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Soap Opera Network: “Most Ruined Characters”

Which characters do you think have been ruined, and why! My response:

Adding my voice to the entire cast of ‘GH’ as most ruined. The writers are so ‘hopped up’ (LOL) on the mob stuff that now GHers are working together to take down the ‘evil’ FBI. What happened to Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, Sean Donnelly, Frisco Jones, Luke and Laura? The WSB has apparently knuckled under to the great mob gods – who do a much better job of keeping the world safe, when they’re not killing people off.

Adding on: I find it interesting that the writers haven’t realized that the glory days of GH were linked to when the good guys (and even anti-heroes like Luke Spencer) did GREAT things. Now the bad guys do a lot of evil bullshit, combined with some occasionally decent thing, and they’re credited as heroes.

GH women throw their underwear at the mob boys like they’re at a Tom Jones concert. There’s only so much GH fans can take, and the writers have pushed them beyond that point. A show that was usually third from the top of the ratings list (bested only by the YnR and GH) is now third from the bottom (besting only ATWT and GL).