BnB: The Bridge Wedding

The most romantic daytime moment of the week belonged to CBS’ The Bold and The Beautiful. Ridge and Brooke became the CBS version of ABC’s ‘Scrubs’ ( or vice versa – whichever you prefer). Yet another romantic beach wedding for these two; and like the Scrubs wedding this ceremony was about pure unadulterated love. The setting was nice, a tribute to their first Malibu wedding more than a decade ago; a wedding still celebrated in daytime as one of the most romantic weddings ever. Yet, what made it special was the sentiment.

These are two people who’ve had every type of service possible, but this time they’ve chosen to make ‘the wedding’ about the love they’ve shared since they were young adults. More than 20 years of BnB history was celebrated this week.

Their vows were about the love they felt in their hearts and souls. Having nothing to prove to anyone else, there were no family members present, no florists, no caterers, no heavy focus on the bride’s Forrester original gown, as happens at every Forrester wedding Most importantly, there were no jealous (Nick, Eric, Taylor) or scowling and disapproving (Rick, Stephanie) onlookers.

They stood before one another pledging their love before ‘God’ and nature. Pure. Simple. Romantic. It was everything that daytime was meant to be. Now let’s see how long it takes before the symbolic joining of souls becomes legal. Only on the BnB!

3 thoughts on “BnB: The Bridge Wedding

  1. Ugh :-).

    I wish I could find the good that you find. Ugh.

    I felt it was a contrived setup, no witnesses, no photos, for what is sure to be some future story where Ridge is injured and comatose, but Stephanie forbids Brooke from making a medical decision. Ridge will awaken with amnesia, and believe he is still married to Taylor.

    I also thought it was telling that B&B’s once-signature couple now is reduced to lonely retreads of former glory, alone on a beach, no one cares. Look how little attention this wedding is getting on the internet or in the soap press. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Sadly, B&B has gone to the well one time too many with this couple.

    Compare the compelling power of Victor-Nikki to the dreck that is “Bridge”. I used to love this couple, and I often rooted for them.

    Now? Not so much.

    B&B needs to reinvent itself FAST. There is precedent. From 1980-1982, Bill Bell brilliantly shifted Y&R from Brooks-Fosters to Abbotts-Williams with a hint of Newman. The audience didn’t notice, but the reboot secured the creative vitality of Y&R for decades to come. B&B needs just such a reboot.

    The cast needs to be cleaned out, save for Leslie Kay and Katherine Kelly Lang (as enemies–think Y&R’s Jill & Kay or Jack and Victor). Susan Flannery can stay too, but since she wants to retire, I’d use Stephanie’s death as fuel for the Felicia and Brooke rivalry. (Plus Brooke’s bedding of the entire clan). Heather Tom can stay too, but only if Katie is written again as a woman of intelligence and integrity.

    Then, new characters, reflecting “have nots”, hopefully with a fashion throughline, and hopefully with some diversity (racial/ethnic, sexual, socioeconomic) are needed.

    I cannot find a single site, anywhere, where B&B is in favor these days. The sentiment is as universally negative as I have ever seen it. The time for reboot is NOW.

    I wish I could see this show as positively as you.


  2. I agree with much of what you said – even some of the BRidge stuff. Of course there are some things I disagree with and think I’ll adress as part of a blog about general BnB criticisms.

    I think the show is rebooting now, but true to form it’s on that border where the show could get back to it’s fighting form or get its daytime fanny kicked.

    I don’t know of a board where it’s in favor either. At TV without Pity some defunct show boards are more active than the BnB.

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