Yet another dire warning about the end of daytime:

Thanks to Listen2Me2, from the Official BnB message board for sharing this article. A comment from a CBS exec about the Guiding Light:

In September 2007, NBC moved another soap, “Passions,” to DirecTV before shutting down the program altogether. Insiders at “Days,” a daytime staple since 1965, say they won’t be surprised if the sands in their show’s hourglass run out too.

A similar fate awaits CBS’ “Guiding Light,” which debuted on radio in 1937 before becoming the longest-running drama in TV history. “That show isn’t even treading water,” says a network exec. “It’s sunk below the waves.”

An even more ominous sign for the industry: For the first time, the Daytime Emmys — designed specifically to promote daytime soaps — won’t even be broadcast. Major networks deemed the fees too excessive for a show that draws abysmal ratings. Even the cable channel Soapnet isn’t airing it.

I really want the show to make it. I hate a lot of what’s going on in daytime, but I don’t want to lose another daytime show, PERIOD. In fact, there are at least four or five other shows I’d love to see come back on air in addition to those we already have (that list grows every time I remember yet another canceled show).
  • I think “Generations’ would do well, given the current climate.
  • Another World
  • Ryan’s Hope
  • Texas…
OH! Then there’s
  • Search for Tomorrow
  • Edge of Night
  • Sunset Beach
NO to Passions, even still.

Another interesting point was raised in this article:

In recent years, market leader “Y&R” has seen its audience shrink precipitously, to an average of 5 million total viewers in 2008. In the old days, soaps were generational — your grandmother got your mother hooked, and she, in turn, got you hooked.

How many times have fans made THIS argument about why daytime writers needed to focus on the established characters and stop killing off the veteran characters we love? Once soaps starting taking that slippery slope of bringing in the pretty, but pointless, characters, fans who may have continued watching daytime appear to be less inclined to do so – and they certainly weren’t bringing their daugthers and sons/granddaughters and grandsons with them to watch daytime’s decline in creativity and overall production values.
Just a reminder: MarkH makes a convincing case that it’s not just awful storylines that are responsible for a daytime… but they sure don’t help!

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