Bad GH — Bad Bad

What follows is the equivalent of a rolled newspaper (uh, something I’d never use on puppy who piddles on my rug – but writers who piddle on the show’s history are fair game).

Before Laura’s return I was all on board for a Luke and Tracy pairing. More accurately, Luke and Tracy didn’t bother me. They were fun and funny and, quite frankly, birds of a feather. Then three things happened.

First, Laura’s return reminded me of what could have been. Laura is more devoted to her children in the brief time she is around than Luke has been since they were young. What other avenues would/could the writers have taken if she was still around? Would a drug storyline for Lucky, manipulated sex and pregnancy foe LuLu, and mental instability for Nik have been plausible with Laura’s presence? It’s hard to believe the writers could have carried off those fiasco storylines and sold them to Laura’s audience.

Second, this storyline is beginning to make Luke and Tracy seem sillier and weaker. Tracy mopes and whines (mainly about Laura). Luke cires and whines (mainly about Tracy not wanting him because of Laura). In the end it’s all about Laura. Tracy and Luke worked best as kindred spirits playing it for kicks. Something is getting lost in the translation of their ‘romance’.

Besides, while it’s cool to have Laura be an empowered woman off looking for her own cure, it sucks that Luke isn’t with his wife. She risked most of her adult life to help and protect him. He’s off on benders crying over Tracy.

Bring her back – CURED! Let her move on with someone new. It makes Tracy and Luke less inhuman and selfish and veteran viewers at leat have hope of an LnL pairing at some point in the future.

Third, the Scrubs wedding put the nail in the Luke-Tracy coffin for me. Anna and Robert together even for this brief period of time… ah…memories.

Do I NEED LnL together? No. I just want to be able to feel that the writers aren’t piddling on the love I have for the show’s history to make new history.

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