How do you know that GH is still in real trouble?

If you think the current ratings explain GH’s woes, hang on to your hats! There’s more. When one of the show’s most active and fan friendly sites goes on hiatus, it tells you that there are many more problems on the way. The Scrubs Hub will (hopefully) be back online soon, but if you go there now, you’ll be greeted with this message:

The site will be going on hiatus while I recharge and rethink things. I haven’t lost hope for Scrubs at all, but this site requires work and I just need a break for a bit.
Thank you to all of my readers who frequent my site, you’ve made this a fun and interesting experience.

I’ve been there. There are times when daytime is so exciting I find myself posting multiple blogs in one day. Then there are times when I can’t find the energy to post a blog in a week’s time – or two. How unfortunate. If ever a website advocated for the show, and kept fans interest in GH storylines and character, The Scrubs Hub was it. If the website’s owner felt anything like I’ve felt these past several months, it’s not just Robin and Patrick’s unfortunate storyline that’s a problem, it’s GH IN TOTAL.

By the way, I’m not authorized to speak for Amy, the owner of the Scrubs Hub. I’m sympathizing based on my own perception as a blogger and what it’s like to lose motivation for the thing you once loved. Let’s hope the site is back up and running, soon, and that if it is, the following storylines will be GONE!

1. Luke/Ethan. FINE! I’ve complained about them before… it’s not like there’s not MORE to complain about when it comes to these two…. Somewhere between the writing staff and daytime’s execs’ offices, someone decided to show the fans GH’s ‘eff U’ face. It’s not just that Luke has decided that ‘cowboy’ is an abject failure for becoming an upstanding citizen. It’s not just that Luke has romanticized his “good times” living as a bouncer in Ruby’s brothel while his underaged sister was forced to a life of prostitution… Yes, Luke, it was a grand old time. Everyone was just laughing and dancing and … no, wait… Bobbie probably WASN’T having a good time sweating under the heat of some old perv who purchased her like a bag of ‘take out’. Notice that Luke didn’t mention Bobbie in his reminiscing about ‘old times’? These are GH writers, they don’t need no stinking context for the show’s history.

It’s not just that Luke is so immediately enamored with the possibility that Ethan is the heir to the Spencer “damaged souls” legacy. It’s not JUST that Luke treats Laura’s memory as something to be spit on. It’s all of those things TOGETHER that makes me, for the first time ever, not care to see Luke’s face again. The writers are using Luke’s rewriting of his tragic history as a weapon against fans, in my book. You’ve done your job writers. I feel beaten down – but not at all beaten into submission.

How offensive were Luke’s comments that Lucky wasn’t raised to become the man he is now – a police officer raising other people’s kids!?!?!

  • Luke wasn’t around to raise Lucky for much of his young life, exactly HOW would he know what Lucky was raised to be? Is he suggested Laura wanted to raise a thug?
  • The man who didn’t care to spend time with his own children should be grateful for people like Lucky, who give love and comfort to the children people like him leave behind.
  • Have the writers forgotten that Luke has been an anti-HERO, not a hero, and not a villain?
  • Have they forgotten that he was once the town’s mayor and chief law enforcement official? Have they forgotten how many times Luke worked with law enforcement himself?
  • Do the initials W.S.B. still mean anything to GH writers?

Now Tracy is involved in this sordid mess with the paternity results that so few people seem to care about. It’s as if the writers are daring us to continue to try to hang on to the ‘old’ GH as they defiantly shove the ‘new’ GH down our throats. Don’t like it?… (I can imagine them asking)… then get the hell out!.. I don’t have to imagine fans doing JUST THAT… based on the ratings, fans are leaving the writers with the ‘New GH” and moving on to other, more exciting, forms of entertainment… like rearranging coat closets, or watching paint dry, or cleaning dog poo from the yard. Personally? My garden has NEVER looked better! Thanks GH!

2. The writers weren’t satisfied shoving mob storylines and direct mob references in our faces. They’ve decided that they want to slap us with mob references indirectly as well. Yes, yes… Claudia and Fredo, I get it… Fredo, the wanna be mobster who betrays his brother, ” Michael” Corleone in “The Godfather”. Don Michael promises his mother that for as long as she lives, he’ll never harm his brother. What does he do? He waits for his mother to pass away and then has his brother, Fredo, killed. Claudia makes reference to Fredo, but is in essence, SHE is the real Fredo. She lives only as long as her baby lives… so now what?

You know what would make this storyline more exciting (besides nothing?)… is if the writers ripped off ’24’… Claudia could walk around town while a countdown clock plays on the forefront of the screen. Each episode she’s on would be roughly 10 minutes in Claudia’s doomed life. The writers could go old-school-cheesy and actually have a digital countdown clock hanging over her head, Oooh! WHILE she’s wearing a bull’s eye t-shirt, just for kicks! Yeah, I like that – only, not really. Where’s the fun in waiting for a woman to die at the hand of her sociopath husband?

I wish I could say that I cared what happened, but I don’t. Sarah Brown is, and always has been amazing, but even she can’t make me want to see more of Carly-Babes’ Claudia’s terror. What WOULD make me tune in more often?

I want to see Claudia’s name CLEARED.

I want to see Claudia take over Sonny’s business.

I want to see Claudia do what Sonny never had the ability to do… clean up the mob element in town – she does know where all the bodies are buried, so to speak. Let her call in Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, and Sean Donnelly. Let her decide that she’s tired of leading a dark life at the hands of the dark lord.

Let Claudia and Johnny not only go legit, but let them become the new corporate game in town. A reconstituted Quartermaine clan (Edward, Monica, Tracy, Ned, Lois, Brooklyn, and Dylan) vs. Claudia, Johnny, a neutered Sonny, and maybe even Jason. Jax, Carly, Nikolas, and Alexis (I KNOW) form the third CORPORATE, not MOB, family, and wage a huge business war.

