Rest in Peace, Phil Carey

ABC soap fans and backstage soap families have had a pretty diffictuly year.  The loss of several beloved veterans (ncluding AMC’s Eileen Herlie, who originated the role of  Myrtle Fargate, and OLTL’s Clint Ritchie – who originated the role of Clint Buchanan) has only been compounded by the loss of OLTL’s Phil Carey – our own Asa Buchanan. 


In addiiton to an illustrious career both on the large and small screens, the beloved Mr. Carey entertained soap viewers for decades. His portrayal of family patriarch  Asa Buchanan was one of a man who lived hard, loved hard, and remained unapologetic for enjoying life on his terms.  With his onscreen co-stars and friends, Clint Ritchie (Clint) and Robert Woods (Bo), the Buchanans developed as a new core family that would redefine the focus of the show; adding a  sense of rugged individualism, a bold sensuality, corporate intrigue, and unbridled power.  The Buchanan family was daytime’s brilliant answer to primetime’s wildly entertaining power soaps and power characters.

Mr. Carey, age 83,  has been battling cancer for several years, but at this time, it’s unclear if that was the cause of death.  More details will be reported, as learned.  At this time, my thoughts and prayers go out to his real life family, as well as the onscreen family – all of whom are mourning his loss.

Mr. Carey’s Asa Buchanan, a unique man in daytime, a study in contradictions:

Clint Ritchie (an invitation)

In the comments below (for ‘Rest in Peace, Clint Ritchie’), JHS has invited you to visit Mr.Ritchie’s  official site.  She is one of Bucky’s Babes and a dear friend of the beloved Mr. Ritchie.  The site is a lovely tribute to a great man.  If you have the time, please check it out.

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