BnB: Stephanie, Brooke, Sexual Assault

Given the half hour format and the relatively small cast, I can understand why the show’s characters have to do a quick ‘forgive and forget’ and move on to the next storyline. Otherwise, no one would be speaking to anyone else in Bell’s fictionalized Los Angeles. While I was looking for clips from a different show, I stumbled across this one:

I still maintain that Stephanie was NEVER responsible for Andy raping Brooke. Rape is ALWAYS the responsibility of the rapist. Stephanie was, however, responsible for helping Andy gain access to Brooke. It’s that Stephanie has forgiven herself that makes me queasy about the character. It’s that Stephanie views guilt is a useless wasted emotion (her words) that makes me want to see her pay for her past sins , and not by losing Eric — that just feels like a gift from the soapgods that she’s too stupid to recognize! I can’t help but wonder why everyone around her has sanitized her history and her actions so quickly. How have they allowed themselves to forget? How have they allowed themselves to praise her ‘goodness’, her ‘kindness’, her ‘moral decency’?

In the clip, she comments that she realizes that she’s been WRONG about Brooke, that Brooke was never a ‘whore’ and that she didn’t deserve to be raped, no woman does. Reaching out to Brooke was the one decent thing she’d done in YEARS, but did she mean it? Were those words indicative of Stephanie’s all too brief flirtation with the idea of becoming a human being, OR, did she only say it to win favor with Brooke in the hopes of saving herself and her ties to Eric and Ridge? Both vowed to never forgive her for her actions. Eric… Ridge… Nick… The Logans… how soon they all forget! While Rick was busy plotting how to pay Ridge back for the on-again-off-again relationship he had with Brooke many years ago, he should have been plotting on how to destroy Stephanie, instead. Clearly her remorse was short-lived.

How could THAT woman, the woman who heard a survivor’s story, watched her tears and her trembling body, AGAIN become the woman she is today? How could Stephanie NOT feel ill every time she attacks Brooke (verbally or physically)? How could she not hate herself for continuing to attempt to destroy the only happiness Brooke was able to salvage after surviving such a brutal attack, fighting a predator for her life (a predator other than Stephanie, that is)?

Why has this storyline been dropped when there are so many RICH avenues to explore? Surely Andy has a living relative who is angry at the Forresters, most especially Brooke and Ridge? Wouldn’t a brother or sister of his have wormed his way into Forrester, becoming a valued employee, while hiding their true identity? What if it was BOTH a brother and sister? Wouldn’t they want revenge on Brooke AND Ridge? Why haven’t we seen a ‘Hand that Rocks the Cradle’ storyline? How would Stephanie feel knowing that her hateful attitudes toward Brooke (telling a man she didn’t know how to gain access to Brooke’s home) could cost her the life of her truly beloved son? Stephanie knows that Brooke has never indiscriminately slept with men she didn’t know. Why would it be ok to send a complete stranger to her, expecting her to fall into bed with him?

There’s nothing left of the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle (not that it is or will become a ‘real’ triangle anyway – not without killing the ratings even more). There’s nothing left of Stephanie’s psychotic and constant haranguing of a woman whose rape she facilitated. What’s left of the Stephanie-Brooke dynamic, that has yet to be explored, is in the deconstruction of Stephanie’s feud with Brooke. The feud is one-sided as Brooke has resisted becoming involved in the hatemongering that feeds and nourishes Stephanie’s sick and twisted soul. What’s left of the Stephanie-Brooke dynamic is for Stephanie to slowly start paying for her past sins, and finally realizing that guilt is NOT a wasted emotion. It’s what keeps us human.

Maybe my desire to see a STAYLOR )Stephanie – Taylor) storyline stems from hoping the writers would being rehabilitating Stephanie’s character by having her live with, and love, someone who has the potential to finally change her world and open her eyes to how needlessly cruel and angry she’s been. Unfortunately, Taylor Hayes was trained by James Warrick, and as a daytime psychiatrist, he’s been as lousy a psychiatrist as they come! Rather than Taylor transforming Stephanie into a better person, she’s proven herself to be sadly emotionally and psychologically weak. Taylor not only indulges Stephanie’s hatred for others, she encourages it.

More is the pity.

To find resources and information about sexual assault, click the RAINN icon below:


2 thoughts on “BnB: Stephanie, Brooke, Sexual Assault

  1. Hi Norrth! I am so glad to have received the email from twitter, I would naturally have been on your blog, as always, but perhaps not so quickly, being that I have that Forum to run and such….

