all the things Thomas did to Rick justified? In my mind, yes! The kid could have hurt others and should have taken the rap for it. His parents are at fault here and I do believe they will regret their actions at some point.

    Does Thomas belong at FC? Yes. He is heir to the throne because his grandfather wishes it. If Steffy can work there, he can, too. The fact that he has done what he has should serve as a small reminder for that dimwit Rick, who infact isn’t giving up on his endeavors.

    Rick killed one young woman with his disregard for others, why should he be excused so that he may continue to wreak havoc on a man who really isn’t the core of his problems. If he were to wage his little war on revenge upon the two people who screwed up his life, I wouldn’t mind him so much, but to make Brooke and Erwimp side-step all responsibility at the cost of Taylor and Ridge’s family is the greater of the two evils.

    Rick is just irritated about this small knick in his plans, but is not by any means deterred. It will make his plans sharper and more damaging, as he thinks that he will never be outsmarted.

    At the end of the day, this thing will no longer be a Rick/Ridge thing, it will be a Thomas/Wiki thing and I for one hope that Tom gives this punk a run for his money!

    Thanks for the blog!

  3. i`m happy that thomas will helped tyalor and ridge 2 have somotime 2gether…… yeah i`m excited that ridge will come back 2 his family with his loving wife tyalor… xxxoxomireye

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