All I’m saying is THIS (GH Scrubs Spoiler)

If the spoilers are correct, and Robin is suffering from something OTHER than PPD, it’s possible that my days as a deeply disappointed, incredibly bitter occasional GH viewer are OVAH! GH will be off the viewing list for GOOD for me (or at least until TPTB rebuild Scrubs and LL2). The question is, what is the ‘something other’?

Is it possible that the writers are venturing into a potential ‘DID’ storyline? One Life to Live has successfully carried out the multiple personality storylines with Erika Slezak’s ‘Viki Buchanan Lord’ for decades. They’ve had some success with Bree Williamson in a similar storyline. Could GH writers be looking to reproduce that success with Robin Scorpio Drake?

For pity’s sake! Robin has survived more tragedy than most characters in daytime. If the writers are adding DID on top of her HIV, PPD, and general life dissatisfaction, I think I’m truly done with this show.

How much darker can GH get? The phrase once used was ‘would the last viewer out please shut off the lights?’… I think it’s time for the last GH viewer out to turn the LIGHTS ON.

3 thoughts on “All I’m saying is THIS (GH Scrubs Spoiler)

  1. I have been joking for awhile now that I suspect Guza just heard the depression part of PPD and then took out all the notes Maurice brought him over the years regarding bipolar disorder and thought it was the same thing.

    With the overall positive spotlight, aided by Bree Williamson’s fabulous performances, on OLTL’s DID storylines as of late…I can see Guza attempting something similar. The past few years have seen repeated storylines that have been donw on other shows and movies. And it’s long been my belief this current regime writes merely to court attention and possible Emmy nods….with no real attention paid to long term affects on the canvas.

    However it is completely insulting to the audience, not to mention the real women who suffer from PPD to portray this is PPD and then go “No…just kidding!” at this last moment. The sad thing is Guza was in teh media bragging about how carefully they were handling this storyline….how they were talking with therapists and survivors, action groups the works to give a fair and accurate representation of what PPD is like. It is also a little ridiculous to insinuate that PPD is a gateway to a higher level mental disorder such as DID.

  2. Love your comments! I have to wonder if the current ratings slide is irreversible at this point? ABC soaps use to do an incomparable job of addressing social issues (and accurately representing them). It’s why I don’t understand what’s happening with Robin’s PPD storyline. It makes no sense.

  3. I hope that don’t give Robin DID. If Andrea trying to set up Robin for something and us Mercedes it would probably to do with her PPD or HIV meds. I think it will depend on if KMC resigns her contract along with JT. No matter what Andrea is messing with the wrong person and family. You think she would learn by now.

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