You’re dead to me, Victor Newman!

Eh! Not really but I thought my liver would appreciate it if I only repeated the phrase every time he said it rather than take a drink. It boggles the mind that not only does the man say it to almost everyone he knows, but then the phrase replays as the ‘newly dead’ reflect back on the exact moment Victor pronounced them unworthy of life.

When will someone respond with, ‘screw off you bastard!!!’? Why are the women in his life too weak to call him out on his bullshit hypocrisy?

Oh writers, why won’t you allow anyone to remember the hatred Victor had for HIS mother because she ‘abandoned him’ when his father died? Why does no one remember how he cried about how hard he had to work and how he had to become a self made man (much like Adam)? Why does he not remember that he spit on the love his mother tried to show him to make up for not being a part of his young life (much like Adam)?

Yeah yeah Adam helped Jack Abbott frame him – big deal. Adam took a more cretive road to punishing a missing parent than Victor did (Victor, who was content to let his mother, at her advanced age, die without ever having his forgiveness). He tormented that aging woman when all she wanted was to love him.

Now Victor ‘the great man’ won’t forgive his equally angry son. He’s willing to send Adam to a prison system he most likely won’t survive. Victor use to be a tough but admirable guy. Now he’s just a prick.

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