In your wildest dreams

General Hospital

I couldn’t have dreamed a more touching father and son-in-law scene than the one penned by GH writers for Robert and Patrick. Every word was perfect. The tone of the scene was perfect. The delivery of the dialogue was perfect. It was enough to help me forgive the writers for having Patrick give the first promise to love and protect Robin to her mob-father, Sonny (What was the point of that?).

Double praise to the writers for incorporating Robin’s memories of Stone and her discussion with him of what she wanted on her wedding day. I got a little teary-eyed with the old clip of the young lovers. It was sweet and subtle and unexpected. How lovely that she thought of him – and that the writers thought of the fan’s love for the show’s history.

Triple the praise when you add the heartwarming conversation between the Scoorpio brothers whose love for one another and Robin was evident. The Scorpio-Drake clan adds something magical to this show. If today’s scenes were any indication of what’s to come, I could become a huge GH fan again.

Young and the Restless

Today the YnR writers made it clear that Gloria will never be required to pay for anything she’s done – ever. Most characters skate free but rarely do they thrive to the same extent as Glo..

Even during Michael Baldwin’s ”Wonderful Life” dream the focus was, in part, on poor Gloria and Michael’s anger that she wasn’t being worshipped by Jack Abbott.

Michael was always a sketchy character but at some point I bought into his redemption. With Glo in his life he’s always one step away from sketchy, again. Forgive her? Yes, but his constant defense for the indefensible is problematic for the character.

That one segment told me that hard times were in store for fans who allowed themselves to believe that Gloria was finally going to face the music. She, more than any other soap villain (and I do think of her as a villain), continues to escape justice. Predictable.


3 thoughts on “In your wildest dreams

  1. I thought Fri 12/26’s episode of Y&R was pure brilliance. The use of history (to have Traci in the scene with Lauren to underscore what a snotty bitch she used to be, the death of Danny when he needed a kidney that Michael donated, the deaths of Paul and Christine caused by Isabella) was excellent. The use of the other characters in Michael’s life was complex and had so much sub-text and depth. Gloria on her hands and knees as the Jabot maid DID show that she paid for the cream crime is Michael had not been born. As far as the ctu7al present, Gloria is finally paying for that crime, in jail, all her stocks and money to Jeff with not much of a defense for Michael to work on. The only true way for her to pay would be for her to go to prison for a long time and have the character leave the show. Yet, the Baldwin/Fishers are now the major third family on the show and it needs it’s matriarch so she will pay in some form or fashion. I would never deem to pre-judge a show on something that has not happened yet. This was a stand-alone, stand out, classic episode of Y&R and possibly one of THE classic episodes in soap opera history. The writing/acting/production was so far superior to 95% of the crap that other shows, like GH, GL, AMC, ATWT and last but SO not leastm, DOOL, produce on a day to day basis currently. This episode could be submitted for the Emmy although Y&R has an overwhelming amount of epsiodes that it could submit for 2009 Emmy’s (if there is one). Y&R is probably the only show that still utilizes their legacy, veteran characters in front-burner stories and they have refocused this year on that in particular while most of the other shows are veering far from their own rich history;s and pushing their vets out the door. The soap fans that are left want to see the vets play out story, they want to see Bobbie Spencer and the Quartermaines, not the newest idiotic mobster who has come to town to battle overused and selfish Sonny, the worst leading man in soap operas today. Y&R is still number one in the ratings and I bet anything that in the new year, it will be the one show to actually gain viewers and not lose anymore. OLTL comes a close second to being what a good old fashioned soap opera should be, utilizing a multi-generational canvas and history, character-driven levels under main umbrella story lines. But no one is doing it better then Maria Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer, Paul Rauch and staff at Y&R. They could save the industry altogether if the other shows followed that template.

  2. On the Emmy note, I predict it is going to be Eric Braeden and Christian LeBlanc going head to head in the Best Actor category and if there is any justice, Melody Thomas Scott will go up against Jeanne Cooper for what may have been the best work of both careers in the Best Actress category. I believe that both Trevor St. John and the actress who plays “Marty Saybrooke” (whose name escapes me for the minute) both deserve recognition for doing stupendous work in a horrible, misogynistic story that destroyed all of the power and poignancy that the original story had brought to the genre but I think the story will hold them both back from actually winning when Y&R did things so right and their actors took the material and raised it’s level to the highest peak.

  3. After the writers had forgotten about Victor’s vasectomy and Sabrina became pregnant I worried about this writing team but they’ve proven themselves to be the most reliable writing team in daytime. Michael’s ‘Wonderful Life’ storyline was a great nod to the show’s history – I agree..

    I’m going to need time to reflect on your comments about the Baldwin- Bardwell clan becoming a core family. I’m resentful of that fact and maybe I shouldn’t be. That’s a different perspective on Gloria than any of the perspectives I’ve taken. If the writers consider them core – the treatment of Gloria makes sense.

    I think it would be easier to accept them as a core family, pathologies and all, if the writers weren’t so heavy handed about Glo’s introduction and subsequent insertion of herself into all others’ lives. I wonder what Kay’s return will mean for Gloria: if it will compound her problems or if the writers will skip over her earlier treatment and deceptions toward ‘The Great Lady’.

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