Scrubs – Warm Fuzzies

Now that’s how you write for a cornerstone couple you can build the show’s future around. While Robin and Patrick are FAR too young to become the show’s matriarch and patriarch (as Lila and Edward once were), they do feel like a matriarch and patriarch in training.

They’re fun and playful and their loving moments are real and honest. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their playful banter about Patrick’s commitment phobic – skirt chasing days.

Score one for Robin, by the way, for seeing what Matt is all about and warning him to back off of Maxie. Matt is a less entertaining version of hottie Patrick – I’m not interested in watching his pale imitation of Patrick.

Robin handled the situation between Matt and Maxie with Lila’s grace – something sorely lacking on GH. I’d hoped that Laura would finally be allowed to come back and serve as Lila’s spiritual heir, but no. While I don’t mind Robin and Patrick temporarily filling the matriarch and patriarch roles, it would be a mistake for the writers to steal their youth and make them old before their time.

Keep them as they are – for a while longer. Watching them today only steels my resolve to see Carly and Robin bury the hatchet (see the blog below regarding the link between these two women). Watching them today made me love Scrubs even more.

Well… it’s MLK Day and while the soaps have largely ignored the day, I’m off to a celebration and to do work that will hopefully make a difference!


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