General Hospital – Sudden Death

Carly and Jax – Sudden Death

I’m not at all a sports fan, but I do understand the sports concept of ‘sudden death’ – I think! As I understand it, ‘sudden death’ refers to the end of a game when teams are tied in score. It’s a sort of ‘overtime’ that ends when the first team posts a score – breaking the tie. Game over! I had that feeling the other day watching Carly and Jax gush over their endless love. They were sure that they’d gotten it right, this time, that nothing would come between them. I cringed. It’s almost always the first sign that trouble is on the horizon. I hope that’s not the case. I like them together. I think they’re one of the best things to happen to GH in a long time and GH desperately needs them if TPTB are going to screw around with SCRUBS love. There’ll be no romance left if SCRUBS loses out and GH_CarJax goes (not to be confused with ATWT_CarJax and the plummeting ratings that happened when they were once again trashed).

Carly has FINALLY found love with someone who doesn’t expect her to be a ‘good girl’ and hide in the shadows while he does business. Carly doesn’t have to leave the room when Jax is on the phone for fear of being legally incriminated. Jax’s business associates have probably never done time – unless it is some wacky white collar crime that lands them in some posh ‘Club Fed’ for a year or two. Jax respects her, and she tries her damnedest to respect him, too. It’s been a long time since Carly has had a relationship with a man who considers her his equal. All the happy-happy-joy-joy she spreads, now, is so much better than the angry posturing she did while with Sonny. She seems happier. She looks happier. She can no longer be compared to an angry pitbull, biting before thinking. HELL, I’M happier just watching the love Carly and Jax share.

SO! If there’s going to be a ‘sudden death’ for Jax and Carly, let it be this: let the writers realize that Jax and Carly are pretty much tied with Carly and Sonny in terms of the lifetime of crazy drama each couple has suffered. Let the writers realize that J&C have probably hit restart on their relationship as often as C&S have. At this point, Carly and Jax have broken the tie… they’ve managed to stay together and work harder on their relationship than Carly and Sonny have ever dreamed of doing. Sudden death in favor of GH_ CARJAX! It’s time to set aside the epic that was Carly and Sonny and focus on the JC relationship. Sonny and Carly are the past, as they should be.

Liz and… Patrick? Sudden Death

With future spoilers suggesting Liz’s ever growing presence in the lives of Robin and Patrick, I’d be willing to venture a guess that putting Liz and Patrick together would be a different sort o f ‘sudden death’ for Elizabeth Webber. She’ll have tied any record of insane moves for a GH character and BROKEN it. I think it would be the end of her character, as we know it, and that fans will finally have run out patience with the character.

Her relationship with Zander (Cam’s father) left me with blurred vision. How the hell did THAT happen? Lucky, no Jason, no Lucky, no Zander, no Lucky, no Jason… possibly Patrick!?!?! If Liz’ presence in SCRUBS’ life is to provide support to Robin, and to continue to be there as a FRIEND to both of them, I’m all for it. Otherwise? thanks but no. It’s time to have not-Emily-but-Rebecca and Elizabeth Webber climb the Cassadine tower-of-death that so many GH characters seem to keep leaping from, never to be seen or heard of again!

Ethan, Sudden Death

I’d actually have to not have a pulse to care less about Ethan. I’m still trying to figure out what purpose he serves? My preference would be for him to be a relative of Holly’s, a nephew perhaps, to scam Luke and make off with the last of Luke’s cash. I’d hoped in the past that Ethan was around to help Luke realize what a colossal ass he’s been and to turn his life around. He’s spent almost no time caring for or helping to raise his children. He’s left them to their own devices (not exactly a tribute to his love for Laura), so I would be completely without sympathy for the man if Ethan is pulling one of the greatest cons in GH history: conning the con! Ethan hitting Lucky? Not cool, not cool at all.

After that, Ethan can go wherever in the world he wants, as long as he goes. He can climb the Cassadine tower WITH not-Emily-but-Rebecca and Elizabeth Spencer. GH’s canvas is already littered with great characters who never see the light of day. Give me a three-fer, Christmas in March – if you will.

In this case, sudden death isn’t a sports reference, it’s a suggestion. Get rid of these three. They serve no purpose other than to stick a thumb in the eye of GH fans who deserve better. The most interesting thing I could say about the loss of Elizabeth, is that there could be a great custody battle for young Cam and Jake, if anything happened to her. Count me in as part of “Team Lucky”!

