It’s your move General Hospital

In a blog below I tried to make a case for keeping Spinelli and Maxie together. Maxie and Matt would be more of the same – nothing interesting there.. In their brief scenes together I’ve seen no evidence that their portrayers could recapture the magic of DAYS’ Belle and Shawn. Remember SN and MBE’s Stefan Cassadine and Kathryn Bell? Two DAYS actors who were onscreen sensations but weren’t so sensational as onscreen lovers on GH.

Spinelli and Winnie would be too predictable – and I hate the message it sends: ‘stay with your own kind’. She’s a geek, but she’s no Spinelli.

Why not make Spinelli a hero, an undercover FBI agent? It would make sense that the FBI wouldn’t send in another woman…the last two slept with Sonny and betrayed their positions as peace officers!

Instead of his love interest, what if Winnie was Spinelli’s supervisor and has been keeping tabs the entire time? She regularly downloads his encrypted reports but the last one made her suspicious that Spinelli was in too deep – he was losing objectivity because of Maxie.

Spinelli’s role as an agent gets both Maxie and him out of the mob plot and begins the end of Sonny and Jason’s days as mobsters. They ‘turn over’ their territories to avoid having to testify against fellow mobsters – and as a way of ensuring their safety and that of their families. They keep only enough evidence to ensure the promises of safety are kept. They’re left alone because of their cooperation with the big bosses and it’s well understood that they are under constant surveillance. The mob stuff takes place offscreen from now on. Wouldn’t Mac be proud?

Outside of that? More Scrubs, more Carly/Jax (and Alexis?), more veterans (the Scorpios in particular), FAR LESS of the mob.

I’m wait and see on everything else.


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