Rick Forrester: bad Karma

“Sometimes they come back’… Stephen King couldn’t have created a better  payback character than Rick Forrester.  Rick annoys the hell out of me. He’s childish, angry, irresponsible, without guilt, short-sighted, ungrateful, and whiny. Those are just his most positive traits!  It wasn’t, however,  until I started debating with BnB fans about Rick’s semi-incestuous relationship with his niece, Steffy, that I thought about why Rick’s actions are huge payback, in some ways.  

Today I thought about Taylor telling a toddler Rick’s mother Brooke  to stay with his father, Eric, despite their plans to divorce. She said that young Rick (age 2 or 3) needed time to ‘adjust’ to his parents impending divorce.  In the meanwhile, Taylor was chasing the man Rick’s mother was truly in love with (Ridge Forrester).  She used Ridge’s anger at Brooke for not leaving her marriage to her benefit.  She scored a few dates with Ridge until Brooke and Ridge eventually reunited.

Then there was the time that Stephanie and Taylor set things up to have Taylor secretly give ‘swimming lessons’ to Brooke’s young children, Rick and Bridget.  Why? Because they believed that if they could get Brooke’s children to get use to Taylor and grow to like her, they wouldn’t mind if Taylor broke up their family to have Brooke’s husband, Ridge. 

The clip below picks up with what happens after  Brooke learns the truth about the ‘swimming lessons’ and confronts Taylor.  Taylor pulls the ‘stepmother’ card on Brooke, taunting her about the fact that she believes Ridge will leave his family for her.  Brooke’s reaction is interesting, to say the least:

Fast forward, years later, when Taylor asks a 12 year old Rick to keep the secret that she’s dating his father, Eric.  Of course, Taylor neglected to tell her good friend, Stephanie.  She also neglected to tell Stephanie that she sent Eric to crush her when Stephanie confessed to Taylor that she still loved Eric.  Taylor wanted Eric to make sure Stephanie knew there was no hope for the two of them.

Fast forward to adult Rick dating Taylor’s daughter Phoebe, after finding out that Ridge isn’t their father Eric’s biological son afterall (hence the semi-incestuous relationship described above).

Fast forward to Rick dating TAYLOR, when his relationship with Phoebe ended.

Fast forward to Taylor freaking out when she learns that Rick is now dating her other daughter, Steffy. 

On one hand, I don’t think anyone really ‘deserves’ a pain in the arse like Rick, but if anyone comes close to having earned the ‘honor’, it’s Taylor.  You mess around in someone else’s life long enough, you run the risk of having to deal with them the rest of your life, one way or the other.  From his ‘stepmother’, to his ‘potential mother-in-law, to his ‘lover’, to possibly his ‘mother-in-law’ all over again.  Karma can be fierce!


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