But what have you done for me, lately?

If it’s possible for a single character to revitalize a show, I’d have to give credit to Arianne Zuker’s “Nicole Walker Dimera”.  In one tour de force performance after another, Zuker gives viewers even more reasons to root for Nicole, no matter how “unrootable” her actions.  It could not be possible, not by any stretch of the imagination – even for a show that produced daytime’s first demonic possession, to find a logical or acceptably illogical way to make Nicole Sydney’s biological mother.  Somewhere, in the back of your mind, if you’re a fan like me, you’d accept some wacked out plot that would make Sydney Nicole and EJ’s child, logic be damned!

How’s this for wacked out:  Stefano pulls another rogue move and has Sami implanted with Nicole/Ej’s fertilized eggs.  Don’t ask me how he got the contribution, I don’t care.  How he managed to get the fertilized egg implanted into Sami is of no concern of mine.  I’ll take it.  No, it will never happen (and that’s for the best, if daytime is to rebuild its credibility), but sometimes I wish it could.   I love that Nicole is able to love that child with her whole heart and it kills me that she’s eventually going to lose her… That’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to the creative genius Zuker will throw into Nicole’s heartbreak.  I am!

The one thing I’m looking forward to more than Zuker’s performances is the end of Nicole’s fear.  I’m looking foward to having this secret over  with so that it’s not a constant threat to her sanity.  For the life of me, I’ll never understand why writers have characters who have soul-searing secrets repeatedly discuss them in the open. Wouldn’t it have been lovely if Brady and Nicole exchanged knowing glances, but never uttered another word about the baby?  Smart people doing very stupid things, if only they did them less in daytime.   It’s all too predictable,and it steals some of the enjoyment from the plot.  Some of Nicole’s best blackmail schemes have been the result of eavesdropping as other spilled their secrets. Why would she continue to talk about hers?

Last, I’m looking forward to the secret being exposed so that she can rip Phillip Kiriakis a new one if he manages to take everything and everyone she loves away from her.  Phillip and Nicole have been great as friends/enemies in the past, but Nicole going after him without regard to herself?  This could be explosive.  Maybe the biggest secrets she’s kept are those that could cost Victor and Phillip their precious company and all other possessions.  Phillip costs her the child and husband she loves, and she takes everything else he cares about.  I’d say that was a fair exchange.  Wouldn’t you?