AMC: Tad the Cad’s been had!

Who’d a thunk it? The man whose youth was spent toying with the affections of mothers and daughters (often at the same time) has ended up with the mother of all cheaters. Wasn’t he watching how Babe and Krystal operated all these years? The writers have been consistent in painting a picture of the Carey women expressing emotion below the belt. Has either ever had a relationship that didn’t include cheating? They’ve also been consistent in writing Tad as a man blind to the Carey women’s faults because he benefited from them.

Krystal, who cheated on her husband, Adam, to be with Tad is now cheating on Tad to be with the dastardly bastard David Heyward (who will NEVER be allowed to leave AMC again if I get my way). I think it’s both poetic and troubling. Krystal has always jumped from the firing pan into the fire. This is no exception.

That said, I get it. Tad isn’t use to being used, he’s use to doing the using. I understand why he’s angry at Krystal but does his anger justify trying to take Jenny away from her mother? I don’t think so. Tad has just become a lighter, brighter version of Adam Chandler. Being a cad has taken on a brand new meaning for the guy.

I think he’s selfish and wrong- but given David’s involvement and Opal’s fights with Krystal, wrong or not I’m looking forward to the fallout from this storyline. Bring it on!

OH, and by the way, is it wrong for me to want Annie and Aidan to make Ryan and Greenlee hellishly miserable? Ryan packing and getting rid of Annie’s things so Emma isn’t ‘confused’ is the last straw. Maybe she wouldn’t be ‘confused’ if her dad wasn’t bedhopping before she could mourn her mother being taken away. I was barely able to look at the guy before (and that includes when he’s shirtless and displaying that banging body of his – folks I can’t stand to look at him SHIRTLESS!) I’m shallow when it comes to soap hotties. That’s saying something! Less Ryan, more Dr. David/Krystal/Tad with more Opal-Krystal thrown in!


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