Jade Jones’s/ Jade Wiggams’s Diary

It seems that ATWT’s Jade is in part related to ‘The Simpson’s’ Ralph Wiggam, and in part related to onscreen film heroine Bridget Jones. Remember what makes both characters adorable AND cringe worthy; both have a penchant for making the most inappropriate and unrelated comments in any given moment. Bridget most especially when nervous or under attack- and then she’s grossly inappropriate.

Jade has the cringe-worthy part down. The writers need to work on the adorable part. Without Ellen Goode, the writing for this character has lost it’s subtle nature.

As Jade unleashed her tirade, clinging to dialogue that was odd, clumsy, and juvenile – even for a young woman her age, I entered the Jones/Wiggam vortex.

I’m not sure that it happened quite this way, but what I thought I heard was:

Lu: You’re nothing but trouble!
Jade: I eat paste.

Lu: You can’t be trusted.
Jade: I like purple ponies.

Lu: Stay away from my grandson.
Jade: At least I didn’t marry a gay man.



Until now, I’ve always hated the phrase that ‘children’ should be seen and not heard. Post Jade, I get it. What a way to twist the knife on Lu’s humiliation writers.

I would have preferred a tearful, heartfelt confession from Brian that had nothing to do with fear of being found out.. It would have gone a long way in his redemption. Now the audience is left to wonder how much longer he would have gone on lying to his wife and trying to feel up her grandson.

He confessed because Jade Wiggam outted him. Lu, Luke, and Brian should have been the ones to deal with this, in my opinion. I wanted to see a real struggle on Brian’s part. I wanted Lu to come to her own conclusions and fight her tendency to embrace denial where Brian is concerned. I’d actually hoped for a greater sense of guilt from Luke. I certainly hope the fallout is more interesting than the reveal.

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