BnB: Like I need another reason

Rick Forrester just squicked his way to the biggest loser in daytime.  He couldn’t be a more perfect soap sleaze if he wore his shirt unbuttoned to his navel to expose  layers of gold chains intertwined in a thick mop of chest hair!  How does Rick describe his relationship with Taylor Forrester?  It was only about being ‘caught up in playing the hero’.  Really?

While ‘playing hero’ he:

  • turned on his mother and chose Taylor’s side of their arguments EVERY time, warning his mother to back off.
  • planned a wedding all on his own to surprise Taylor – who never indicated that she wanted to marry him.
  • tried to kill his brother Ridge, just because Taylor dumped him and told him she wasn’t over Ridge.
  • tried to seduce Ridge’s daughter to ‘get even’.
  • edited his mother’s podcast to wipe out any positive reference to Ridge, just to hurt him.
  • humiliated Phoebe and diminished his feelings for her to be with Taylor.

I don’t need more reasons to hate Rick, I ALREADY hate him, writers. Save your energy for correcting the mess you’re making of the show around other craptacular storylines: Stop pretending diversity works only on other soaps – step up the Bakers-Marcus storyline.  Three African-American males and you drag them out just a couple times a year, while we end up watching pseudo-incest storylines month after month?  Tell us who Jack’s actual bio mom is.  Correct the vortex of  horror Katie and Donna Logan’s presence creates.  Do something meaningful with Bridget-turned doctor-turned fashion designer. Drop the BRidge intracouple conflict – we’ve lived that for more than 20 years; have them work to take on others who come after them.  Give them some huge corporate storyline.  Stop with the assault on Clarke Garrison that denies the character’s early history.  Give Pam something to do – she’s the most entertaining new character we’ve seen in forever on this show.  Hurry up with the Bridget and Owen lovin’.

More scenes of Rick Forrester’s whining is just rubbing salt in fans’ wounds!  Making women stupid enough to love him is like pouring alcohol on top of the salted wounds. It’s just overkill.   At some point, it’s just wanking the law of diminishing returns by continuing to focus on how much of a spectacularly sucking ‘person” Rick has become and how much dumber each woman who loves him gets.  Phoebe?  Stupid, but the brightest of the bunch, she dumped him for her own sake.  Taylor?  Dumber… she only dumped him because she thought she had a shot at Ridge.  Steffy?  Too dumb to dump the guy.

If the writers are paying attention to their own scripts, they MUST have Steffy finally notice Rick’s pattern.  He denied his love for Amber – the woman he once swore was his first love.  He  later describes her as violating him, taking advantage of his youth.  She ‘stole’ his childhood.   He demeaned his relationship with her sister Phoebe.  It wasn’t real.  He’s now denying he felt anything real for her mother, as well.  How much longer before Rick is telling some dumb chippie that he was only using Steffy or that he was so caught up in his hatred for his brother that he couldn’t bring himself to see that his feelings for HER were real, either?

Add that to his treatment of his mother (whose sex life he feels FAR too much right to try to control) and his sister (whose life he doesn’t care about at all as he befriended the man who impregnated her; ran off when her child died; bedded his mother; and then bedded his mother and sister in a 24 hour period).  Clearly, the feelings of neither of those two women matters more than his own.

Putting all of the above with the fact that he ‘played hero’  for her, as he sees it, by selling out his family’s trust and giving away a collection to a rival company that cost his family MILLIONS of dollars, it would be great if Steffy’s brain cells started firing and she realized that he’s a very dangerous soul…that uncle of hers.  Otherwise? Steffy is lost.