It’s your move ATWT AND GL

My hopes for both shows in 2009:

ATWT – End the attacks on Carly. If it’s not Jack or their children, it’s the torch and pitchfork crowd, angry at Carly’s choices . Jack gets to be paired with the town’s newest resident saints – until they’re no longer saintly. ATWT’s fans have long commented on the writers’ penchant for denying Carly true happiness with a viable love interest. How does the fact that Carly is paired with Oakdale’s worst continue to escape the writers’ notice?

Get rid of Janet and Liberty. They’ve oultived their usefulness (though I’m loathed to figure out what their usefulness ever was).

Treat Luke and Noah as a real couple. We get it… THEY’RE GAY… Now that you’re sure we got the message, tell us more about them. Why not have Luke finally do something supportive like help Noah unravel his family history – pick up on new clues about who Noah really is. There has to be more to Noah than his parents (the crazy colonel and the masochistic madam).

Noah has been far too busy saving Luke. Noah needs his own family on screen. He’s too reliant on the whims of Luke and Luke’s extensive support network. Oh what irony if Noah is related to Brian! No…wait…don’t go there.

Nothing the writers have done so far has won fans back…what would be the harm of bringing back the veteran characters and playing to the show’s history more? Get back to basics – starting with characters who aren’t recasts. There’s something to be said about feeling comforted by familiar faces. This show suffers from too many recasts… they may as well all be characters with the same names on a different soap.

Guiding Light

Rather than express my hopes, I’m in a wait and see mode with this show. They’re dumping a load of newbies and bringing back fan faves, most notably Phillip Granville Spaulding as played by Grant Aleksander.

If only they’d dump the new format (and Reva and Jeffrey) while they’re at it.


4 thoughts on “It’s your move ATWT AND GL

  1. You want them to dump Reva and Jeffery as in have them leave the show or break them up as a couple because GL needs Kim Zimmer now more then ever in it’s history to keep this show on air and give it the last remaining shred of dignity and artistic integrity that it has, which is not much. I don’t need to remind any GL fans that Reva has been the center, heart and soul of this show for 30 years or more, on and off. The show basically revolves around Reva’s love, life, adventures and family. Or at least it should refocus back to that and the Coopers, especially Buzz. Like Y&R, GL and most of the other soaps truly need to get their veterans front and center in engaging, dramatic, front-burner story lines. They have proven that fans don’t want to see cheaply paid newbies who can’t act yet. They want the characters they have come to love and know over the course of many, many years. What would Y&R be without Nikki, Victor, Kay, Jill, Jack, Ashley, Michael, Lauren, Nick, Victoria, Phyllis and Paul? Oh, I know, it would be more like ATWT or GH, where the vets have been offensively expendable what with Guza simultaneously killing off the Quartermaines one by one, a core family that filled Port Charles with some classic stories and characters and great corporate scheming and double-scheming. I will never forget when Tracy let Edward have a heart attack, not giving him his medicine until he revealed he was faking and testing her loyalty. And Alan and Monica were a whole multitude of juicy dramatics for years. As for ATWT, the vets now consist of Holden, Carly, Jack, Lily and newbies like nu-Maddie, nu-Jade, nu-Lucy, Alison, nu-Craig and the horror show of Meg and Paul. If GL got rid of Reva and Jeffrey, it would just be another huge step towards the show’s quickly coming demise.

  2. I would never want to see Reva go — not for any reason. I’ve been a Reva fan from the day she arrived in Springfield and want her to be there until the last light is turned off.

    I’ve just come to dislike Reva and Jeffrey as a couple. I don’t mind Jeffrey either. I know some fans have never forgiven him for the rape of teen Olivia – the worst storyline for this character they could have written. I buy his redemption and believe there’s still a role for him to play…just not as Reva’s husband and father of her child.

    There’s something lost with this couple now and their relationship feels false. As bothered as I’ve been with the Josh- Cassie storyline, I still see Josh as Reva’s one true love and she is that for him.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the value of veteran characters, whom I’m almost always an advocate for. ATWT feels like a new soap for me. It makes me miss the ‘real’ ATWT more than ever.

  3. Oh, I agree about Reva for sure. GL needs to finally and permanently reunite her with Josh and let them become the heart and soul couple of the show like Kim and Bob, Monica and Alan (used to be), Victor and Nikki (although they are on a break but will ultimately be back together) and many other couples have been throughout daytime history. And I do not mean that they have no story and only give advice to the younger generation but give them adult, relationship, children and other inner obstacles and not outside obstacles to keep them interesting and front burner. Too many long-term married couples on the soaps just fade further into the background until they are only on during the holidays, weddings and funerals. We need a vibrant return of Josh and Reva and their continuing adventures together.

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