BnB’s Espionage Mystery

For the first time in ???, I can’t wait for the next episode of the BnB!  We’re hours away from finding out who the design bandit is.  The suspects are numerous, their potential  motivations are alarming, and the outcome is, we’re told, going to be explosive.  The suspects (in my mind) are:

1.  Ridge Forrester. Ridge’s reported ‘breakdown’ wasn’t as big a break as fans thought.  He heard that Steffy was supposed to drive off with Rick to pick up fabric and panicked.  He removed her from the car, calling her Phoebe in the process.  Ridge has made it clear that he hasn’t fully forgiven Rick for his role in Phoebe’s accidental death.  To have Rick then try to drive off with another of his daughters?  No way, no how.

Was that moment the ‘break’ happened, with the fallout to follow?  Is Ridge’s motivation that he can’t stomach the thought of working with Rick – and that working at Jackie M’s with Nick and Jackie would be less hellish for him than seeing Rick’s face every day? OR Is he doing this to set Rick up for the fall?  Would Rick accept the setup as his punishment for the pain he’s caused his big brother? (They’re still brothers in my book and I refuse to call them anything other than that!)

2.  Thorne Forrester. He’s betrayed his family before and jumped ship to the ‘competitor’ (though how Spectra or Jackie M’s can be considered a competitor given their constant ill fortunes.)  Has he done it again, now realizing that he’s been passed over for Ridge AND Rick and that even the Logan women have nice offices compared to his dark, dank, basement dwelling?  How did Thorne lose the office he had when he served as FC’s President under both his mother AND his father?  How did Owen – the man his father caught cheating with his new wife, rate a much nice office than Thorne?

His motivation?  Self explanatory given the above.  His father is a jerk.

3.  Felicia Forrester. She could have easily sent those designs to set Rick up as well.  I liked the snark in an earlier meeting when she commented that the company’s President wasn’t even aware of what was going on with the competition.  So why is Rick even President?

Her motivation?  She’s an angry rebel, always has been. To cause Rick a great deal of embarrassment and to make her way back to Nick Marone’s side might be all the motivation she needs. Nick has already slept is way through the Logan clan, maybe he’s ready to return to her .  The profits from the FC designs might keep Jackie M’s afloat and will help their son (who still bears the name Dominic) when nick finds out that Jack isn’t really his either… ok, that last part is what I’m hoping for, your mileage may differ.

4. Stephanie Forrester. If Forrester fails, because of a stolen collection, Stephanie could use that to argue to Eric that since he’s brought the entire Logan clan in (and his son with Brooke as President) nothing has been the same.  She could argue that her children with him have always been loyal to the company.  He’s a dunce.  He’ll forget about the fact that all three (Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia) have worked for Spectra in the past and tried to ruin Forrester Creations with their new found power at Spectra.

5.  Katie Logan… OH, but she was disgusted at Nick for using the stolen FC designs for the new Jackie M collection, right?  She’s the show’s version of Jiminy Cricket and would never violate her self-righteous/moral principles.   Sure, on some other show but this is the BnB!  What if Katie’s disgust was feigned and she used it as a way of throwing Nick off track.  Maybe she wanted to find out what he thought of his benefactor before revealing herself.

Her motivation for stealing the designs?  Nick has a habit of bedding the women in her family and then dumping them, or cheating on them and giving them a reason to run.  Katie may have wanted to create a space for herself in his life that he couldn’t so easily erase, or space that she could use to destroy him if he cheated on her — his cheating  is how they got together, after all.

6.  Owen Knight/Marcus Walton. Both are new, both have reasons to worry about the Forresters, and worry about their own position in ‘the family’.  Knight is worried that he’s expendable and soon on the way out.  He hadn’t counted on a relationship with a Forrester heir, and may have decided to try to secure a position for himself in the fashion industry before falling for Bridget.  By the way, why does a Private Investigator now have so much interest in the fashion biz?  I’m still not getting it.  Is there more to Owen’s story?  Was his investigative work linked to corporate espionage before?  It would suck for Bridget if Owen is guilty, but it could make for a great drama as he works to earn back her trust and help the Forresters, in the end.

Marcus lost his first real love to his lying, manipulative sleaze of a cousin, Rick Forrester.  We’re assuming that Marcus doesn’t know what’s going on, but how could he not?  Steffy loved him madly, deeply, truly, before Rick put a move on her. Now she wants nothing to do with him. Rick, who if he was written with an ounce of conscience, wouldn’t run around skipping and smiling at a time like this, he’d still be too depressed from watching Phoebe die in her father’s arms after fighting with Rick about how poorly he treated her.  Maybe the writers will make Marcus more perceptive than he has been in the past.  It could be that Marcus wants to carve a place out for himself, and his mother, who – given Eric’s erratic (not erotic) behavior, has shown that the people he loves are disposable.  Marcus could finally be the person who gets the upper hand on the Forresters!  Though, again, why would he want to be a kingpin in the design industry, it’s not really clear.

If it’s Pam Douglas, Beth or Stephen Logan, Jake MacClaine, Prince Omar, CJ Garrison, Sheila Carter, One of the Baker men, Scout the Dog, Massimo Marone (who could make an unexpected comeback), Brooke Logan, Thomas or Taylor Forrester, Cailtin Ramirez, either of the Kelley women,  Mike the psychotic security guard, James Warrick, or any side character who’s passed through this show over the years – I’ll eat my hat… and I might just post a video of me doing so, on YouTube… maybe.


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