Making a case for Maxelli/Spixie/Minelli..

Whatever name you want to give GH’s unsung odd couple works for me. Maxie and Spinelli belong together. They are the whole that is greater than the sum of their parts, if that’s not too much of a cliché.

Why Spinelli is good for Maxie

Only two men have loved Maxie unconditionally- expecting nothing in return. Mac is one. Spinelli is the other. It’s what makes me love the thought of him as her love interest.

Every other man has treated her as a great beauty to be owned/used. Lucky used her as his drug supplier. He would have just as easily had sex with any other Port Chuckles citizen to get his daily fix. Maxie wasn’t as much as an afterthought and she knew it. Ouch!

Spinelli gives Maxie the room to be something other than an object. He helps her find her courage, her center. He wants the best for her even if it means he loses her.

Why Maxie is good for Spinelli

Maxie grounds him. I couldn’t stomach the guy when he was introduced. Part of the problem is that he seemed to be trying too hard to fit in, to be liked. It was uncomfortable to watch as Sonny and Jason took full advantage of his neediness.

Maxie gives Spinelli the same gift he gives to her – unconditional love and acceptance. He doesn’t have to be the same level of ‘hot’ as loathsome Logan, or Lucky, or Matt. He’s deeply thoughtful and genuinely loving and kind. It makes him a far more attractive man than any she’s been with – in my book. She’s good for him by letting him know how wonderful he is..

Maxie with Spinelli deepens the appeal of both characters. To have her choose another man when she has the perfect man in front of her would make her a sad and shallow character, again. She’s grown so much, I’d hate to see that happen.

Next blog, join me and I’ll tell you what my dream storyline is for Minelli…hint – she gets to honor Mac and the life he gave her. We get to find out that ‘more than skin deep’ applies to Spinelli in ways no one could have imagined.