Predators and Lovers

I’ve been trying to understand Steffy’s comment to her Uncle Rick that she feels ‘safe’ with him. How the hell is that possible? The man was driving the car that crashed when her twin sister was killed. His skin is under her dead twin’s fingernails from their heated argument. Her dead twin felt used, discarded and humiliated by the guy. Uncle Rick lied about why he sent her boyfriend (his cousin) out of the country. Marcus’ ‘promotion’ was a ruse to give Uncle Rick time to put the moves on Steffy-just to humiliate her father.

She called his behavoir sick before her sister died. She’s calling it love now. I’m willing to suspend disbelief for a lot of things – hey I watched DAYS’ possesion storyline, but not for this.

Uncle Rick stole the teenaged girl her brother fell in love with. He tried to take her dead twin’s virginity. He slept with and was engaged to her mother after that. Any other time, putting the moves on Steffy would be a classic soap move. It’s callous when it happens mere days after her twin’s burial.

Sell crazy somewhere else BnB writers. you’ve exceeded your quota for the decade with this fan. You actually exceeded the quota with the Nick- Katie storyline…Sure it’s ok for Nick to have sex with Katie and impregnate her before the scars from her heart transplant surgery healed. He was just giving her the will to survive. Just as it was ‘appropriate’ for him to nearly impregnate Brooke at the site where her husband was thought to have died just hours before – all to save her too, when she was suicidal.

See the pattern here?

If Steffy isn’t leading Uncle Rick on to get him to trust her so that she can set him up to be destroyed, this storyline is already the worst of 2008 – 2009 for me. ’09 could be a very long year if ths plot is any indication of what’s to come.

Let Steffy take advantage of Rick’s narcicissm and predatory tendencies, only let us in on her plan, soon! Otherwise this show is quickly becoming unwatchable for me.

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