Scrubs – Warm Fuzzies

Now that’s how you write for a cornerstone couple you can build the show’s future around. While Robin and Patrick are FAR too young to become the show’s matriarch and patriarch (as Lila and Edward once were), they do feel like a matriarch and patriarch in training.

They’re fun and playful and their loving moments are real and honest. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their playful banter about Patrick’s commitment phobic – skirt chasing days.

Score one for Robin, by the way, for seeing what Matt is all about and warning him to back off of Maxie. Matt is a less entertaining version of hottie Patrick – I’m not interested in watching his pale imitation of Patrick.

Robin handled the situation between Matt and Maxie with Lila’s grace – something sorely lacking on GH. I’d hoped that Laura would finally be allowed to come back and serve as Lila’s spiritual heir, but no. While I don’t mind Robin and Patrick temporarily filling the matriarch and patriarch roles, it would be a mistake for the writers to steal their youth and make them old before their time.

Keep them as they are – for a while longer. Watching them today only steels my resolve to see Carly and Robin bury the hatchet (see the blog below regarding the link between these two women). Watching them today made me love Scrubs even more.

Well… it’s MLK Day and while the soaps have largely ignored the day, I’m off to a celebration and to do work that will hopefully make a difference!


OLTL – blogging live…

Oh my freakin’ soapgod….I freakin ‘heart’ bitchy Marty….she makes me HAPPY…lol

Um…just how ridiculous is it that John kissed Marty back and then told Blair it was nothing? What a weenie.

Still love Tess’ D.I.D. alter glasses!

Any day where there’s a moment of Marcy is a day with just too much Marcy.

It would be great if the writers could/would keep Wes around. They did such a great job with the PTSD storyline – I’m not crazy about the planted gun angle – and that he’s lying..

Honest to goodness… if I knew two women who’d fight over a John McBain, I’d end my friendship with both of them… I feel the need for a scalding hot shower. He looks even more morose than ever – if that’s possible!

UGH, Marcy! Go away!!!! Her babymania is driving me mad. Marcy use to have so much to contribute; now she utters the same few lines (with the word ‘baby’ being spoken at least twice each time)

What’s up with the Marty-The-Party-Girl line?

Nothing… I got nothing…no sympathy for Jared and Natalie.

Brody gets to me every time…and not just because he’s hot… but it helps that he is.

This show definitely needs more Marty and Blair squaring off – and not over John or Todd; more Brody: more Tea (adding her to today’s ep would have made it a damned near perfect episode).

Robin and Carly: The buddy movie…

So…GH writers have decided to have Carly talk with Robin and help her realize that she does indeed have PPD, following Emma’s birth. Good! That’s right, I LIKE it! If you’re still reading let me tell you why. (If you’re still reading AND giving me the finger – save it for Guza and Frons. You know they have more screwing up to do and I’m just a soap blogger with an opinion).

Here’s what I like about Carly reaching out to Robin: it puts an end to the silliest feud in soap history. It closes the chapter on both women’s lives as mobster molls.

Carly and Robin’s antagonism was linked to their love for Jason and his confusion about his feelings for them. It was when Carly taunted Robin with the idea that Jason would always be a part of her and Michael’s lives that the stink hit the fan.

Robin wanted Carly to give Michael to her and Jason to raise. Carly, of course, said no and Robin told AJ the truth – that he, not Jason, was Michael’s father. Robin felt that she was ‘protecting’ Jason – uh huh… The animosity has grown steadily since that time.

Now? Both women have moved on. Both have grown – Carly at a slower pace and not without taking a few hits. Both women can hold their heads up high (and without worrying about being shot since their current husbands aren’t gangsters. In Carly’s case I should add that she no longer has to fear taking another shot to the dome).

In the years that have passed they’ve had real lives, careers, children, and chances at real happiness. Their conflict over something that no longer matters is tired and stale and childish. When women go to war on this show, let it be over something worth fighting for – like stocks, bonds, and board room dominance.

Let Carly and Robin make peace and move on. Neither is (or should be) in love with Jason so hanging on to any animosity related to that time in their lives dishonors them both and the good men who love them.

I’m afraid to look….are you stilll giving me the finger?

You’re dead to me, Victor Newman!

Eh! Not really but I thought my liver would appreciate it if I only repeated the phrase every time he said it rather than take a drink. It boggles the mind that not only does the man say it to almost everyone he knows, but then the phrase replays as the ‘newly dead’ reflect back on the exact moment Victor pronounced them unworthy of life.

When will someone respond with, ‘screw off you bastard!!!’? Why are the women in his life too weak to call him out on his bullshit hypocrisy?

Oh writers, why won’t you allow anyone to remember the hatred Victor had for HIS mother because she ‘abandoned him’ when his father died? Why does no one remember how he cried about how hard he had to work and how he had to become a self made man (much like Adam)? Why does he not remember that he spit on the love his mother tried to show him to make up for not being a part of his young life (much like Adam)?

Yeah yeah Adam helped Jack Abbott frame him – big deal. Adam took a more cretive road to punishing a missing parent than Victor did (Victor, who was content to let his mother, at her advanced age, die without ever having his forgiveness). He tormented that aging woman when all she wanted was to love him.

Now Victor ‘the great man’ won’t forgive his equally angry son. He’s willing to send Adam to a prison system he most likely won’t survive. Victor use to be a tough but admirable guy. Now he’s just a prick.