Rick Forrester: Daytime’s Biggest Pervert?

Wait?  A pervy character in daytime?  I know, I know.  What’s the point of bringing up THAT issue since nearly all daytime characters behave in pervy ways at some point in their illustrious time on air?  Here’s what I think is different about Rick Forrester: he’s so self-centered and narcissistic that he doesn’t just date through entire families like most soap characters, he serially dates in his OWN FAMILY and doesn’t think twice about it.

For more than 20 (closer to thirty) of his soap years, he was believed to be the biological brother of Ridge Forrester.  He lived and behaved as Ridge’s  brother (even when his mother, Brooke, married Ridge).  He and his then wife, Amber, babysat for Ridge and Taylor to allow them to have alone time together.  Ridge’s children referred to Rick as their ‘uncle’ and to his sister Bridget as their ‘aunt’.  He thought of them as his nieces and nephew.  Most of the time, the brothers got along reasonably well.   Then, in a fit of rage, Rick decided that it was ok to no longer think of Ridge as his brother – hey, they didn’t ‘really’ have the same biological father, after all.  A man whose children he helped raise were now fair game for sexploitation.  Rick disregarded the family bond they shared just to (try to) have sex with Ridge’s daughters.

The most disturbing, non-violent, scene I’ve witnessed in daytime was Rick caressing his niece, Phoebe’s, hair and telling her that he remembers when they were all at the beach once.  Phoebe was wild and free and when her mother tried to make her sit still comb her beautiful but tangled curly hair, Phoebe fought her and ran off.  He remembers, lovingly, how wonderful and beautiful she was as a child.  Not an exact replay of the scene, but close.

Remember (and I’ve stated this several times in several blogs, not to drive you crazy, but in the hopes TPTB are reading and realize that WE, the audience, haven’t forgotten),  Rick was an ADULT when Phoebe and her twin, Steffy, were children.  He was married.  He very much believed that he was their biological uncle.  How that became a memory to be used for a hot and heavy make out session is a mystery to me.  It should have been a mystery to the writers, too, one they should have been unwilling to solve.  Even DAYS’ Max Brady doesn’t go as far as Rick. He has no ‘childhood memories’ of his nieces. He didn’t raise them.  They weren’t children while he was an adult.  Stephanie was never heard from until recently,  and Chelsea  was believed to be have been stillborn until a couple of years ago (only when talking about soaps can you use those words).

WAIT AGAIN, you add!  What about the ICK in the squickness of Ridge and Bridget’s flirtation?  He thought he was her father.  He changed her diapers.  First let me finish cleaning the mess my lunch has made of my keyboard now that the “Ridget”  issue has been raised.   The squickiness of Ridge and Bridget never got beyond a couple of freaky kisses -ever. Not one scene of near sex with those two.  They were both attracted to one another,  and at times repulsed by their mutual attraction.

Ridge and Bridget were certainly gross (most especially the kiss that rated as Fourth of July x’s 10, or 100, or some such nonsense).  We were ‘lucky’ in the sense that the writers took it slow the first time they broke out a  date-yer-kin storyline.  Ridge and Bridget shared a couple of kisses, but luckily never went beyond that.

Rick, on the other hand, was openly pushing Phoebe to have sex with him – getting her on the floor, on the floor in front of the fireplace, on beds, in closets,  etc… telling her it was time they had sex when she kept stressing she wasn’t ready. Now it’s her twin sister’s turn.  He’s willing to take the risk of destroying Steffy because of his anger at Ridge that Taylor dumped him.  He will pick up with Steffy where he left off with Phoebe (breaking only to sleep with their mother in between).   No matter how much the writers have tried to use Phoebe’s tragic death to create a ‘bond’ between Steffy and Uncle Rick, there is always the stench of Rick’s attempt at “revenge seduction” with two innocent sisters.

For as often as paternity tests are overturned in his fictional world, you’d think he’d have SOME hesitation before trying to ring the bell that can’t be unrung.  Not Slick  (or is that Sick?) Rick.

This is also the man who has had more control over his mother’s sex life than she has.  At some point Rick cried about the ‘parade of men’ his mother brought into his life during his formative years.  He cried about the lack of stability and how much easier his life would have been without the chaos.  At the same time, he encourages his mother to jump from bed to bed, using her body as his weapon against Ridge – just as he has with Phoebe and Steffy.  (This plot point has been discussed in an earlier blog as well).  The idea that he sees nothing wrong with sending his mother to be with a man who’d just recently been his sister’s husband, father of her deceased child, and who then slept with is mother and sister in the same 24 hour period is astounding, and seriously demented on the part of the BnB writers.

That’s just not even good campy fun, any more.  It’s a tragedy.  It’s only made worse by the fact that most of Rick’s actions would be considered villainous on any other show – prime time or daytime (betraying his father and secretly helping Nick Marone build a loyal team at Forrester Creations after Nick stole the family company, editing his mother’s podcast to try to ruin her engagement, pretending to be paralyzed to elicit sympathy and tp eventually be appointed his family company’s President – the same company he secretly betrayed years before).

And still, everyone around his sees Rick as a vibrant, wonderful, healthy young man who is just a little high-spirited.  If Salvador Dali had ever had the opportunity to for daytime before his death, he’d surely would have chosen to write for the BnB.

The only thing I find interesting about Rick is his rivalry with Stephanie.  They are mirror images of one another.  His obsessive hatred for Ridge matches hers for Brooke.  His willingness to use Brooke’s sexuality as a weapon against Ridge matches her willingness to control Ridge’s sexuality as a way of hurting Brooke (and both actions are highly Oedipal in nature).  His lack of logic and escapism from reality is second only to hers.  Both use violence as a primary method of communication, and are both obsessed with ‘winning’ no matter how many other people they hurt in the process.

The only difference between Rick and Stephanie, besides gender, is that even with her fixation on Ridge, it’s hard to believe that Stephanie would become romantically involved with him if she ever found out he wasn’t her son.  The writers, I can only hope, have to know that it would be a storyline that would be impossible to sell.  Stephanie seems only to be captivated by controlling Ridge’s sexuality, not indulging it personally.  Rick on the other hand doesn’t seem to have many boundaries.  Whatever is feels good, as they say, is good by his standards.

For as many BnB women are stuck on backburner because there aren’t enough non-related males to go around, if Rick MUST stay, the writers need to bring in a non-related love interest for this character.  It’s vital.  The BnB pseudo-incest club is ever expanding and Rick has become its most prominient member, unfortunately for him, and for us.