Sex changes everything

In the BnB writers’ zeal to shock fans with the latest piece of schlock storytelling – they’ve managed to change the face of the show forever. Steffy Forrester sleeping with Rick Forrester was an act of unadulterated self-indulgence and pure contempt for anyone who’d ever cared for either of them (onscreen or off). New rule: if you share the same name and were raised in the same family: HANDS OFF! If ”hands off” is the rule -bumping uglies is definitely off the table. The former niece and uncle, raised in a family in which paternities change almost annually, decided to damn the fates and move forward into a sexual relationship.

That one act means that the writers can never undo the show’s biggest retcon ever…making Ridge Forrester (Rick’s once biological brother/Steffy’s father) Massimo Marone’s son and not Eric Forrester’s prized firstborn.

For fans like myself, we’d long suspected that Ridge had to be another man’s child. It was the only thing that made sense of Stephanie’s suffocating love and ”protection”of Ridge to the detriment of her other children. Simply having her exposed for the person of easy virtue she so smugly accuses others of being was enough. It was always possible for the writers to undo the retcon – until now. The writers were so committed to the uncle and his niece having sex that they’ve left no other choice but to keep Ridge biologically tied to a character who no longer exists.

At the same time, Eric and Ridge are still bonded as father as son in their hearts. Both Rick and Ridge call him dad. It’s what makes the act between Rick and Steffy so difficult to understand. It’s hard to believe that the writers chose to permanently alter the fabric of the show for two remarkably worthless characters as Steffy and Rick..