Nicole Walker: Queen of The Daytime Divas

I’ve been singing Zuker’s praises for months now so this will be of no surprise to anyone when I say this but she’s done it again!

Over the course of several days (no pun intended) Zuker’s Nicole has hit the depths of despair -crying out for divine intervention thinking about her lost child. She’s also reached the height of her insanity – carrying on a fake pregnancy, keeping her husband in the dark. At the same time she’s found a moment of calm and even keel.

Some of the character’s success is in the writing but most of it is in the actor’s delivery. Zuker’s comedic timing is nothing short of brilliant. Only Nicole would bring a peace offering of a box of donuts to the doctor she was so rude to just before.. Only Nicole would add that the sprinkles on top were to make up for the fact that she threatened to murder him if he didn’t keep her secret.

You just can’t get that kind of evil bitchy goodness anywhere else in daytime. Zuker makes daytime in general, DAYS in particular, worth watching. Long live Nicole’s reign as a Dimera. She’s found the place where she belongs.

In your wildest dreams

General Hospital

I couldn’t have dreamed a more touching father and son-in-law scene than the one penned by GH writers for Robert and Patrick. Every word was perfect. The tone of the scene was perfect. The delivery of the dialogue was perfect. It was enough to help me forgive the writers for having Patrick give the first promise to love and protect Robin to her mob-father, Sonny (What was the point of that?).

Double praise to the writers for incorporating Robin’s memories of Stone and her discussion with him of what she wanted on her wedding day. I got a little teary-eyed with the old clip of the young lovers. It was sweet and subtle and unexpected. How lovely that she thought of him – and that the writers thought of the fan’s love for the show’s history.

Triple the praise when you add the heartwarming conversation between the Scoorpio brothers whose love for one another and Robin was evident. The Scorpio-Drake clan adds something magical to this show. If today’s scenes were any indication of what’s to come, I could become a huge GH fan again.

Young and the Restless

Today the YnR writers made it clear that Gloria will never be required to pay for anything she’s done – ever. Most characters skate free but rarely do they thrive to the same extent as Glo..

Even during Michael Baldwin’s ”Wonderful Life” dream the focus was, in part, on poor Gloria and Michael’s anger that she wasn’t being worshipped by Jack Abbott.

Michael was always a sketchy character but at some point I bought into his redemption. With Glo in his life he’s always one step away from sketchy, again. Forgive her? Yes, but his constant defense for the indefensible is problematic for the character.

That one segment told me that hard times were in store for fans who allowed themselves to believe that Gloria was finally going to face the music. She, more than any other soap villain (and I do think of her as a villain), continues to escape justice. Predictable.