And so it begins: Otalia/Nuke

Sit down. I have to tell you something and it may be shocking to some of you… most especially those of you who are new to daytime. You’re probably not aware of this, ATWT’s Luke Snyder is gay. GAY, I tell you! NO SERIOUSLY! I’m not making this stuff up! Don’t feel foolish if you don’t already know. It’s been hard to figure out because the writers so rarely allow anyone on screen to mention it. It’s one of the show’s best kept secrets. I mean, they only bring the issue up… pretty much EVERY FREAKIN TIME the guy is on screen. Apparently, the fact that he’s in love with another man and that they’ve had a long term relationship is NOT enough of a clue. I’m starting to think that the writers believe we’re a maze-dull lot, not capable of thinking our way out of a paper bag. That could be true, or they could be projecting. Ouch?

I’ve been longing for a storyline that involves my guy, Luke; a storyline that’s just about him – as a young man moving into the adult world, like Casey, and Allison, and pretty much anyone else before him. As things are shaping up it doesn’t seem to be the case that it’s ever going to happen. Each new storyline is a little bit like the last, with a slight twist.

I want MORE.

I want a storyline in which characters don’t even whisper Luke’s sexuality, or give knowing glances. Let me be clear, I make no pretenses of being an advocate of any sort for gays and lesbians. As a straight woman woman of color, I can only tell you what I prefer in storylines, not whether or not these are the storylines the LGBT community want to have told about Luke and Noah (or even GL’s Liv and Natalia – but more on that, later). I can only tell you that I would be loathe to tune into a daytime program that was still airing storylines about civil rights or if the character of color was still battling rampant racism and trying to adjust to life among those in ‘White America’ as the theme in each and every storyline.. We’re beyond that.

Are we beyond that point in relationship to stories about sexual orientation? Maybe the recent focus on gay and lesbian characters in daytime requires paying more attention to issues of coming out and discrimination of all sorts. I don’t know, but in light of shows like “L word”, “Queer as Folk”, and even “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, it would appear that stories that are multifaceted are equally likely to receive positive fan feedback than three or four years of ‘coming out’ storylines with the exact same characters.

Instead of feeding stereotypes, build a cultural context around them that makes stereotyping irrelevant and anachronistic. Leave stereotyping as a thing of the past, as it should be, and focus on those characters who have moved beyond them.

As a person of color, I understand the need for highlighting activism and focusing on the eternal struggle for human rights, but if that’s the route the writers want to take, then have Luke and Noah take on the marriage issue. It pisses me off, ROYALLY, that ATWT writers have no trouble with storylines about lust and sex and now a half-wit marriage for Liberty and Parker, but can’t figure out what to do with Noah and Luke… color me stunned.

What I see in Luke’s storyline (there’s so little focus on Noah on ATWT – I sometimes forget the poor dear is there) is some of what I see in GL’s Otalia, but to a lesser degree. I’m beginning to get the feeling that the writers on GL are starting to stall the storyline. For several reasons.

1. The most generous explanation is that Jessica Leccia (“Natalia”) is pregnant in real life. She and husband, Brian Malloy, are expecting their first child. The writers may want to wait until after the actress returns from maternity leave to delve more heavily into the Otalia romance.

I can envision a scenario in which, just before Leccia gives birth in real life, Natalia realizes that she has to tell Liv how she feels and then goes away for a while to ‘clear her head’ and come back ready for a relationship. (Or she goes away to clear her head, first, and comes back ready to take her relationship with Liv to the next level).

Given how many times writers have worked around real life pregnancies in other storylines, Leccia’s pregnancy shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe it’s not, I dunno.

2. I began to feel a bit queasy about the issue of Doris Wolfe. What the hell was the point in that? Doris has a ‘coming out’ of her own to deal with – out of the blue? Is there NO creativity in daytime? I can count on one hand how many characters have been openly gay from the start. Everyone else, regardless of age, or life experience, has been closeted. Fuel to the fire? Does every show have to create a closeted ‘anti-gay’ jerk and/or villan character? (Brian, ATWT; Daniel Coulson, self-hating closeted gay male on OLTL… <sigh>)

Now that Doris is one step closer to coming out, will there be a Doris/Liv/Natalia triangle? Will the deliciously ruthless side of Doris appeal to the deliciously ruthless side of Olivia Spencer? Will Doris plot and plan and ruin the Otalia relationship to give herself time to swoop in and claim Liv for herself while Nat ‘hems’ and ‘haws’ about whether or not she should be in love with another woman?

Geez, the more I think about it, the more I like it. Remember the ability Roger Thorpe had to corrupt good women and make them his wicked partner in crime? How about Alan Spaulding and Blake Mahler? Could we have Doris Wolfe and Olivia Spencer rocking Springfield while Natalia is the ‘angel sitting on Liv’s shoulder’, trying to woo her back from the dark side? OH, now THAT could be interesting.


