GH writers make stoopid look kewl…

Or not…I’m betting on the NOT! Why does everyone excuse mob violence (Whoops, I meant Sonny and Jason’s mob violence) as if it’s commonplace and unavoidable?

For the love of JOB! A viewer can only be so patient! The man’s son is in a coma – possibly permanently, because of his work. How many Port Chuckles residents can say that? His children have been kidnapped, presumed dead, and the targets of angry mob bosses and psychotic ex-lovers.

Writers, if you try to use Scrubs popularity to wipe Sonny or Jason clean:

1 – It won’t work, and
2 – I will never forgive you – not that you care.

I don’t see Robin and Patrick dropping Emma for play dates, or babysitting sessions, at Uncle Sonny’s now or ever in the future. So…Patrick’s line about violence happening to ‘anyone’ just doesn’t ring true for me.

It made me think of the time Liz rationalized dating Jason by stating that no one cared about danger when she was married to Lucky – and that he has a violent and dangerous job. REALLY writers? Did you mean to take her there? Does carrying mob seed cause a distortion in reality and sanity? How could she NOT know the difference (poor Jake)?

Already sickened by the treatment of Lucky, son of Luke, to try to make Jason appear to be a hero, that was the day I began to hate Liason more than I thought was ever possible with a soap character or couple.

GH has so much going for it right now, don’t blow it on the mobsy twins. Let’s get rolling on Spinelli the undercover agent and Winnie, his boss. Let’s see Maxie misunderstand the nature of their relationship and open her eyes to just how much she loves Spinelli. Let’s get rolling on the juicy Scrubs storyline and rebuilding the Q clan. Bring back Laura and Scotty. Let Alexis have the power to close down the criminal element and let her find love with Mac.

It’s as if the writers have the ingredients for a lovely twelve course meal, but they keep feeding viewers cold cereal. Hunger is a bitch!

AMC – Binks the Jinx?

Frankie Stone

Maggie Stone

Reese Williams

Besides being romantically involved with Bianca Montgomery, what do they all have in common?

Each of these women seemed/s to be conflicted about her sexuality (Reese surprising me most of all – she was introduced as such a strong, confident, and self-assured woman). Bianca has a penchant for choosing women who are running from themselves – and from her to some degree!

Both Frankie, before she died, and Maggie finally came around. So where is Reese going? What is her attraction to Zach about?

Was this all planned before the character’s arrival – the reason Zach surprisingly became Bianca and Reese’s daughter Gaby’s father?

Did the onscreen chemistry between Kaye’s Zach and Braun’s Reese prove to be too tempting for the writers to pass on? After the relationships with Frankie, Maggie, (oh yes, Zarf), and now Reese, are we to deduce that Binks is mightily unlucky at love or that she’s a glutton for self-inflicted pain?

What gives? Is it time to open the door for Lena’s return – or is it safe to say that even a returning Lena won’t change Bianca’s luck?

And to think, the writers continue to commit to Ryan and Greenlee… now I’m feeling unlucky! End the misery of Rylee soon, writers, PLEASE! I don’t know how much more I can take.

BnB: The Bridge Wedding

The most romantic daytime moment of the week belonged to CBS’ The Bold and The Beautiful. Ridge and Brooke became the CBS version of ABC’s ‘Scrubs’ ( or vice versa – whichever you prefer). Yet another romantic beach wedding for these two; and like the Scrubs wedding this ceremony was about pure unadulterated love. The setting was nice, a tribute to their first Malibu wedding more than a decade ago; a wedding still celebrated in daytime as one of the most romantic weddings ever. Yet, what made it special was the sentiment.

These are two people who’ve had every type of service possible, but this time they’ve chosen to make ‘the wedding’ about the love they’ve shared since they were young adults. More than 20 years of BnB history was celebrated this week.

Their vows were about the love they felt in their hearts and souls. Having nothing to prove to anyone else, there were no family members present, no florists, no caterers, no heavy focus on the bride’s Forrester original gown, as happens at every Forrester wedding Most importantly, there were no jealous (Nick, Eric, Taylor) or scowling and disapproving (Rick, Stephanie) onlookers.

They stood before one another pledging their love before ‘God’ and nature. Pure. Simple. Romantic. It was everything that daytime was meant to be. Now let’s see how long it takes before the symbolic joining of souls becomes legal. Only on the BnB!