CSI: Daytime

Guiding Light

Official GL board readers, part of this blog entry won’t be new to you – I’ve asked you this question already: If Lizzie saw her kidnapper’s black hair, felt his tears (which means his DNA is still in her clothing) and was able to see how tall and lanky the guy was, HOW could she ever believe that Bill Lewis might be guilty? He has nothing in common with the kidnapper. Too bad that Bill is the one with amnesia! This storyline would make far more sense if Lizzie was.

The Young and the Restless

I’m just not getting the Kay Chancellor storyline. I can understand the suspicion that Marge would try to pass herself off as Kay, but wouldn’t Marge already know that? Considering she’d done it before when no one knew Kay had a doppleganger, and she was still found out, why would she try it now?.

Why not just run a DNA test to settle the matter? Surely there’s enough information in Kay’s medical files – a sample somewhere, to solve the matter if Jill or Brock aren’t willing to give up a sample for comparison.

Where is Kay’s big freakin’ ring? Wouldn’t flashing that hot load of pressed coal go a long way in casting doubt that the woman standing before Jill and Nikki is Marge? Wouldn’t there be doubt enough to cause them to investigate further rather than reject Kay?

Will this story turn into Kay’s good daughter (Nikki) recognizing and accepting. her before the bad daughter (Jill)? Are these two women going to set off a rivalry over who loves Kay most? That would be interesting – but the writers are going about setting it up the wrong way.

The gaping holes in both show’s storylines are distracting. It’s a triple sin given the fact that both shows air on the same network as the wildly popular CSI franchise. The lack of attention to detail and the implausibility of the plots makes them hard to watch for anyone not already hanging on to their daytime viewing habit by a thread.