Luke and Noah’s First Time

From reading fan reaction I understand why there’s a good bit of disappointment in TPTB’s handling the couple’s first time -including the lack of publicity for the scenes, as well as the scenes primarily off screen nature.

Blink and you missed it.

Watch and you missed it – though the shower scene was cute..

That said, here’s what I think is positive in what’s happened:

1 – Luke and Noah saved themselves for one another. I was worried that the writers were headed for a drunken first time for Luke, with Brian taking advantage of him.

Noah and Luke have loved each other too long, too deeply, and too faithfully to give themselves to other people. It would have been heartbreaking if they had. The writers honored their love and respected the fans who love them..

2 – The writers finally took the plunge. Working off the belief that the first time is the most difficult, I can only trust that the writers have more love scenes they’ve been waiting to share with viewers and will now that they’ve taken the audience this far.

Maybe the next love scenes will give us the warm/fuzzy after- cuddle and nuzzling we’re use to with other supercouples.

Truthfully, before this I’d been waiting for the writers to do the unthinkable and find a way to send Nuke off to parts unknown. I no longer have that fear. Nuke’s first time signals a new kind of commitment from TPTB and I’m back to being willing to wait and see what comes next. I’m hopeful, again, about what’s in store for Nuke and think the best is yet to come. The possibilities seem wide open, now.

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