Why the BnB DESPERATELY needs Martha Byrne

And a host of new dialogue writers. This show needs SOMETHING!  While a good part of the weakness of the current offerings from the BnB is attributable to the plots, the dialogue actually highlights how awful the plots are.   Good dialogue can hide a multitude of soapwriters sins, and unfortunately the BnB is letting it  all  hang out.

Bridget, a brilliant physician, has decided to give up medicine to work in the fashion industry, along with  every other member of her family.  So what happens?  She goes to work for the competition, her ex mother-in-law’s company.  Really?  REALLY?   Weak plot.  It’s weak for three reasons:

1.  The company she’s working for has already used a season’s worth of stolen designs that belong to her family, something Bridget is aware of  by the way.  She’s going to work for the company that just cost her family millions of dollars (not to mention the hundreds of hours of hard work).  Nothing Bridget has said, so far, makes sense of her working for JackieM’s or moving into the fashion world.

If she must go, why not create a new design firm, a firm that comes out of no where and takes the fashion world by storm?  Madame and Mr. X Designs (MMXD)!  Clarke and Bridget could be the co-head designers -with her having contolling interests since she put up the capital to start the new company.  Bridget starts anew, in a way that makes more sense and Clarke gets redemption since he’ll no longer referred to as a failure as a designer (which was never his history before).  It makes sense that two people with so much to prove would fight so hard to make a name for themselves.  Owen could work at the new hip MMXD with the two of them.  They wouldn’t compete with JackieM’s or FC because their company targets a younger crowd.  That would open the door for Felicia and Thorne to join them and Bridget wouldn’t be in direct competition with her family or her ex.

 2.  Setting the above aside, Bridget has never shown a penchant for design and the uniqueness of the character has been that she’s stayed away from the fashion industry, maintaining  her own life.  It’s just like Amber, before her. Now Pam and the Pamini’s.  Everyone but CLARKE becomes a genius designer after spending mere hours at FC.

I’d rather see Owen fired from FC because his line tanked and have Bridget hire him to do medical research for her (heck, he IS a detective – he can apply his sleuthing skills in a new way). Their romance would make more sense if they spent more time together because she was learning to rely on him and finally had a man she could trust. He would fall in love with her because he sees what a kind and compassionate person she is.

The more he’s around her, and medicine, the more he sees what good he could do and then decides to go into medicine (rather than have her drop her noble work to go into fashion design). Imagine the late night tutoring sessions as she helps him prepare for med school. Imagine Bridget’s co-workers who’d find Owen hard to resist! A brand new line that is organic because it came from something already in existence, and ADDS to the show, not TAKES from the show.

GH’s Scrubs works well for that show, why not something similar for the BnB? 

Since we’re not going to get something as fantastic as Scrubs or even as fantastic as Bridget and Owen, I’ll have to accept that this is the best the BnB writers can do for Bridget.  I adore the character so I’ll watch, but PLEASE, PLEASE someone do something about the dialogue! 

3.  Both a problem of plot and dialogue: Bridget and Jackie are already treating each other like long lost friends.  This storyline could have been made more interesting by an uneasy truce between Bridget and Jackie.  She wouldn’t forget that Jackie wanted Nick to dump her while she was  pregnant leaving her to raise their child on their own.  Her truce with Jackie would be more about HER needs, than Jackie’s. 

A good dialogue writer would stop Jackie from telling a woman who was considered a brilliant and heroic doctor that she, “Is now out of her RUT and is  FINALLY jumping into life with both feet”  (not an exact quote, but close).  Saving lives?  Giving hope to the hopeless… what a rut.  A great dialogue writer would have had some sort of impressive counter if he/she couldn’t stop the brass from throwing that line in.  There would have been a response in which Bridget would remind Jackie that her life was never in a RUT, but that she realizes that she has other passions she wants to follow, that maybe she needed time away from medicine for the sake of her own sanity (on the heels of having lost a patient she deeply cared about, perhaps).  

It could have been the start of tthe release of unspoken tension between the two as Bridget realized that Jackie never understood her or her life, and never respected who she was as a person. I could understand that as Bridget’s true motivation, to heal the one wound that’s still open.   They could eventually become friends as working side by side would allow them to really get to know one another, but friendships on this show are as instant and shallow as the romances are! 

That brings us to:

Rick and Phoebe  Taylor  Steffy.  It’s most annoying that Rick and Steffy were not only born into the same family, and that they’ve  lived as uncle and niece nearly all of their lives, and even share the same last name… it’s that they continue to use the dialogue in a way that tries to force the audience to ignore their shared kinship by the way they reference the same family members.  When it’s Rick who refers to Eric, he calls Eric ‘his dad’… Steffy, are you saying that you want me to confess to ‘my dad’?

When Steffy refers to Eric, she refers to him as ‘her grandfather’… “Rick, my grandfather won’t be happy about this”…

What the hell? 

My personal favorite?  Steffy tells Rick that he doesn’t know ‘her grandmother’ and that ‘her grandmother’ won’t stop until she gets what she wants’.  Luckily ‘her grandmother’ isn’t Rick’s grandmother too, not yet…  but don’t think the writers won’t come up with a way to make that happen!  

Just how long are the two characters supposed to go in deep denial about their shared family history?  Rick should have responded with, “I’ve known her for far longer than you have, Steffy.  I almost called her ‘mom’ when I was young and my mother was ill.  I watched her destroy my mother’s marriage to your father, my brother, for at least a decade before you were born.  I know what she’s capable of and I’m not afraid”.  Oh, but that would break the ‘spell’ of the enchanted cottage by the beach, where men  and their brother’s children have fabulously romantic relationships!

Remember this scene at Big Bear cabin (thanks for posting it, Dr. Troy):

Where is the genius who wrote that dialogue (even if she/he did let Taylor have the last word – a mistake)?  Why has that person had her/his hands tied?  Can’t you just imagine a great scene in which Stephanie takes on Steffy and Rick and smacks Steffy back to reality by helping her realize what a sham her relationship with her uncle Rick is?   Imagine Stephanie grabbing Steffy by the hand and dragging her around the enchanted cottage by the beach asking Rick if he tried bedding BOTH twins HERE (points to sofa), HERE (points to bedroom door), HERE (points to fireplace – as Rick’s eyes fall downcast and a crestfallen Steffy realizes he’s seduced her and her dead twin in the same spot on the floor).