    I have been pondering for many days how to reply to your Staylor blogs which though extremely well grounded, urge me in no way, shape or manner to agree. However; I enjoyed reading them so much that I started a discussion about the very possibility of a Staylor relationship— which I feel is a major cop out on the side of the writers, being that they can not concipiate male characters who compliment Taylor and Stephanie. That would send out a message that these women are incapable of becoming the love of a good man and therefore need to turn to each other. I for one, in many, don’t buy this concept. Stephanie and Taylor are worthy of being loved by a man, but a stable one. I could see a triangle between them fighting for the only decent man to hit their particular world in LA before I see them becoming intimate in defeat… but that is another response for another blog.


    The whole rape storyline was just a tease, as Brad is known for. The possibilities of exploring the torment and the therapy during Brooke’s aftermath was thrown to the wind and instead of going through the process, she bedded Ridge at the next possible moment. She was more concerned with getting him from Ashley than she was in facing her ghosts and working on herself. Which was the ultimate slap in the face for women who tortured themselves through the rape-scenes only to be told that the best way to ignore the trauma; would be to jump into the next warm bed.

    Stephanie is innocent of the charges you press against her, now more than as this thing unfolded. She gave the man confirmation on his feelings about Brooke Logan, she told him to go for it and yes, she told him that Brooke keeps her house-key under the mat like any other normal American. This is what the world is using as an excuse to bind her to the rape? Ludicrous!

    It is a figure of speech… I will again bring my thesis fore and again slap this irrational thinking down through means of example.

    Harry M has a problem with Kevin C. They share an acquaintance with Martin G, a person they both speak to in a bar by occasion but have nothing further to do with.

    Harry M and Kevin C have each other in the hair and Harry M happens to meet Martin G in the bar. He discusses Kevin C. with him and in a manner of speaking, Martin G says: Well, Kevin washes his car on Sundays in his driveway, just like any other normal American.

    Harry M takes this as a clue and drives by on Sunday, where Kevin C just happens to be really washing his car in the driveway and Harry shoots him.

    Now… where in the world does that make Martin G guilty of causing the shooting on Kevin?

    It doesn’t, just as it doesn’t make Stephanie guilty of causing the Rape on Brooke. It just happened to be true that Brooke keeps her key under the doormat, Stephanie was probably as shocked as we were when it came out. It just happened to be someone with an agenda who took this figure of speech literally and lucked out.

    Stephanie has been Brooke’s victim for years, because she wouldn’t just roll over and let this infection destroy her family. She fought for the ones she loved, even though I feel she took the crap way too long. Brooke got together with Erwimp only to satisfy her need for revenge against Stephanie… her famous last words after Ridge and Caroline said their I-DO’s. She then bedded Ridge while with Erwimp and didn’t know who Bridget’s father was. Still stringing Erwimp along… for which I don’t charge her.

    She then went after Thorne and back to Ridge and eventually Erwimp and the tons of men in between, with only one intent: to get that what was Stephanie’s based on her famous last words so many years ago.

    Now, if she had gone through therapy and left Ridge alone, I would perhaps sympathize with her, but she is and always will be the sl!t that she was then, when Ridge turned her seduction down the other day, she was devastated, went running to her other sl!tty sisters and let them know that she was in a new situation that she didn’t know how to deal with.

    This person is grounded in the belief that selling your body is the way to insure love and feeling so much compassion for all those who were raped, I am angry at Brad for not using a more believable character and then seeing the story through.

    But… everything is Stephanie’s fault isn’t it? She should be brought out to town’s square, blindfolded and shot, for protecting her family from the Logan virus and attempting to keep the Forrester name upright and meaningful.

    Thanks for ALL your blogs, Norrth… love ya!

  2. Always picking on the little ones! LOL

    Stephanie Stands Alone!

    For many many years, Stephanie has given her self in the hands of a dream. The love of a good man. I can not explain her reasons other than a phase of insanity, however; she threw herself into this perfect life. Being the child of an abusive father, Stephanie was searching for a gentler man, she wanted to break free. In Forrester, she saw a way to utilise her talent and motherly instincts, giving her chance to develope her choices in life. She fought like hell to hold on to this and at long suffering, Brad broke her free and she is more brilliant and vibrantly feminine than ever!

    Why should she commit herself to anyone. If I had my way, she would build a new empire, leave it to the kids and then blow Erwimp away for stalking her and shooting her lover.

    Naturally, a bit of jail life may have scared her years ago, but not this time. This time Stephanie has taken the big step in ridding herself of this swine and is ready to do the time for it. It was just that good!

    Yes, and after the judge asks her if she has any regrets before sentencing her to 15 years;

    Stephanie: Yes, your honor, actually I do. I should have done this years ago!

    Stephanie can carry it alone and when she does fall in love, I hope it is done with full decency, no matter with whom she ventures out with. More important right now is that she becomes a conglomerate and starts taking Erwimp and his Leeches down.

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