4 thoughts on “General Hospital – Sudden Death

  1. Honestly I think the whole Liz/Patrick thing is simply a contract move, since both Kimberly and Jason are in renegotiations right now, to satisify a “Well if Player A bolts…we’ll do this with Player B”. Also this is the Leyla effect….which is…a certain segment of the Scrubs fan base looses their minds everytime a female walks by Patrick…they complain all the way up to Frons about it..and Guza realizes he’s got buzz going.

    Amen to the Ethan thing. He’s as useless as a mobster that doesn’t deal in drugs or only shoots bad people who deserve it. I think we were supposed to find Ethan charming and swoonworthy…and were supposed to find Lucky the big disappointment Luke apparently does, even though Luke knows the exact reason adn the exact second Lucky made the decision not to live Luke’s life. You know..the day Luke told him how he raped Laura. Normally I hate the violence on this show…but in that one instance…I wanted Lucky to pound the ever living snot out of him.

    The main issue with the Liz character is Guza has no interest in writing for characters with true layers. She’s connected to the history of the show. She has a job ( a rare thing for women on this show) that she shows up for. She’s a mother that can’t afford a nanny. (Rare again) He can’t just slam the door shut on her relationship with Lucky and pretend it never happened as he does with other relationships that end. I’ve heard several comments from other actors that are rumored to have pull with Guza to say Liz is the most “boring” character on the canvas. Also you can’t convince me that the character of Liz is going to be the one punished for the failure of the JAson/Liz “romance”. See the fact she had to accept all the blame there. The stuff with Patrick that would serve to make it difficult to defend her actions. Plus Becky’s contract is up this year as well.. and historically they always either cut her airtime or give her insanity inducing stories when her contract time comes around. (Last one? The Quad mess. One before that…backburner so far she about fell off the stove. One before that? backburner. Goes back to her first contract re-up talks when they backburnered Liz’s grief over Lucky in order to show us the fabulous romance of Emily/Juan.)

    You know Guza bragged so hard about having this “great” return story for Natalia when she left that we should have known that Remily here would be useless. He is the one that told everyone who listened that Nik/Tumor Emily was the most romantic story ever told while Ijust went “huh????”


  3. Beth, I loved Liz, even when she was an out of control/trouble-making teen! RH was such a dynamic actor, especially for someone so young. She always hit all the right notes. It stunned me that RH could take a pretty classic soap role and give it so much depth. I can remember wondering why the writers even bothered with showcasing “Sarah Webber” when they had Elizabeth. Liz, along with Lucky, actually made me care about a teen storyline – the first one I’d cared about since GL’s ‘Four Musketeers’.

    I knew the news was bad as soon as they started her down the ‘mobster moll’ route. You’re right. She’s been stripped of all of her layers and the writers want someone who shows up, smiles, and tells the mob boys how lovely, and strong, and handsome they are.

    RH’s acting abilities haven’t changed. The writing has. There’s no real room for characters who aren’t connected to the mob. The mob storyline is like a parasite, being spread from host to host, and slowly taking over everything it comes into contact with… sadly, that includes characters like Liz.

    Anyone who’s seen the kid on screen knows that she needs HER OWN storyline. She doesn’t need to be involved with Scrubs. She doesn’t need to be involved with the mob boys. It’s a colossal waste of talent. If the writers are relying on the opinions of actors who are motivated by their own self-interests, they’ve earned the low ratings they’re getting.

    As for Remily? The character BLOWS and reminds me of what I disliked about Emily, and Emily and Nik the last time around. I don’t think the writers have ever written to NL’s strengths. They’re still not. First Nik with the evil look-a-like, now Emily. The lack of creativity is astonishing. GH was such a great show and has such an illustrious history, why not? Why throw it all away NOW?

    Tina, I haven’t heard the Audrey/Jason rumor, should it become a spoiler and actually happen, I think they may as well turn out the lights and shut the studio down. What’s left for GH to do to ruin the show? The GH fanbase has been amazingly strong, and devoted to the show. What has it received in return? CRAP!

    The only thing I’d heard about the Liason/LuSam stuff was the Jason and Sam weren’t going to be involved with the happy LL2 family. Now it seems that everything is up in the air. Who knows if we’ll actually see LuSam or for how long? I’d heard that LuSam would be the new Luke and Laura, in some ways – involved in adventure related storylines.

    Lucky is caught up with Remily, Liz is caught up with Scrubs, and GH is going to hell in a handbasket… The show needs to regroup, FAST – ratings continue to fall hard, so I wouldn’t count on anything being true right now.

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