OLTL – Dorian goes down, Literally!

Tom Casiello (casiello.blogspot.com/2009/01/goin-down-in-afternoon.html) knocks it out the ballpark in a blog about what went wrong with Dorian’s ”oral seduction” for cash… uh besides the fact that it was an oral seduction for cash… Casiello was accused of being a prude.

I have to agree – with his assessment that is.. I don’t think it’s ‘prudish’ to be concerned about Dorian’s destruction, on a show that has increasingly objectified women setting all back at least twenty years. Marty the survivor becoming a lover with the man who raped her? She gets over that pain by sleeping with a stranger. Natalie selling out her family to get laid by a con artist? Blair and Starr only seeing the dark light surrounding Todd when they’re with ‘men’ who hate him but otherwise cheering him on or at least not condemning him?

Dorian has now joined the ranks. Dorian’s destruction isn’t exactly a surprise – but it is sad none-the-less. IF we’d had any indiction that Dorian routinely got freaky with David (as we did with David and Addie) that would be one thing.

The implication, in this storyline, is that Dorian did something she would not otherwise do – most especially give their last interaction and David’s use of Addie. Have the writers forgotten how hurt and angry she was?

Yes, Dorian would do a lot for money. Sell herself? Get on her knees? When did she EVER do anything like that before? We’ve never seen that from her – not for love or money. I hope to never see (Dorian selling herself) again. If the oral sex was JUST a little playful fun, no problem – well, still a little explicit for my tastes (no freaky pun intended), but it would have been about love between longstanding partners. This was a business transaction.