AMC’s Tribute to Myrtle

Words aren’t necessary to explain this one.  Thanks to BiancaReese who took the time to compile the scenes.  A fitting tribute for a great lady:

Stunt Casting Fan Favorites

I understand why GL brought Michelle Ray Smith’s Ava back. How does Remy move on convincingly when he seems to always be waiting for Ava’s return? (If only she was back for good)

I feel like something’s missing with ATWT’s Maddie resurfacing.. What is the point of her return? What does she add that couldn’t be done without her?

Some wondered if Brian was bisexual. Is Maddie’s presence supposed to stir some awakening passion in Noah and he realizes that he’s bisexual – pushing Luke into Brian’s waiting arms?

The writers wouldn’t go there, would they? Talk me down, people!

BnB Eric and Donna: Snakes on a plane…

Don’t ask me why but it’s the first title that popped into my head during the Eric and Donna scenes.  From the dead grandchild’s funeral to cheating on the woman who is at home BELIEVING she’s going to spend the rest of her life with him.

One of his sons is home in terrible emotional pain.

The other son caused it and is the family outcast.

His granddaughter is mourning her twin.

The family is in upheaval.

Pants down, spirits up… that’s our Eric!

Can’t the writers ever let BnB characters grieve like real people?  (Ok, they’re fictional, let them grieve like decent people, then!)  Please don’t expect your audience to become emotionally invested in characters when they themselves show so little emotional investment in anyone other than themselves.

John McCook spent 20 years giving his character the soul of a poet, despite Eric’s numerous flaws.  The writers have destroyed that legacy in a matter of a year (less?).   It still stuns me when that happens.

He is a failed leader for his children.

He’s failed his grandchildren.

His skills as a consistent and honest husband are lacking as well (and Stephanie is NOT his only victim).  Eric has received far too much credit for his treatment of Brooke, which is situational, at best.

If they’d like to pull the audience back in, give us a reason to want to care about  Eric – let him  finally lose it all… let him realize what a jerk he is… let him feel, for once, the emotional damage he inflicts on the women who love him.

I probably still wouldn’t feel sorry for him, but I’d love the storyline.  It’s a long time in coming.

Contracts: Read the fine print.

Guiding Light

Is there some secret clause in Gina Tognoni’s contract that requires her character to be paired with every angry young male character in Peapack-Springfield?

If there is, maybe her agent will fine tooth comb the next contract and take that sucker out.

A close friendship with Remy, lust with Jon Randall, lust (causing a sense of disgust and revulsion from fans) when paired with Grady Foley, and now Shayne Lewis.  Me thinks this is a variation on a theme… STOP… stop now!  It’s only a shock to me that she hasn’t been paired with Alan – the ‘mature’ version of her crush on pathologically bad boys (excluding Remy from that group).

What does this mean for Shayne?  If he’s paired with Dinah, the writers are setting the guy up to head down a dark dark path.  If that’s the case, let’s hope the ride there is fun.  It would be a pity because Shayne came back a heroic figure.  I’d hate to see him dragged down a dark path for Dinah’s sake.

With Tognoni’s bankable ability to play a romantic lead, I’m hoping it’s more the case that Shayne is back to pull Dinah out of the dark abyss she’s fallen into since Bill has rejected her attempts to make him the center of her universe.  I’d love to see a romantic pairing that has nothing to do with anger or pathology.  Shayne hasn’t turned Dinah in, yet.  Maybe he’s still in ‘hero’ mode and wants to save her – mostly from herself.
General Hospital

Marriage is a contract and, sadly, bumbling villain Claudia Zacchara hasn’t read the fine print on her contract, either – forced marriage or not.   OH, so close – Claudia, you were SO CLOSE to holding your own!  What can you expect, she did marry Sonny Corinthos and under the stewardship of the current writing team, no woman can be smart, for long – most especially no woman who is involved with Sonny.  She immediately realized that the man was using her, with his false and sudden displays  of affection.  She voiced her concerns.  She reasoned out the source of him new found love for her.  She knew something was wrong… and then she caved.  Oh well.  It was fun to see a smart woman on screen,  the five minutes it lasted!

I will give the other mob moll, Elizabeth Webber, credit for joining the ‘wake up and get a clue’ club – at least for now.  Some time ago I posted that I doubted that Liz would put the safety of her children before her ‘love’ for Jason.  We’d been down that road with her before when she told Jason the safety of her children would always come first and that she had to protect them – only to have her back off of that pledge in order to run wild with mobster boy.

I was touched by Lucky’s generosity, rather than anger, toward her.   There’s a part of me that wants L&L back together.  If it happens, there is almost certainly going to be a host of scenes and dialogue that will always make it clear that Lucky is only a substitute for Elizabeth’s true love.  That would annoy me beyond measure.  Lucky, son of Luke, deserves better.

It was torturous to watch him play second fiddle while the writers destroyed him in every way possible to make Jason look like more of a hero than Lucky could ever hope to imagine.  They used every ham-fisted trick in the book:  Lucky developed a drug problem – Jason was excused from doing business with drug dealers, Lucky had an affair – Jason was the pristine celibate mobster-monk, Lucky couldn’t shoot straight to kill a mobster 2 feet in front of him – Jason was there to save the day, Lucky was just a ‘cop’ – Mobster boy was the town’s secret superhero… thanks for nothing, writers.  Sell it somewhere else.

