Nicole Walker: Queen of The Daytime Divas

I’ve been singing Zuker’s praises for months now so this will be of no surprise to anyone when I say this but she’s done it again!

Over the course of several days (no pun intended) Zuker’s Nicole has hit the depths of despair -crying out for divine intervention thinking about her lost child. She’s also reached the height of her insanity – carrying on a fake pregnancy, keeping her husband in the dark. At the same time she’s found a moment of calm and even keel.

Some of the character’s success is in the writing but most of it is in the actor’s delivery. Zuker’s comedic timing is nothing short of brilliant. Only Nicole would bring a peace offering of a box of donuts to the doctor she was so rude to just before.. Only Nicole would add that the sprinkles on top were to make up for the fact that she threatened to murder him if he didn’t keep her secret.

You just can’t get that kind of evil bitchy goodness anywhere else in daytime. Zuker makes daytime in general, DAYS in particular, worth watching. Long live Nicole’s reign as a Dimera. She’s found the place where she belongs.

2 thoughts on “Nicole Walker: Queen of The Daytime Divas

  1. I LOVE Arianne Zucker’s portrayal of “Nicole” as much as the nest fan BUT nothing about that show, not even her, can make it worth watching anymore. This is from someone who has been watching DOOL since I was 12, 27 years ago. DOOL was my first soap love – BO and Hope, Kim and Shane and Patch and Kayla – those were the grand old dats. I even loved the Alamain period – Vivian burying Carly alive was so shocking and fabulous during it’s time and Vivian’s further adventures. Even Marlena’s possession by the devil was a great story that hooked me in not as a plot device but as a character study if a good person gone to hell, literally. Also, the original Sami/Lucas/Austin/Carrie story was one of the greatest quadrangles of all time. DOOL today is nothing but a shrill shell of it’s former self and I dropped it from my TV schedule years ago. tried again last year but to no avail. Ken Corday clearly does not care about keeping his parent’s legacy the shining star it once was, Nicole or no Nicole. Besides, this double pregnancy story is so tired and predictable, I could have written it in my sleep. Gee, I wonder where Nicole is going to get a baby to replace the one she miscarried? Could it be Sami’s? Shockers! PUH-lease… Someone fire that hack Dena Higley quick before she puts the final nail in that poor show’s coffin.

  2. Corey. you’re preaching to the converted! I wish the writers had avoided the double pregnancy storyline as well. This second pregnancy for Sami and EJ served no purpose, enhanced no plot, and added no reason for fans to believe there would ever be a true return to romance. Days has primarily become a soap about lust and stupidity. Are Sami and EJ the new Hope and Bo? Nicol and EJ? It just doesn’t work when you make the comparison.

    Much of DAYS is unwatchable most of the time (I’m feeling pained at the thought of Max and Chelsea/Stephanie, for starters).

    I miss the old storylines too. So many great storylines, so much history wasted.

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