3. Remily… To ‘liberally borrow’ from the late great Dr. Seuss:

The time has come.
The time is now.

Just go.
I don’t care how.

You can go by foot.
You can go by cow.
Rebecca-not-Emily will you please go now?

You can go on skates.
You can go on skis.

You can go in a hat.
But please go please.

I feel an indescribable pain connected to watching Remily scenes. It’s a cross between child birth and searing your hand on a hot stove. That’s only on the days when I’m lucky. At other times, I realize that there aren’t words in any human language to describe the pain I feel during Remily scenes.

It has little to do with Natalia Livingston. It has more to do with the added annoyance and frustration when realizing that through Rebecca, the character of Emily has returned as if she has been a central and crucial figure to the success of GH for decades, now. Emily was likable during many of her years onscreen (from Amber Tamblyn’s version on), but she was hardly an iconic character. Even worse, amazing characters, like Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis, languish on backburner (with Hearst, Lansing’s portrayer, dropped to recurring status) while the Emily redux consumes screen time.

Do I care if she’s working with Helena? Um, no. Do I care if she genuinely loves Nik? Er, no. Do I give a flying fig if she could help reconstitute the flailing Quartermaine clan, something I’ve wanted more than anything long before TPTB announced plans to kill off Alan? Not one bit…

She can go by foot.

She can go by cow.

I don’t care how she goes, but she MUST go NOW.

To think, the writers could brought Laura, Scotty, and Lucy Coe back full time. They could have used them to gin up the return of the nurses ball. Instead, we get Rebecca-not-Emily and not one damned storyline worth watching.

4. The neverending womb story… Is it not enough that Sonny (or Jason) has fathered almost every child born in the last 3 – 5 years? Do we have to have them weighing in daily on Carly’s womb? Do we have to have Jax pleading with the lollipop mob boys (who apparently kill over coffee, dock rights and computer chips- no drugs or prostitution <wink wink>)? Why are fans left with a big squick feeling while watching Jax beg Sonny to stop encouraging his wife to abort HIS child – a child that has nothing to do with Sonny!?!? Jax was already second to Jason in learning that his wife was pregnant. Now he has to fight the dark lord for the life of his child, and for his wife to be permitted to make her own choices regarding her life and her health?

Nothing causes me to lose hope for the future of GH more than having the jackasses of all trades, Sonny and Jason, now serve as Carly’s OB/GYN team and Mental Health Counselor. Let Carly BREAK FREE from these people. I want to love CarJax, and sometimes I do, but the idea that loving them means that I’m stuck with Sonny and Jason just burns my grits. I can’t believe in Carly and Jax as a couple, until Carly let’s go of Sonny and Jason.

To end of a positive note, there are several things I like about the show. I’m cautiously optimistic about LL2 reuniting without Lucky being dumbed down or treated as second rate just to prop Jason up as a hero.

I’m optimistic given spoilers that suggest that the PPD is at an end and that the Scrubs will get back to life as usual.

I’m optimistic that the writers MIGHT allow Spinelli and Maximista work things through and become a real couple…

I probably shouldn’t have put that in print, huh? The vindictive soapgods love smashing dreams, but eh, I’ll hang on to the hope I have, anyway!

The BnB’s Death Squad!

This is just one more thing that makes soaps look silly from the outside. Soap writers continue to conflate ‘drama’ with ‘pathology’. The more pathological a character, the more we’re supposed to love them. In some cases, it works. Most of the time? It doesn’t. At some point, watching soaps is akin to watching a 48 hour slasher marathon. You can’t keep your food down, the gore sickens you, and watching one more ax-wielding-chainsaw-shaking psychopath just deadens you inside.


What’s happened in daytime? Isn’t the murder or even the attempted murder of another person STILL the worst thing you could do to someone else? Stephanie, Ridge, Thomas, and Taylor have ALL taken lives – or tried to. In two cases it was accidental, but BOTH parties covered up the crime and made the cover up worse than the accidental death. Thomas was so sick that he didn’t care that his actions could have killed Rick or an innocent bystander. Now the death squad has decided that Thomas should come back to Forrester, and work at the SAME company as his intended victim? Thomas’ presence at FC would be as awful as Steph or Eric hiring Andy to work there (had he lived) after he raped Brooke!!!!!

Are they really too stupid to see the difference in Rick’s actions and Thomas’? WHY would anyone sane equate Rick sleeping with Steffy – a willing even if addle-brained partner, to Thomas taking actions that nearly cost Rick his life? It’s just WRONG. Should Rick have to wait for Thomas to finish flipping out and finally become successful? Is living every day in fear supposed to ‘teach Rick a lesson’ about sleeping with women who were IN LOVE with him and WANTED to be with him? Am I supposed to applaud this?

At what point does someone say that enough is enough? The plan to reinstate Thomas at FC makes the death squad look small, mean, and soapdamned pathetic. They’re giving some credence to Brooke’s stance in protecting her son against the hateful actions of those ‘out to destroy him’ – though I still think that her strict adherence to his innocence makes her look like a bit of a dolt.

Rick doesn’t have to be INNOCENT, but in this case, he appears to be right about the small minds and the small hearts of the death squad.

Thomas at FC is NOT ok and this comes from someone who can’t stand Rick. Rick doesn’t win my sympathy. The show wins my apathy when supposedly moral characters continue to behave like mindless idiots. I’m sick of characters excusing their wrong actions and those of people they love while pointing fingers at those who’ve done far less – even my beloved Ridge is wrong this time.

I want drama, not crazy. This show has filled up on its crazy quotient and adding more psychotic behaviors to the show is just overkill – if you’ll pardon the expression.