3. Is Doris’ coming out more significant than that? Is it a sign that, despite published reports elsewhere, the writers are reconsidering Otalia? As Josh and Liv flirted, throwing out sexual innuendo so hot my television screen fogged (uh, don’t know how that happened), I had to wonder why that scene was necessary, no matter how terribly sexually exciting! Haven’t we already seen Liv trying to prove her bonafides by hitting on a group of hot young studs, at the SAME BAR? That was only a few weeks back, maybe a month or so. What’s THIS about?

Then the follow up with Doris, in which Liv suddenly starts questioning whether or not she could love a woman, because she STILL loves the power she has over men and the attraction to them. More running away? At this stage of the game?

Maybe it’s nothing, and maybe it’s everything. If the writers think that throwing Otalia to the wolves (get it?) will go unnoticed, they’re wrong. If they think Doris’ offscreen adventures will matter enough for fans and that the ‘closeted adventures of Doris Wolfe’ will replace the Otalia connection, they’re wrong. If they think throwing a Doris/Olivia/Natalia storyline together will get the attention of fans, they’re… ok, they’re not wrong about that as far as I’m concerned. I’d watch, and cheer Nat on all the way!

Again, if those two plot points mean nothing, no biggie. My only point is that I won’t accept a cheap imitation. Ok, and I have a second point: I’m watching you, GL writers, with both eyes!

5 thoughts on “And so it begins: Otalia/Nuke

  1. Hi there. Great post. I havent’ watched soaps in a million years until I discovered the hoopla about Otalia and now I’m hooked damnit. The chemistry between the two actresses is magnetic and I think the storyline is wonderful (if starting to get sluggish). What I like about it is actually one of the things you seem to not care for.

    I was glued to the screen watching Olivia’s conversation with Doris and her questioning whether her feelings for Natalia were real. This may seem soapish but actually this is almost exactly what I’ve been going through. I just turned 40 and well my life has suddenly taken an unexpected turn ala Olivia. Those same thoughts have crossed my mind almost verbatim (except for the having power over men heh). Anyway, just wanted to say that Olivia’s doubts are very believable and relevant. At least to me.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment. I think the Doris plot point is realistic, I just think it would have seemed less like an ‘escape clause’ to me if it had happened earlier. It also worried me because the writers paired it with the utterly bizarre flirtation with Josh.

    Sadly, I distrust the GL writers, though I distrust daytime writers in general. Daytime writers have turned me into a paranoid viewer! I’ll admit it! I think the writers have done a lot of things right with Otalia. I’m just always waiting for the other shoe to drop with this show.

    I’ve loved Josh and Reva from the beginning, you can see where that got me? Phillip and Beth? The soapgods mock me! Harley and Gus? Not just split up, Gus is dead and Harley is gone. Otalia won’t be just another couple. They have the potential to be a signature couple just as the others mentioned above have been… if only. I just don’t want the writers to sabotage Otalia before they’re even together.

    The deeply suspicious side of me says that the writers want to ‘replace’ not-yet-out Otalia with Doris. If any other fan believes that, I hope they’re writing in NOW to say that it’s just not an acceptable option – warning TPTB to not even think about it.

  3. I totally agree with you. I gave up on soaps a hundred years ago. I was temporarily brought back to see how Kendall and Erica got along on AMC but then pfft. But this is the first story line that has really caught my interest and hooked me because it’s a lot more realistic I think then other shows…but like you.. I’m waiting for that shoe. (the engagement was the first strike).

    I’m not familiar enough with Doris or the show yet to know who’s who, but I’m already getting my email prepared in case they do as you suggest.

    The sad thing is that even if they continue with Otalia, I don’t ever see the writers doing a true romantic scene. The viewers still living in the 17th century would pitch a massive hissy fit. (I read one post where someone called the whole storyline “immoral” apparently this Einstein hasn’t caught on that 90% of soap activities are ‘immoral’. heh.

    I think the writers are hampered by narrow minded viewers who are home during the day to watch it and effect ratings. I have to DVR the show.

    But I definitely see your point and share your concerns.

  4. Yeah I’m really hoping the current slowdown in Otalia is just for the pregnancy of Jessica!

    They have heard the reactions of practically everyone in town yet a kiss on the cheek is an event?? really GL?

    I can’t see what they have got to lose.. the majority of people seem to adore them except for the normal small amounts of people who think a consensual loving relationship is far worse than any murder/rape/sleeping with the father of your boyfriend storyline might be!

    I have heard rumour that they may be writing in Natalia pregnancy, and much as i love this show/story if that happens i am out.

    We have put up with ridiculous disguises for the belly for months so now to make her pregnant would be annoying, plus would mean Frank is still continually barging in and ruining any progression… I mean GET A LIFE ALREADY! The guy needs some Blank love or something.

    1. I am getting a bit of a giggle of the covers for JL’s growing belly. So funny. Had the writers progressed this storyline as quickly as almost every other romance on the show, they could have written the pregnancy in. Otalia could have decided to have a child, together. OR, they could have gone the ‘Friends’ route. Nat pregnant with Frank’s child, but living with Liv as her partner.

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