GH is in sore need of TRUE heroes, like Lucky Spencer, Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio, and Mac Scorpio, again.  They need to untie the hands of anti-hero Luke Spencer.  The writers also need to relegate the dark forces back into the shadows where they belong.  GH reached it’s hey days without the dark knights, they can do it again.  We have the hall of injustice:  The “Russian mob”, Jason, Sonny and the Zacharras… where is the league of superheroes, GH?  You’re in sore need of balance!

Daytime Comings and Goings

General Hospital

Ever keen to display their decision-making prowess, TPTB at GH have decided to bring Natalia Livingston back in a new role – speculation being that NotEmily will be a long lost twin sister. Uh…short stunt returns for Genie Francis/Laura… back from the dead (sorta) for NotEmily. GEEZ!

All My Children

AMC is planning a heart transplant storyline for Kendall Hart Slater. Will the donor be big brother Josh or frenemy Greenlee Smythe? Assuming Josh is the donor this storyline is not unlike the BnB storyline with Storm Logan comitting suicide in order to donate his heart to his sister Katie.

Hopefully the AMC writers will handle the storyline better. The BnB writers transformed the gut wrenching plot into a storyline about lust when recent recpient Katie had sex with her niece’s future husband, manwhore Nick Marone.

Maybe there’s something to be said about having sex with a man who won’t blow out your brand new, freshly implanted heart. What can be said, can’t be good.

As for AMC, I REALly hope Kendall gets the REAL Greenlee’s heart. The character wore out her welcome with me the first time she married Ryan Lavery to spite Kendall. Greens isn’t slated to leave the show until Spring but there’s nothing to stop her from spending the rest of her time on canvas as a ghost comforting Kendall and Jack.

As The World Turns

I’ve always loved Damiangodofall men so I’m glad to have him back. The writers have a lot of work to do to repair the character and surely they’re invested enough to do it.

I can see Damian coming back as the perfect foil against Craig who will probably want Luke’s money, next. Craig has a penchant for taking on the Walsh/Grimaldi-Snyder crowd. Is it a mere coincidence that Craig returned after Lucinda’s cancer did? Lily and Holden are too busy saving their perpetually troubled marriage to help Luke or Lucinda..

And be careful grabby grandpa Brian! Big pappa is back in town and I hope he’s a Noah fan!

Could ATWTs Brian be bisexual?

There’s a great fan debate taking place on the official ATWT board about the matter. I was initially disgusted by Lucinda Walsh’s involvement in this storyline. Daytime writers seem to have a deep passion for humiliating women at midlife, in regard to romantic storylines. Midlife women are always desperate fools for love who just can’t see how unappealing they are to their partners (see BnB’s Eric and Stephanie).

I don’t trust the WT writers to have thought this one out completely- Lu and Luke’s involvement is most likely about simple sensationalism. Yet this plot has the potential to play to the show’s history with regard to Lucinda.. Ultimately she may be the perfect person for Brian to have turned to.

She was the person who welcomed Jessica and Duncan’s love as a blessing. She embraced their marriage and the birth of Bonnie. She’s treated all human behavior as it should be treated, with love. Ok, she had a hard time accepting Holden – but he proved her RIGHT!!

After a period of time of rightful pain and anger at Brian’s betrayal, she may be the one who helps Brian learn to be proud and accepting of who he is. Brian may truly love Lucinda even if his guilt prevents him from sleeping with her. He may truly love Luke even if his marriage to Lu makes it impossible for them to be together. (AHEM!!!! And let’s not forget Luke’s love for Noah)

Until Brian can undergo some sort of self-exploration, he’ll never be able to love anyone including himself. What irony if Lu is the one to get him there.

This is a much richer and complex storyline than I’d imagined. Let’s hope the writers do something amazing with it no matter where else they take this storyline.

By the way, with so many characters coming back, wouldn’t this be a perfect time for John Dixon to come back. Lu could use a shoulder to cry on. She my need some who’ll listen as she puts this all in perspective. And she deserves a man who truly loves her and only her.

HOT DAMN!!!! Stuff to love about GL!

What is it?…The tiki hut hospital decor that’s getting far too much airtime? Ah, no. Two words – Justin Deas (or his alter ego ”Buzz Cooper” if you prefer.) Buzz to Beth about her affair with his son, Coop:

That boy has a mind like Aristotle and writes like Homer…are you going to take that away from him, too?

JD’s Buzz Cooper is about the finest character GL has to offer. His performance yesterday makes you wonder why the writers are so reluctant to do more with this character.

As for the Buzz scenes we have been treated to the last few days, the dialogue was great, the delivery was perfect, and Buzz’s involvement has given this storyline the depth it’s been lacking. Why is it that Buzz has to be the one to remind Beth of the risk to Coop? Beth has become the most selfish person in Springfield and the writers have finally given fans a voice through Buzz. Perfection.

I had to check the channel to make sure I was still watching GL when Buzz warned Coop that men like Alan don’t go to prison but that people like them did. . He added that if Coop was going to pleasure Alan’s woman – let him know an hour before, so that he can kill Alan before Alan kills him.

Remy and Mel

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been rooting for Remy and Christina just to see more of Remy, but there are other reasons to celebrate this couple….we’ve seen more of Mel, too.

Their sibling chemistry rates with that of Alan and Alex and Dinah and Bill. Remy and Mel just happen to be the most wholesome of the sib pairings.

Ah, Christina, all bets are off now that Ava has come back. Count me in as part of team Rava!

The Lewis Clan

Reva, Josh, and Shayne… how could we not have the Lewis family back together? I only wish the writers knew how to introduce a male character without making him so angry (Jon, Rafe, Grady….) Once Shayne is beyond the ”angry young male syndrome” I can’t wait to see more of the Lewis clan.