BnB: Taylor and Stephanie, happy at last?

Does anyone else think it’s unusual that Stephanie and Taylor have decided to move in together? It’s not like the BnB big wigs are shy about creating new sets. Take a look at Jackie’s new digs (bland on color, HOT on style – lovin’ Jackie’s new place. The set builders even gave her a fantastic city view!). Why have Stephanie move in with her former daughter-in-law at this stage of her life? Why not allow Jackie to live at Marone Manor with her least favorite future daughter-in-law, Katie Logan? Stephanie and Pam could have had the brand new downtown digs!

Is it possible that the writers are headed in the direction of creating a long overdue love story between this former mother-in-law/daughter-in-law? It would make sense AND as a Guiding Light viewer, it’s the first thing I thought about when Taylor invited her former benefactor to share a home with her.

The Otalia relationship works well on GL and is often part of the highest rated days of the week, so there’s no reason it wouldn’t work on the BnB . A love affair between two women whose friendship as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law never made sense. Theirs was a friendship seemingly based on nothing at all. NO mother chooses the woman who constantly lies to, cheats on, or causes her sons pain (the lie about sex with James at Big Bear, Taylor’s bigamy with Prince Omar, the Thomas lie, Darla’s death, Phoebe’s catatonia, Phoebe’s death, and now Thomas’ insanity).

Any of Taylor’s actions, on their own, wouldn’t seem like a big deal and something a mother in law would forgive, but all of them, combined? Nuh uh!

There had to be a reason Stephanie kept Taylor close even when Ridge moved on happily. There had to be a reason why Stephanie got close to Jack Hamilton, Taylor’s father, but couldn’t make herself love him in the end!

How would Stephanie handle knowing that the woman she’s unexpectedly falling for once made a play for her ex- husbnad!!?!?!? Would she hate Taylor OR would she hate Eric!?!??!

Eric always counted on Stephanie never being able to love another man more than she loved him, it was his ticket back to her – to have a place to stay until he found his next younger wife to replace her. How would he feel knowing she had true feelings for another woman and that he couldn’t come home this time?

Ridge is use to his father chasing after women he loves and has broken off relationships with, how would he handle his mother falling in love with the mother of his children? The granddad/stepdad angle is now grandmom/stepmom.

How would Steffy and Thomas handle it?

How about Thorne, who was also engaged to Taylor and slept with her? His mother falling for his ex?

Would Ally still love ‘Grandma Stephanie’ after grandma fell for the woman who accidentally killed her mother and then lied and tried to replace her mother by becoming her stepmother?

Pam? Would she feel displaced in her sister’s life again? Would she hate Taylor for crashing her dreams of reuniting Stephanie and Eric?

Felicia and Kristen? Their mother always treated Taylor ‘like a daughter’, only that wasn’t true, was it? If Stephanie truly loved Taylor, only as a daughter, she would have excoriated Taylor the way she has Felicia and Kristen in the past. She would have wondered if Taylor was frigid and if that’s why Ridge couldn’t stay away from Brooke (Stephanie never could accept the fact that Ridge always loved Brooke). She would have hired a man to seduce Taylor the way she hired Clarke to seduce Kristen. She would have called Taylor a tramp, the way she called Felicia a tramp and even smacked her the way she smacked Felicia during a heated discussion, as Felicia was battling late stage cancer. (Oh, wait, she did smack Taylor once before, but ok, the tramp part still holds!)

There are a number of promises the writers have made about offering unique storylines – something never seen before in daytime. Have AT IT, BnB writers. Why not have brothers deal with their mother falling in love with their shared ex-lover? How would the bed-hopping Forrester clan deal with Stephanie and Taylor’s newfound love? Which of the multiple mixed paternity Forresters would dare criticize them?

What was unique about the GL Otalia story is that neither woman EXPECTED it, or thought about it, but found themselves being drawn together until they eventually moved in together. Taylor and Stephanie could clearly do the same. No sane and healthy friends bond on the obsession of hating other women – and right now, that’s all Stephanie and Taylor have ever had between them.

Both of them spend their days and nights blaming their unsucessful love lives on the Logan women – as if they weren’t responsible. Let Steph and Taylor bond on their growing love for one another – give their friendship some sort of true meaning.


One thought on “BnB: Taylor and Stephanie, happy at last?

  1. I don’t know…

    … as I wrote on SON, I kind of have treasured the relative “purity” of the Taylor/Stephanie relationship.

    It seemed to me that Taylor really was a daughter to Stephanie. Steph was a little pushy (shoving Taylor at Ridge in part as a defense against Brooke), but for the most part I loved the mutual love and respect.

    Taylor’s gone “round the bend” since returning from the dead. I realize this was meant to give Hunter Tylo some acting challenges, but it has broken my heart to see Taylor go from someone I loved and respected as a sole character with integrity to the mess she is now.

    I want B&B to reposition Taylor as the sensible one. Maybe she doesn’t drive story, but she’s a needed (not boring) centering presence.

    Thus, another layer of Bell-style incest is in no way welcomed by me. Uh uh.

    That said, I would have NO problem with a “post-Eric” Stephanie realizing she has always denied her inner lesbian identity, and this is why she never felt real passion with Eric. That would be fine with me…a late life voyage of self-discovery. Flannery would ROCK that.

    Not with Taylor, though. That needs to be with a newly cast actress and character. What a great ride that would be.

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