It’s your move General Hospital

In a blog below I tried to make a case for keeping Spinelli and Maxie together. Maxie and Matt would be more of the same – nothing interesting there.. In their brief scenes together I’ve seen no evidence that their portrayers could recapture the magic of DAYS’ Belle and Shawn. Remember SN and MBE’s Stefan Cassadine and Kathryn Bell? Two DAYS actors who were onscreen sensations but weren’t so sensational as onscreen lovers on GH.

Spinelli and Winnie would be too predictable – and I hate the message it sends: ‘stay with your own kind’. She’s a geek, but she’s no Spinelli.

Why not make Spinelli a hero, an undercover FBI agent? It would make sense that the FBI wouldn’t send in another woman…the last two slept with Sonny and betrayed their positions as peace officers!

Instead of his love interest, what if Winnie was Spinelli’s supervisor and has been keeping tabs the entire time? She regularly downloads his encrypted reports but the last one made her suspicious that Spinelli was in too deep – he was losing objectivity because of Maxie.

Spinelli’s role as an agent gets both Maxie and him out of the mob plot and begins the end of Sonny and Jason’s days as mobsters. They ‘turn over’ their territories to avoid having to testify against fellow mobsters – and as a way of ensuring their safety and that of their families. They keep only enough evidence to ensure the promises of safety are kept. They’re left alone because of their cooperation with the big bosses and it’s well understood that they are under constant surveillance. The mob stuff takes place offscreen from now on. Wouldn’t Mac be proud?

Outside of that? More Scrubs, more Carly/Jax (and Alexis?), more veterans (the Scorpios in particular), FAR LESS of the mob.

I’m wait and see on everything else.

It’s your move sister soaps YnR and BnB

Here’s what I’d like to see happen for the big CBS soaps in 2009:

The YnR – Stay consisent! The writing is sharp, clear, attentive to detail and respectful of the show’s history (post Victor and Sabrina). Three small matters: Bring back Dru, Get rid of Lily – who is an energy drain on every other character (or bring back Davetta Sherwood in the role), and please don’t compromise Michael’s hard won integrity for Gloria’s sake.

The BnB – There are only so many ways of saying that Rick/Steffy and Eric/Donna are utterly disgusting. I’m hoping that both are done in early ’09. Where the writers should focus is on Thorne. Eric will be shocked that Thorne is tired of playing second fiddle? How???? How many times has this storyline played out? Where’s the shock?

If Thorne is planning to join Jackie M. as he did with Spectra…YAWN!!!! We’ve been down that road, already. Not again… While Ridge is having his breakdown, cheesy Eric is sexing up his cheap bride, and Rick is feeling up his own niece – Let Thorne and Felicia engineer a slick takeover of Forrester creations and KEEP control of the company- making it successful. Let there be tension between the two when Felicia falls for JM’s new head designer.

Let Bridget find REAL love with Owen as a jealous Nick works to unearth Owen’s dirty secrets. Let Nick cross the line in a big way.

As for Marcus, why not make an unseen Baker son his father – someone Donna secretly dated so that the Baker men weren’t able to put it all together ? What if Donna was still in love with him? The Bakers have a long history with the Forresters and could become a new core Family. Eric would lose Donna to NuBaker. Marcus would have an honorable family to get to know. REAL diversity on the show. Btw, Marcus’ dad ends up in town as an FBI agent, investigating Nick’s shady business dealings.

Pam? NO to more long lost children…especially one who ups the pseudo-incest factor. Owen Douglas? Oh dear soapgod…NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!</p

It’s your move ATWT AND GL

My hopes for both shows in 2009:

ATWT – End the attacks on Carly. If it’s not Jack or their children, it’s the torch and pitchfork crowd, angry at Carly’s choices . Jack gets to be paired with the town’s newest resident saints – until they’re no longer saintly. ATWT’s fans have long commented on the writers’ penchant for denying Carly true happiness with a viable love interest. How does the fact that Carly is paired with Oakdale’s worst continue to escape the writers’ notice?

Get rid of Janet and Liberty. They’ve oultived their usefulness (though I’m loathed to figure out what their usefulness ever was).

Treat Luke and Noah as a real couple. We get it… THEY’RE GAY… Now that you’re sure we got the message, tell us more about them. Why not have Luke finally do something supportive like help Noah unravel his family history – pick up on new clues about who Noah really is. There has to be more to Noah than his parents (the crazy colonel and the masochistic madam).

Noah has been far too busy saving Luke. Noah needs his own family on screen. He’s too reliant on the whims of Luke and Luke’s extensive support network. Oh what irony if Noah is related to Brian! No…wait…don’t go there.

Nothing the writers have done so far has won fans back…what would be the harm of bringing back the veteran characters and playing to the show’s history more? Get back to basics – starting with characters who aren’t recasts. There’s something to be said about feeling comforted by familiar faces. This show suffers from too many recasts… they may as well all be characters with the same names on a different soap.

Guiding Light

Rather than express my hopes, I’m in a wait and see mode with this show. They’re dumping a load of newbies and bringing back fan faves, most notably Phillip Granville Spaulding as played by Grant Aleksander.

If only they’d dump the new format (and Reva and Jeffrey) while they’re at it.