Ah! Fan wisdom…

Marceline, at the Soap Opera Network messageboards writes:

… Every week I look in the ratings thread and see posts from people who want all soaps to go up regardless of quality for the “good of the genre” and I cringe. How is embracing mediocrity in the best interest of the genre? How is it for the greater good for the audience to say “It’s okay. I have no standards just don’t leave me!” That’s not loyalty, it’s Battered Viewers Syndrome.

I know there are plenty of people enjoying their respective shows right now. Goodness knows every week there’s another show “on fire right now!!” But I think even satisfied viewers can agree that all the recycling, whether actors, writers or producers, is detrimental overall. It’s like making a Xerox copy of a copy of a copy, eventually it becomes so degraded you can’t tell what it was to begin with.

I hold out a tiny glimmer of hope that maybe the stars will line up and a new soap can somehow be born, whether it’s network, cable or the internet. There’s a lot of lapsed viewers like myself out there: people who want to find a show to love, but we aren’t coming back to the same thing we left.

Thank you Marceline!

Daytime Execs have taken for granted that fans will continue to support the genre no matter what they throw our way. Falling ratings haven’t convinced them. Posts to the contrary on messageboards don’t convince them that we don’t want daytime in its current form. Angry letters to the networks haven’t convinced them. They continue to spend money on new characters we don’t care about, pop culture icons who show up and perform – collecting a paycheck but are unable to draw in new viewers, and throwing storylines at us that worked 20 years ago, but leave us fatigued today.

Fewer and fewer fans are willing to accept mediocrity as ‘entertainment’. Sooner or later, the execs will have to listen, or hope they’ll be able to find jobs elsewhere, once they’re done killing daytime.

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