GH writers make stoopid look kewl…

Or not…I’m betting on the NOT! Why does everyone excuse mob violence (Whoops, I meant Sonny and Jason’s mob violence) as if it’s commonplace and unavoidable?

For the love of JOB! A viewer can only be so patient! The man’s son is in a coma – possibly permanently, because of his work. How many Port Chuckles residents can say that? His children have been kidnapped, presumed dead, and the targets of angry mob bosses and psychotic ex-lovers.

Writers, if you try to use Scrubs popularity to wipe Sonny or Jason clean:

1 – It won’t work, and
2 – I will never forgive you – not that you care.

I don’t see Robin and Patrick dropping Emma for play dates, or babysitting sessions, at Uncle Sonny’s now or ever in the future. So…Patrick’s line about violence happening to ‘anyone’ just doesn’t ring true for me.

It made me think of the time Liz rationalized dating Jason by stating that no one cared about danger when she was married to Lucky – and that he has a violent and dangerous job. REALLY writers? Did you mean to take her there? Does carrying mob seed cause a distortion in reality and sanity? How could she NOT know the difference (poor Jake)?

Already sickened by the treatment of Lucky, son of Luke, to try to make Jason appear to be a hero, that was the day I began to hate Liason more than I thought was ever possible with a soap character or couple.

GH has so much going for it right now, don’t blow it on the mobsy twins. Let’s get rolling on Spinelli the undercover agent and Winnie, his boss. Let’s see Maxie misunderstand the nature of their relationship and open her eyes to just how much she loves Spinelli. Let’s get rolling on the juicy Scrubs storyline and rebuilding the Q clan. Bring back Laura and Scotty. Let Alexis have the power to close down the criminal element and let her find love with Mac.

It’s as if the writers have the ingredients for a lovely twelve course meal, but they keep feeding viewers cold cereal. Hunger is a bitch!


One thought on “GH writers make stoopid look kewl…

  1. I’ve tried to submit this comment three times – so here goes again… Jerry vs Jason & Sonny as evil villians…

    I think the that even if S&J don’t intentionally shoot a Robin, per se, or drug a Nikolas as jerry did — they do intend to hurt innocent people. Everything they do for a living hurts innocent people because they deal in criminal behavior and profit off hurting innocent people, otherwise they couldn’t be in business ie: gun running — hello, who gets these guns here and around the world — gang members and terrorists and Sonny and Jason know this and don’t care even tho both groups kill innocent people; running numbers and other illegal gambling ventures can destroy families by taking their life savings and exploiting the hopes and dreams of many innocents; prostitution spread HIV/AIDS and can cause other damage to innocent people even tho it’s billed as a ‘victimless’ crime… Any crime that Sonny and Jason make a profit on effects/hurts innocent people because its innocent people who are the victims of most crimes. Jerry was a horrific person, but he didn’t pretend he was not hurting innocent people… Sonny and Jason do and hold themselves up as some sort of virtuous non-bad guys criminal. Jerry, in fact, was a far more interesting character played by a far more interesting and talented actor IMO… The torture story (sadly, undeveloped by Guza) was a brilliant transition from mercenary, roguish, but charming Jerry into a man who slid so low to survive that he lost all humanity (a common occurrence w/ people who’ve been tortured and done terrible things because of it) and feeling. He didn’t enjoy being sadistic because he doesn’t feel enjoyment – and the beginnings of him humanity returning because of Jax, Lady Jane and growing feelings for Alexis would have been a fantastic story to explore – but alas Guza’s story/character ADD kicked in and Jerry became one-note… But, oh – the promise.

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